[Cloud USA Article] Time & Rain: Terri’s Take

~Cloud Cover by Terri, Managing Editor :-}

There is a trend building and, frankly, it’s bothersome.  So, since I had a few minutes this morning to sit down and actually write, I wanted to say something that might at least slow down the momentum of the bad buzz.

First, to all of you Clouds out there who are irritated at Time Magazine:

I understand your irritation over Time Magazine.  I really do.  Yes, their write-up about Rain was lame as hell.  So were some of the other write-ups about the rest of the people on the list, many of which were done by “guest” writers.  Annoying?  Yes.  Tragic?  Not so much.

As frustrating as the Time experience can be, the enormous amount of effort I devote to this cause every year is worth it.  Why?  Because of the massive amounts of publicity Rain receives—not only here in the good old U.S. of A., but also all over the globe—every single time he lands on top of that online poll or in that magazine.

Frankly, it’s not about the “feel good,” people.  Instead, it’s about the fame—and the fortune.  I’m of the opinion that the only reason Time sponsors an online poll every year is to draw traffic to their website right before they publish their special Time 100 issue, in the hopes that more people will visit their website and maybe buy their physical magazine.  That’s all it is—a marketing ploy.

Yeah, yeah.  I know Time Magazine’s Managing Editor, Richard Stengel, would probably object mightily over my cynicism.  In fact, he talks a good game in his “democratization of influence” article on Time.com.  Still, no one will convince me that the people on Time’s list are truly the world’s most influential people until the following two things occur:

  1. the people who are chosen for the Time 100 list are chosen by popular vote ONLY, by voters all over the world, and
  2. when Time Warner, one of the world’s largest and wealthiest media conglomerates and owner of Time Magazine, becomes a non-profit organization.

The good news is it’s a marketing ploy that appears to be working beautifully.  So, for that alone, I can’t help but give Time kudos.

Time reported 23.1 million global unique visitors in March 2011.  That was before the Time 100 Online Poll had even started.  That ain’t chump change, folks.  One thing I can’t figure out, though, is why the fact that this is a marketing endeavor is bothering some Clouds so much.  After all, doesn’t Rain’s career as a celebrity depends on how popular he is with the masses who might be willing to spend their hard-earned money on his work?

Just think about it.  Because of Time.com’s poll and their Time 100 issue, over 23.1 million people have been exposed to Rain.  Most likely, more than 23.1 MILLION people, after the poll began!  And that’s not counting all of the people who might pick up a physical magazine issue now that it’s out on newsstands.

Frankly, Clouds everywhere should be dancing in the streets right about now.  It’s pretty obvious from his recent tweets that Rain is giddy with glee about it.  So, why aren’t we, his most ardent supporters, just as delighted as he is?

Second, to those who wonder why Rain would even bother to show up at Time’s gala at all, after supposedly being so horribly insulted with such a lame write-up:

Again, because it’s good marketing.  Rain will be attending the gala for the very same reasons that everyone else will be attending:

  1. It is an honor.  Regardless of what you may think about Time Magazine, it is still is an award winning magazine, and it truly is an honor to have been chosen as one of their 100 most influential people in the world.  It’s even an honor to have won their silly online poll, because it means you are really REALLY popular.
  2. Some of the world’s 100 most influential people (according to Time editors, anyway) will be in attendance.  And frankly, not to expose himself to those people would be extremely stupid.  And if there’s one thing Ji-Hoon is NOT, it’s stupid.

Third, to those who wonder why we all bother to participate in this stupid thing year after year after year:

Well, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I know why Cloud USA encourages everyone to participate in it every year.

The effect of being on top of that poll and in that award-winning magazine (I repeat, yes, they do win awards and they ARE prestigious, even if we hate to admit it.) means that Rain gets invited to a party where, for an entire evening, he is able to schmooze with some smart, powerful, and highly influential people.  At that gala, he might meet that one person who will remember his name and pass it on to that one producer who will offer him the opportunity of a lifetime.

Shoot.  He might even meet the girl of his dreams there and end up residing in the U.S. forever.  After all, according to Rain in his latest KBS interview, his “ideal type” is still Megan Fox.  You never know.  (LOL.  Okay, now that was totally a fan moment.  Sorry, Clouds.  :-})

If we can take the time out of our busy lives to vote for Rain and put him at the top of a gazillion online polls on a gazillion obscure fan sites all over the globe, then why can’t we continue to vote for him on an online poll that brings him such an amazing amount of exposure?  In my humble opinion, it’s not about Time Magazine at all.  It’s about Rain.  It’s about about getting the people who think they might be able to use him to make more money for themselves to even notice he’s freaking alive.

