[clip][images] Rain check: 2011 TIME Gala style.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

[Rain (Bi) News]110427 Rain interview @ Time 100 gale (gala) party in NY. (Credit: KBS 1TV / courtesy of ratoka @YT)


(image: Splash News Online via VH1’s TheFABLife) *And let me make this very clear: The ONLY reason we have included a TheFABLife link here is because the insulting phrase “Rain, the inexplicable presence on the list because of his day job as a South Korean pop star” has been taken out of their article. As if no one can explain why he is on the list. Really? How petty of you, VH1. For shame—and thank you for removing that remark. ^@@^


(as tagged, via Twitter / source site: rain-cloud)

~ by Cloud USA on April 27, 2011.

10 Responses to “[clip][images] Rain check: 2011 TIME Gala style.”

  1. What gets me giddy inside is that Rain got to sit next to Sting, his childhood idol and he knew about him!!! Lol!!! That was precious!!! Rain was so happy that only that made all that voting worth it!! I think we gave him a birthday present in advance!! ;D


  2. US. u better watch out rain going to KICK your ass when he back from MS and be in USA so respect him their alrigh sorry i could take it!! ;DO THEY HAVE ANY IDEA rain *-) issssss??????????? :mrgreen:


  3. he just making me smile all the time esp when come across his any award it just chuckle me he very get my heart melting and that smile just make my day!!
    SERIOUSLY it totally ashame to them VH1
    i could belive they did not put rain on the list whiches he WONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN the poll i felt annyoned by this particular new and not even to ashame what did *DUDE* they just could take the true in front their face if i were them i would not miss one single write-up about and they new he their is important and why he won the time poll event invite for Gala partry i very trun me down matter fact they need to be fair to any celeb along rain too… pheww………….. SO ASHAME !! 😦


  4. I’m still just so happy he had a good time and it was so cool of him to include us in on everything. Very special man indeed. 😀 Just love him.


  5. Sometimes American arrogance astounds me. I’m American so I can say it. Geez VH1!………We (Americans) STILL think that just because We Don’t Know someone or what that someone has done (across the board), then somehow that makes the person or their accomplishments irrelevant.


  6. Anytime I see pictures of him smiling it makes me all giddy inside. So happy he had a good time.


  7. VH1 is obviously so ignorant to make that kind of statement, they should research before posting such lies…I hope someone takes the time to do so… 😉


  8. I am digging on that cummerbund, JiHoon! *heart* 🙂

    Stephe ^@@^


  9. wwwooowww que fotos divinas gracias !!!


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