Tweets abound: Rain thanks his fans across the world and shares his precious TIME invitation.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

And he did it in ENGLISH on his Twitter. Oh, my stars…! Is that awesome or what? *speechless* ♥ He must be ecstatic all right.

Okay, fans and Clouds up the eastern seaboard… he is TIME gala-bound, and you now have the time and the place. Make him welcome when he arrives. Show New York just how much he means to Asia, North and South America, Europe, Africa, Australia, the Middle East, all of us. Represent!

Oh, JiHoon—congratulations!

(source: 29rain @Twitter / 29rain @Twitpic)

~ by Cloud USA on April 22, 2011.

21 Responses to “Tweets abound: Rain thanks his fans across the world and shares his precious TIME invitation.”

  1. Supper cool!


  2. The TStorm and I are going!!! Can’t wait!!! ^.^


  3. I squeal like a little girl whenever I see his tweets in English. So awesome that he shared this with us. Congrats JiHoon, love ya!


  4. BABY LOVE…..Congratulations, well deserved Love!! I can’t wait to see the fanpics from our East Coast Cloud sisters. Texas will be there in spirit with you.

    Give Bi a “kiss” for me……WAIT…..on second thought…..Hell No don’t give him a kiss FOR me! If my lips can’t do the job, then NOBODY’S can. GEEZ!….Lost my mind for a second.

    ENGLISH tweets…….gotta love’em!!



  5. Stephe, someone told Rain the winners aren’t chosen by vote?! WTH! So now he’s confused.


    • Do you mean that comment about voting??? I think he was teasing Gori saying he wasn’t suppose to vote because he works for Rain.

      That was my impression anywise, I could be wrong.


    • I think Dulcie is right. I looked it up on twitter, and I think he was responding to something Gori had tweeted, about voting for Rain.


  6. I am both happy and heartbroken… I’m in Seoul right now, and have been hoping for a chance to see Rain, only to find out that he will be in New York! He arrives back in Korea 30 minutes before our plane takes off to the U.S. >.< BUT, I hear he is leaving Korea on the 24th… anyone have a Korean connection I can meet up with to properly send him off at the airport??? Any information on how/where/when would be so greatly appreciated! ^^


  7. Congratulations to Rain. You’re so deserving of this honor. I’m a big fan.


  8. It’s cute. He seems really excited and happy. He tweeted quite a bit the past few hours.


  9. Gosh, I would love to go but can’t. Sighhhh I can’t wait to see your picts and accounts of whatever happens in New York. To think that I lived there four years and nothing happened and now that I want to go, can’t. That’s life!!!


  10. Aaawwwww that was soo sweet of Rain!!!! I am very happy for him and hope he has a real good time in that gala. He deserves it after being working so hard in Figitive and Red Muffler. I love that he share that invitation with us and that he tweeted in english. Wow, it feels so good to being able to share this moment with him!!! I love you more and more baby!!! He is gonna stay in New York for a couple of days so I wouldn’t be surprise if he do some work in there too.


  11. Don’t you just love the man!
    BTW, I am curious, did Park Kyeong Yeol replied that he VOTED for Rain in the poll, too?


  12. Oh and tweeting in English! He’s such a sweetie and so deserves it. Sarangheo JiHoon!!!


    • Can we get into the thing. Or do we need to stay outside or something? Either way I want to see him up


  13. I’m so going so I can show Time magazine that his “overly enthusiastic” fans are not just teens with stars in their eyes. I feel like making a sign that says “Rain… Not JUST a pop star.” and congrats. Anyone else going???


  14. I got excited when I saw he tweeted again but this time in ENGLISH! that was even more special.


  15. YES!1YES!! 🙂
    i was their greeting him and CONGRAT to rain must be in good mood and thankful to all his clouds that are voting for rain to the end of the time poll.
    when i see his tweet to gori7911 and he twwet back to ect… his dancer and rest CLOUDS are tweet with rain and some too i leave him a congrat work and i know how much as felt about this invation to NEW YOORK again.
    rain clouds are looking for your best persentive of best MOST INFLUNETIAL in New York and have a very good welcome to all those invation their we know u will bing us best persentive to GOLBE and i know this s alott meanful to clouds and Asia 🙂


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