In case you hadn’t noticed, that’s Cloud USA’s mission:  “to present Jung Ji-Hoon, the artist known as Rain (Bi), to the English-speaking world, in an effort to help him achieve his personal and professional goal of becoming a world star.”

And you know what?  Clouds everywhere are helping us do a damned good job of completing our mission.  So, before I say anything else here, I’d like to say say THANK YOU to all of you Clouds out there for being there for Rain.

THANK YOU for voting on Time.com.  Thank you for being here with Cloud USA to help us share Rain with the U.S.A.  And thank you to those of you who are busily making plans to be in New York City to cheer Rain on outside Time’s gala event on Tuesday, April 26.

We hope all of you will continue to support Cloud USA and Rain whenever we think something is important enough for Rain’s career here in the U.S. for us to be involved in it. Our fervent wish is that someday Rain will be such a household name that Cloud USA will become redundant, that there will be no need for us anymore.  We truly do hope that in a few years, whenever people hear the name, Rain, instead of saying, “Rain?  Who the hell is Rain?”, they will be saying, “Rain?  Yeah.  Wow.  That guy’s got talent.”

Yep.  We’re just waiting for the day to come when Stephe and I can look at each other and grin and say:  “GAME OVER.”  :-}

Terri :-}

~ by Cloud USA on April 23, 2011.

36 Responses to “[Cloud USA Article] Time & Rain: Terri’s Take”

  1. […] Source: eatyourkimchi.com, Rain @29rain Twitter account, Cloud USA […]


  2. and we should buy the magazine, because yes, it is a marketing ploy and it’s a pretty sure thing that Time knows how many fans BI has all around the globe, so don’t worry about the write-ups, these are common happenings that we Clouds know since forever, as long as we support BI on his rise to fame and glory who cares about anything else??..Clouds rule with Rain!!!…aja aja fighting!! 😉


  3. this write-up is nothing short of amazing! this is one of the reasons why I love Cloud USA far more than our own Cloud Philippines. This site knows how to put fellow Clouds at ease and give us the chance to see the “silver-lining” behind every dark cloud. Yup, it’s rain! thank you for such an amazing article! it moved me beyond tears… and no, I ain’t exaggerating. I feel like crying because even though my morning started all wrong because of TIME’s palpable discrimination, that freaking video, and that crappy statement from TIME, you folks from Cloud USA made me realize that my efforts aren’t a total waste after all, for you reminded me all over again that this one man, win or lose, will always be worthy of our votes as he is truly influential. i’ve never been so concerned of reaching out to those in need ever since I met him, i’ve never been so concerned about success and failure ever since this guy entered my world… that, my friends, is true influence! once again, kudos to Cloud USA for this amazing work! I know it’s bad but sometimes, I wish I was a Cloud from US, not from my own country. GOD BLESS YOU, DEAR WRITERS 🙂 No GAME OVER, please! Keep ’em coming^^


    • I’m with you there sis 🙂

      I just wish some “person” would read this and try to grow-up…:D

      and I wish every cloud would be open minded just like these folks right here 😀

      Thank you so much for this article!

      I’ve found new respect for CloudUSA 😀


  4. Ladies, As much as I support and respect what each of you have said we are WOMEN OF THAT AGE! and frankly do you really think that the American youth are buying TIME? NO! So unless Rain would have been on the cover to catch their attention they still don’t know who he is also people in their twenties are no much into Times Magazine.


    • LMAO okay Lotus way to bring us all back to reality. Yes you make a good point not “many” youths read Time but this is not just about them it’s about the movers and shakers that MIGHT not have known about “Rain” and might now.

      LOL We do tend to believe that we can move mountains when it comes to “Rain” and though we have accomplished something quite grand. It is not world changing but let us hope that it is life changing for “Rain” that is the most we can hope for.



    • @Lotus,

      You know I have Much respect for you and your opinions, but I have to say that as much as it “pains” me to see the Very Inadequate write up of Baby Love he is SO a “Man With A Plan.” He knows he needs to come and be in that room of high powered people to network his a__s off. I just read a transcription of one of the recent Korean news interviews he did on this recent Time 100 win. He states near the end of the interview his goal is to win an Academy award or Grammy award in the USA representing Korea. From this I gather, Bi is quite intent on coming here after his stint in the military to “hunker down” and try to “crack open” this market.

      He’s incredibly ambitious, so in coming here now and “working that room” like he worked that stripper pole, he is making sure all his “ducks are lined up” while he is away. Hopefully, he will be able to hit the ground running when his tour of duty is over. He needs for people in decision making power positions to keep him in mind for any new projects he may be suited for. So, even though he may be a little disappointed by his write up and mention in the actual magazine, he recognizes that this is another HUGE opportunity to “make his mark” even deeper.

