[quickie][clip] Rain and his fellow celebs arrive on TIME.

Rain’s arrival comes at around the :24 second mark, right after Carmelo Anthony. ^@@^ TIME 100 Gala Red Carpet. (Credit: WillingToBeLucky @YT / feat. Amy Poehler, Carmelo Anthony, Rain (Jung Ji-Hoon), Darren Criss, Anna Kendrick, Brian Williams, Mark Wahlberg, Seth Myers, Chris Colfer, and Blake Lively.)

~ by Cloud USA on April 27, 2011.

7 Responses to “[quickie][clip] Rain and his fellow celebs arrive on TIME.”

  1. JiHoon looked so composed and handsome, I like that tux much better to the shawl collar one he wore last time, it was funky but it just didn’t sit right on him.

    And not to be a traitor or anything but his friend Ronny Yang cleans up nicely and has an incredibly cute smile.



  2. Carmelo who???…lol…I only have eyes…and ears for BI!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  3. Ah, how cool are you Mr. JiHoon! My phone kept going off with the tweets LOL! Cute!


  4. […] full coverage check out CloudUSA. Wow I’m so proud of this guy. Seeing his tweets from last night really just made my day. I […]


  5. He looks sooo good! Yesterday was soooo exciting. Sigh…


  6. Rain looked so handsome. Rain got the loudest screams.


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