[ETA ANOTHER UPDATE] U.S. Alert: The Man is On His Way to NYC, U.S. Clouds…

[NEW UPDATE: Wanna track his flight in real time, Clouds?  Well, then.  Go here: http://www.flightview.com/TravelTools/, choose his airline in the drop-down menu, Korean Air, type in Flight 85 in the box for the flight number, click “find flight” and you will see Rain’s flight in the air.  Want to be even more stalkerish?  Scroll down and click on the “Launch Live” button, and you will be able to see his plane actually move across the U.S., towards NYC.  Have fun, Clouds! :-}]

[UPDATE:  Rain’s flight to NYC has been identified.  He is on Korean Air Flight KE85.  Right now (2:36 PM EST), the tracker says he should be arriving at about 8:00 PM EST tonight (April 24), at JFK.  Thank you, NovemberRain, on The Cloud, for this tip:  http://www.twitlonger.com/show/a2967o ]

Calling all Clouds!

It has been reported that Rain is on the way to The States.  And we know he left because here’s a video of him leaving.

[credit: on YouTube]

He left at 19:30 PM KST through the Incheon International Airport and is on his way to NYC.

We have no idea which flight he took.  As far we as can tell, no one has posted that information anywhere.  If anyone out there has that information, that would be helpful to those on the ground in NYC who might be able to meet his plane when he lands.

In any event…hold onto your hats, U.S. Clouds…he’s coming!

Terri :-}

~ by Cloud USA on April 24, 2011.

17 Responses to “[ETA ANOTHER UPDATE] U.S. Alert: The Man is On His Way to NYC, U.S. Clouds…”

  1. I hope Rain is ok. Boy, he must be so tired after so many hours traveling. I have being watching CNN just in case they tell something about the Times 100 but so far they are very busy with the darn royal wedding of prince William. I am tired already of all that and they are not married yet!! 😦


  2. Traffic was atrocious going home for me. If he’s not in the airport anymore he’s probably stuck somewhere on the road. There was a lot of cars going in the direction of JFK today.


  3. Having fun Terri? 😉
    Good morning ^^ Rain is there in NYC right?
    Please support #RAINtimeNINE, Tuesday April 26th 9PM KST
    Thank you! ^^


  4. I think he finally landed…Welcome Rain!! 🙂


  5. Poor thing. 14 hours on a plane but Im glad he is almost here.


  6. ! man more cute and sexy is on the way! to NYC, U.S. alert Clouds. el hombre mas lindoy sexy del mundo llega NYC, U.S. nubes alerta!!!!


  7. Okay, Clouds. Wanna have some fun…in a sort of weird, stalkerish way?

    If so, go here: http://www.flightview.com/TravelTools/

    For airline, find Korean Air on the drop-down menu.

    For the flight, type in 85.

    And click Find Flight.

    And you will be able to actually track Rain’s plane as it travels across the world. If you click the “Launch Live” button, you will even see the tiny little plane actually MOVE across the world and across the U.S.

    LOL. Okay, it’s a tad out there, sure. But I still thought it was cute.

    Terri :-}


    • @Terri,

      That’s cool! Never heard of Flightview and I make travel arrangements as a part of my job quite often. Who knew? He’s just past Seattle. (SMILES)


    • I never knew about this either, it was really fun seeing his plane live though….thank you for sharing it with us.


    • It is cute. It’s freakin’ great!

      I tracked Rain from Korea to JFK through that blizzard last February, when he came here for Concept Korea. Talk about nerve-wracking, especially when I watched the plane land (he was like at 300 feet above the airport, and disappeared from my monitor… and thank god the tracker immediately reported that he was safely down on all that ice and snow… GAH).

      I about drove Terri to drink LOL! And Busybee1982 was a great help, talk about sticking together… ! 🙂 Boy was it fun. And exhausting. Heheh.

      Stephe ^@@^


    • Oh this is simply awesome!!! ^.^


  8. Thanks for the info…. I read somewhere that the plane would leave Korea to NY at 7:30.?


  9. Im glad it went through. My phone is acting wacky today.


  10. I wont be able to go. I believe its jfk airport korean air around 830pm. When i looked at nj website that was the flight which corresponded to his info. Dbl check me though i dont want to send anyone on a wild goose chase.


    • Thank you Gigi_rou.

      I’ve retweeted your tweet. Maybe someone will respond and let us know if this is accurate. I also tweeted Rain and asked him to post the info, but if he’s on a plane, he may not get the tweet until he lands, which is far too late to do any good. We’ll see.

      Keep us posted, everybody.

      Terri :-}


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