      Also, Rain is 29/30 himself and he has already done the teeny bop thing. I’m thinking he may possibly be wanting to seek more “grown up” fare (music/movies) when he makes his selections. So I’m inclined to agree with Dulcie, the youth market at this present time is not the primary focus.


  5. A great article, and a voice of reason as always, Terri.
    At the end of the day, Rain won, and the ‘Western World’ will get to know some more about him.
    However, I have to admit, even after a day’s worth of retail therapy, I came home, read this post, and still find myself upset over TIME’s belittlement of Rain’s win.
    With just one sentence, TIME manages to trivialise Rain’s talent and that of the “non-Western World’s fame”, as well as insults Rain and the legion of supporters around the world who spent weeks getting him to the top for the win.
    This is AFTER it threw out the challenge that no Cloud could ever refuse!
    I was ok with haters spewing venom about him during and after he won the poll. I was ok with TIME choosing one of the least flattering photos of Rain out of the many good ones that they could have picked (trivial matter and he still looked fantastic anyway!).
    I never expected Rain to have a spot on the cover of TIME as he was the people’s choice, not TIME’s staff’s choice. And I don’t care if he’s got a smaller photo, or lesser real estate on TIME than, say Justin Bieber.
    What I do take the greatest offence to is that one sentence, and also by that tone of voice that female TV anchors took. It was condescending, unnecessary and darn right rude and does not paint a flattering picture of Rain and his supporters to the million of readers who have not had the opportunity to get to know about him.
    If it was a trashy magazine, I wouldn’t have given a hoot! But this is TIME we are talking about here.
    I do not know what strategy TIME is using to increase traffic to its site and its reader base. What I do know is that they didn’t have to write such a rude sentence. It was like putting someone up just so you can take them down! Shame on you, TIME!
    I do hope that they will treat him well when he attends the gala and that he gets to meet many great (*coughs Colin*), open-mined (*coughs Firth*), beautiful (*coughs Mr Darcy*) people who would recognise the tremendous talent that he is and provide us with more opportunities to enjoy Rain in more Hollywood movies.
    On a lighter note, Oh My Gosh! My other darling, the-thinking-women’s-heartthrob-Mr-Darcy-Colin-Firth made it on the list.
    Ooooohhhhhhhhh! I do hope they get to talk to each other and become good friends. OMG, imagine that! I am one very very very happy fan girl if that does happen.


    • @riverwood,

      LOVE Colin (Mr. Darcy) Firth. He’s my favorite British actor. Anything he’s in I’ve got to watch it. Love his acting! (“The Girl With The Pearl Earring”…….great movie)


  6. Great article Terri and I agree. I mean yeah I was upset that Time just maneged to write a minuscule write up about Rain. However some exposure is better than no exposure at all. Unfair situations are always going to happen but that’s why he has us Clouds to support him. I am always going to show my support for Rain, vote in any poll that has his name on it. Also any time he can step on American soil is awesome, now if only I could step on that same soil at the same time…LOL.


  7. @Terri – Great post, I agree.

    At the end of the day JiHoon still wins! The publicity that he has and will gain from all of this is irreplaceable (because of the diverse audience of this magazine). JiHoon also understands the importance and potential opportunities that exist with attending the TIME100 event and with being present and networking.

    TIME uses JiHoon and his fans for the increased marketing and sales potential, and JiHoon knows that he also benefits from his name being on the list, and especially in the number 1 spot. Even though TIME gave him an inept write-up in the magazine, the fact that he won the number 1 spot based on “popular vote” says more than any full page article could. There were a lot of well-known and popular people on the list, but it was JiHoon who had a large enough active Global fan-base to vote him into the number 1 spot. That’s a lot of votes (numbers/volume), and these numbers translate into potential sales of something and dollars ($$$) for someone. People will begin to do their own research, and will want to know how or what makes JiHoon so special that he could pull in all of these popular votes. Also while researching they won’t rely on just one article of information either, but will dig deeper. Hey remember, we were all there once when we first fell across Rain, for whatever reason he crossed our paths. Then we started to Google him and landed on various websites… Next was Youtube, and then half way between A – Z, we became fascinated and then JiHoon had us….

