[slideshow][clip][fan cams] Rain leaves Incheon Airport for the 2011 TIME Gala in NYC.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Rain is on his way to the States as we speak. And he has his “American look” and hairdo on for the occasion. Nice! For our latest updates on his progress, please go to Terri’s U.S. Alert post HERE. Thanks.

[Rain (Bi) News]110424 Rain @ Incheon International Airport. (Source: TV Daily / courtesy of ratoka @YT)

[Rain (Bi) Fancam 4]110424 Rain @ Incheon International Airport. (Source: DC / courtesy of ratoka @YT)

[fan cam] 110424 인천 공항 출국. (Credit: goldenRain6to5 @YT)

[Rain (Bi) Fancam 2]110424 Rain @ @ Incheon International Airport. (Source: DC / courtesy of ratoka @YT)


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~ by Cloud USA on April 24, 2011.

6 Responses to “[slideshow][clip][fan cams] Rain leaves Incheon Airport for the 2011 TIME Gala in NYC.”

  1. thank sharing this i glad he fight to NYC for a safe time but i just hope all thies fan in NYC will welcome with a wram heart esp USA celeb too notice that rain just won his time poll and invite for this Gala Party too i belive rain is well know best their and fan & clouds alway be with him he looking so good
    i am sad about that time poll rain was not in FRONT of the cover nea inside either i went thwir i do not see him list their and i just hope they better treat rain in good respect while he around !!
    he is so handsome here as we all know love it!! enjoy your party rain see u on tuesday!!


  2. Is too bad he is not in the front of the magazine,but I know people will remember his name.I’m so happy we wore part of this.


  3. Rain look so handsome and sexy! Do Rain have on leather pants? I cannot wait to see fan pics and videos of him in New York.


  4. Love the slide show……Baby Love has a slight tan in the making. Red Muffler filming no doubt. Can’t wait to see him on U.S. soil.


  5. Rain looks so handsome in this picts!!! I hope he is well received by fans and media. In one of the picts he is looking at the Times 100 mag. and probably wondering why he is not in the cover. Sighhh Baby, we are all wondering the same thing. I feel bad and very sad with this but I hope he understands that we did everything in our power so he could be there.


  6. If Rain left Incheon early this morning our time, he should be in NY any moment now. Hoping for some photos of his arrival from fans. Anything about Rain, I’m dying to see him… so excited.


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