Pop meets Classic: The Cloud donation project at the Dresden Music Festival.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

What a great idea, for Clouds to help Rain and cellist Vogler bring pop music and classical music together in Europe, and to show that, no matter where Rain goes, we’ll be there in the flesh to support him. And the victims of the Japan earthquake get more aid in the process. Germany should be abuzz for a good while after this concert.

Looks like everything’s all set. Thumbs UP, Korean Clouds!

[post] Donation Project at Dresden Music Festival – 19 May 2011 @The Cloud English Talk Board

Posted by: huhuhuhu, 4/22/2011

When the news that Rain and Vogler will be performing together at the Dresden Music Festival on 19 May, 2011 was announced, we believe it is a special occasion: Rain will be performing on stage for the first time in Europe, it is “Asian Pop meets European Classic” and Rain is the best ambassador to cross over the two cultures. We want to offer our congratulations and to show our love and support, and we think Rain will like our idea of a donation. This is also a very good way to demonstrate the positive influence Rain has, which is far beyond merely an online poll.

Our original idea is that as Rain will be releasing a new album (at that time the date we got was April), we will give 519 copies of his latest album to the audience who will attend the concert to introduce Rain to them. They could make a voluntary donation in return.

When we knew that the new album will not be released in time for the event, we decided to give Rainism and Back to the Basic instead. Korean clouds donated the CDs to us for this project.

We contacted the Dresden Music Festival for their approval. They were positive and supportive. The donation will be made to arche noVa, a non-profit and non-governmental organization from Dresden, and the fund will be used for the Japan disaster victims. (Link to arche voVa: http://www.arche-nova.org/versio … p;sprache=en&id)

We understand that Mr. Vogler himself may have made the final decision on this, and that Rain may also have been informed. Regardless of this, we think it is a meaningful project itself.

If you will be in Dresden for the performance, please do visit our stand and lend us your support. If you cannot be there in person and would like to make a contribution to support the project, please send in your donation via paypal to: RainsHawaiianCloud@yahoo.com.

~ by Cloud USA on April 22, 2011.

5 Responses to “Pop meets Classic: The Cloud donation project at the Dresden Music Festival.”

  1. This is a great idea.


  2. So cool~


  3. Thank you to the organizers of this project!


  4. Great idea!! 🙂


  5. This is going to be great.


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