    Ultimately most of the people will not even remember that there was an article in the magazine about Rain, but they will remember that some Asian guy name Rain won the popular vote over X, Y and Z person or themselves with 400,000+ popular votes (and there wasn’t even a close 2nd place). They will want to know why/how this could be done, what type of talent, skills does he possess or works has he done..? Also to win the TIME100 once, can be dismissed as luck or circumstances. To win twice, means this person is not a joke and should be taken seriously. Everybody wants a winner on their side, or wants to learn from one. People have/will take notice of JiHoon now. Remember… the potential marketing alone can be phenomenal for someone with that large of a fan-base. You know we see it all the time in the U.S. with our sport athletes, and after they slap on a Nike or Adidas brand on them, etc….

    Again, JiHoon wins!!! He is smart enough to capitalize from it, regardless of the Haters and inept articles that have been written. His presence at the TIME100 event will plant seeds…. People will seek out a winner, and we know our Rain is truly a WINNER. We, Clouds, always make sure of it! Aja, Aja, Fighting!!! 😀


    • @Chisun extremely well said and I totally agree with what you said! This is my exact thinking.


    • @chisun,

      HERE, HERE…..my sentiments exactly, I mean the man beat out the leaders of our government for goodness sake. Individuals who have the future(s) of Millions of people in their hands. I know if I didn’t know who Ji-Hoon (Rain) was, I’d sure as hell want to know who he was for that reason alone.


  8. Terri, well said and while I agree with most of what you said.
    The fact is our media is very much basis it has always been and from what I’ve seen I don’t see it changing in the near future.
    So they are an award winning magazine but they were still very disrespectful and did it with eyes wide open right down to that sarcastic COW. For me yes I take it very hard its just another slap in the face from main stream media, they’ll only report what they deem important.


  9. nice article. i definitely agree 🙂


  10. Thank you Terri for your realistic view of the mining of this pool, and the clear explanation of the benefits that come after rains exposure to the US market thanks to the Time Magazine or any form of marketing available.


  11. Terry I understand your point and I am with you when you said that winning the Times Poll gives great exposure to Rain and that we should be thankful to Times to include Rain in the poll in the first place. Also that by going to the Times gala he will know important people that can give him future opportunities. But the true is that Times was disrespectful in their approach to Rain winning the poll. I don’t know if Times was like this the first time Rain won or if they are doing this to just get us mad and create controversy so they can defend themselves and sell more magazines. Maybe that’s their strategy and we are falling in it. We have to wait and see their approach to Rain’s win when the magazine with the winners gets out. This is not over till Rain comes back to Korea. I wanna see how Times deals with Rain cuz if they decides to keep ignoring Rain and put him as a “space filler” like busybee said; we are going to have to plan a new strategy to deal with Times next year. It’s not right that they put Rain only to get our attention, get our money and effort and then put him in a small space on the least important page cuz then, they are winning lots and giving a little. We have to make them understand that almost half a million votes deserves RESPECT from them. If they put Rain in next year’s list we should vote like crazy and post meaninful post so they take us seriously. After all these years is TIME they recognize Rain and their fans as a serious performer with fans that love him dearly.


  12. @Terri I am not sure if you already answered this question in your write up or not. But if you did please tell me again. I want to know do the poeple who are on the Time 100 list actually get an award at the gala?


    • Flower,

      I don’t know that there are any awards. They just get to attend the party. The “reward” is really the fact that they get to appear in the magazine and that they are invited to the reception. I imagine they all get a plaque or something.

      Does anyone know the answer to this question? I don’t.

      Terri :-}


  13. Well said @Terri and @BiAlamode and I agree totally its about Rain and the bigger picture!!!

    You know I have been totally out of the loop. Because I had no ideal that people were so mad about the write up Time did on Rain. Now don’t get me wrong I was irritated on what they said compared to how detailed they talked about other poeple on the list. However, because I have been so happy and excited about Rain winning the online poll, being included in the Time 100 list and being able to attend the gala. My irritation did not out shine the bigger picture I invisioned. I could not help but focus more on the more postitive things that were happening and could happen for Rain as a result of this honor. I do understand how people would be mad about the wirte up. However you should focus more on the bigger picture and look at the write up as a small irritaing thing. Like @BiAlmode said heck Time mag could not have even included his name on the list so we could vote at all. So I am going to continue to look at this honor as being an extremely positive thing that has happended to Rain again. I look forward to all the good things that may come for him in the future as a result of him winning this honor.


  14. That was well stated and so true on all points. I walk both sides of this issue in that I am still irritated at the way things were done..but having been around the block a few times I am well aware of how things work as far as “politics.” Which is why I still voted and voted and well wished and proudly boast. It is not all for naught if he is to make it here in the US he will have to play “the game” and we as his backbone will be playing too…game faces on…heads held high…always fighting


    • I agree that it is about politics and he will have to play the game like anyone else unfortunately. In life you have to pick your battles to fight when looking at the bigger picture. Rain will have all of his clouds to support him every step of the way.


