11 Responses to “[fan account][fan cams][clip] After Rain left our sight completely, we gave each other big hugs and parted ways.”

  1. Good job! I wish I could have been there to see him as well. *sigh* But I am happy that someone did 😀


  2. Girls! You did good! So proud of you! And thank you!
    I couldn’t help rewinding back to the “Shoo shoo” part LOL. How dare he get in the way of Rain and his Clouds’ view heh?


  3. Thanks to all of you, you guys did an awsome job. I love the fan account and the videos. You did not disappoint. Watching the video and reading what you had to say made me feel like I was there.


  4. So sad that i couldnt make it ladies!!!!!!


    • You need to sue that bus company for depriving you of seeing Rain. Jk, but seriously it did suck that your bus never came.


  5. You girls did really good!! At least you got to see him and you did cheer him with entusiasm. I was dying to go and get a glimpse of him. If I were living in NY I would be there cheering with you!! Lol!!


  6. @diva, tara, Strom , Gigi
    all your ladies very didd awesome job and it prof that u their for his suporting and greet to rain regradless is so crowed and and rain bussy interiew have his staement with reporter ect… but hey ladies at lease u got something back right cheer up as i read your ecounter here i felt like i am with u too u know i mean?? and i have to give u guys *appluse* for all that fancam yet u guy catch on news and interiew as well what more u can get out a day esp u very did u rain in person too i envy u guy even make such a greeting and suporting labe for rain we love rain that so SPECIAL to him i know he seeing but at same time he bussy too u ladies finally meet up and see each other was not all coz rain bring firendship and love come together i am very happy for what u did it was indeed for me and awesome suporting rain their happy guys!! 🙂


  7. ownnnnnnnnnnn girlsssss…i’m happy …kisses


  8. Thanks you for this great fan account. What a great experience to get to see Rain. Even if he didn’t see y’all, I am sure he heard you guys cheering him on.


  9. Girls,

    Ya did good. We’re so proud of you all. And thank you, Gigi_rou for the great fan account.

    Okay, Stormy, Tara and Diva. Your turns.

    Terri :-}


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