  15. Great write-up, chingu. A GREAT write-up and well said.

    I’ll just add an “Amen” to it because you pretty much nailed it all.

    Stephe ^@@^


  16. i totally understand Terri.
    But I’m still mad. I’m sure by the 26th i will feel much better!!!!!


  17. I agree too. Its definitely all about Rain. We shouldn’t worry about anything else. I do wish they had picked a different picture though… A nice close up shot would have been fabulous!


  18. i do agree w/ you – i’m just so dang PEEVED at TIME (and a bit heartbroken for us fans & Rain) that TIME is being such a bastard in their treatment of his online poll win. marketing etc. aside, you’d think they could treat the poll winner, and the ppl that voted for the winner, w/ a little respect. ok fine, treat w/ him indifference and write up a lame, throw-away blurb. but treating Rain, and basically us fans, like he’s just this big joke – i want to slap TIME in its collective face yo! ;P seriously – their “he won again, really?!” and all-he’s-accomplished-is-hot-dance-moves-in-front-of-large-crowds-in-asia-and-acted-in-ninja-assassin-and-performed-a-dance-off-against-stephen-colbert attitude is infuriating! can you tell i’m infuriated ?! lolz ;P TIME has the ability to put a positive spin on his win by at least providing some insight on his popularity and what he’s achieved in his career (again, other than just NA and stephen colbert) – but no, they took the cheap, lame & lazy route – almost pandering to the ppl who ask “who the hell is Rain ?!” again, i agree that him being included in the poll is great – more exposure in the US, etc. i just wish it didn’t come w/ the ridicule. i do love that we are able to utilize this poll each year to basically come together and communicate to Rain how much we support him. just wish TIME wasn’t such a bastard – after all, we do bring a sh!t-load of traffic to their site each year!


    • my feelings too. honestly, by now Time could have done better, like even saying he was the star in NA as opposed to have a role in NA. yes, it’s a marketing strategy and in 2006 Time was stunned and Rain’s votes. the Editor stated that fact and that they wanted to get to know who he was. yes it is about Rain, but sincerely after 6 straight years of the same name being apart of your marketing strategy, you can do better towards a person who brings so many dollars to your “non-profit” status (meaning you don’t have to pay taxes on your money) you walk away with the pocket book full that you made off of your big name list. and how do you send out a thank you? by placing a snipit that looks like you used it as a space filler for the page. i am insulted by what they did this year, because they could and should have done better (as far as the mag. goes). in 2006 they said “Rain! who the hell is Rain?, in 2011 the statement should be “Rain? yeah, that guy’s got talent.


  19. BRAVO Terri!!! Very well said! ^^
    And we are going to Trend for Rain at April 26th. Please support this project: #RAINtimeNINE 4/26 9PM KST you can check your local time here: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=%23RAINtimeNINE&iso=20110426T21&p1=235&ah=2


  20. Bravo Terri …. Well said.

    I think people take things to to personally and waste far too much energy on arguing with people that just want to pick a fight and be nasty. I think it would have been far better publicity if people would just respond to “haters” with “You are welcome to your opinion but we support Rain, thank you” Then there’s nothing to argue about.

    In the end the numbers say it all “We Love Jung Ji Hoon” he is worth admiring not just for his charitable work which is a lot but, on the basis of what he’s accomplished through pure determination and grit. And, because of that I’ll do what we can when I can to support him, even if that means spending some extra time on the computer to post some votes so he can get the opportunity for some free publicity and be able to get out there and network and as Terri said maybe make that one hook up that might change his life. (Though I personally am hoping he’ll hold out on finding Mrs. Right until we can meet so he can fall madly in love with me. {wink})



  21. I SO Agree Terri. Sh__t YEAH he’s coming here!! Hey, anybody would PREFER to have a “glowing” write up, but the BIGGER PICTURE is WE VOTED, HE WON and he will be getting a sh__t load of widespread U.S. exposure and even more so since he was in Ninja Assassin and people REMEMBER the Bad Ass award, which he won not too long ago. I’m a Cloud so yeah I’m a little irritated by the write up, but I’m trying to look at the bigger picture. He gets to come here AGAIN and Rub Shoulders AGAIN with a different set of HIGH POWERED individuals, including our President, which means HELLA more exposure for him in the entertainment industry and possibly Other Fields of entertainment. I too think he will be freer to date here as well and I hope for him he does find his dream girl to marry. He will finally get to have the family desires and deserves.

    I’m not sad……..not at all!! Hey, TIME mag could have Not included his name on the list to vote on At All…………


  22. yup it’s all about Rain…


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