[ETA Eng trans][article][clip] Rain interviewed on KBS TV 1 about his career and TIME 100 repeat.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Do enjoy Rain’s interview on KBS Newsline, fans, which took place today.

Wow, Rain, you’re such a fashion plate (is that the Alfred Dunhill suit you wore on your March Esquire cover, or one similar?) and boy did you look good on the air! You also looked as cool as a cucumber and so darned happy. Delighted. You’ve probably thought a lot about that TIME Red Carpet every year since you last stood on it in 2006, and now, to know that you’re going to walk on it again in a matter of days… Well, were it me, I’d be over the moon too. 😀

Oooops—the anchorman just had to zing JiHoon unexpectedly about marriage. LOL! What a surprise (to him too). Heheh. We’ve had The Discussion before, folks, for the past three years. Don’t get all excited. Ain’t happening yet. Mama knows. LOL!

For an idea on what was said in this interview, do see the article included in this post. If a translation is made available, we’ll bring that to you here.

 [HQ]110422 Interview. (credit: KBS / courtesy of ratoka @YT)

[**ETA 4/23: Hmm. And so the plot really thickens. Remember when I said that the names on the TIME 100 List and the Online Readers Poll List  often overlapped (ended up the same)? Sounds to me like that’s what Rain is talking about here, and it may very well be true that he was chosen early, and what I have to say to that is: Rain, you should probably go back to TIME and say WTH, guys! because if that’s the write-up you get when you’re chosen, then you got gypped. 

Oh my god! The Megan Fox debacle from the past will rear its ugly head yet again now! LOL! Those really were some great questions from Twitter and all. — Stephe ^@@^] 

(English translation by rain bird @rain-eu.) 

Q : Rain has been twice selected as one of the world’s 100 most influential people by Time magazine, and he has also ranked top in its online poll. It is an honor and a pleasure to welcome him to this news show. Hello, Rain.

Rain : Yes, hello.

Q : Congratulations to you for being chosen as one of the 100 people.

Rain : Thank you.

Q: I hear you’ve also ranked top in the Time online poll.

Rain : Yes. and I must say I never expected to be. It’s a great honor.

Q : Some say your Korean fans supported you, but I’m afraid not.

Rain : I was just chosen as #1 by a popular vote, but members of the Time committee from all over the world voted secretly, selecting me as one of its official 100 people. The West used to become a hub of the general culture contents, but now Asia’s cultural influence has increased and has great influence with the world, which can mean Asian stars’ fan bases are now growing.

Q : Who finished second in the poll?

Rain : It was a famous actor and singer called ‘Jay Chou’ in a Chinese speaking country.

Q : I know this is the second time since 2006 you’ve been selected as one of the Time 100 people. when do you think you can feel better?

Rain : Frankly speaking, I feel a lot better now.

I think they’ve picked me as one of the 100 people because people’s interest in me has increased after the worldwide release of my movie Ninja Assassin which has garnered a big award for me.

Q : I hear you’re the first Asian to be twice selected as one of the 100 people.

Rain : But I know there is one more Asian except me.

Q : Are you going to leave for New York to attend its celebration party?

Rain : Yes, the day after tomorrow, I’ll be leaving for New York to attend a sort of gala party show.

Q : Please tell me about the world’s leading names included in the 100 people.

Rain : There are U.S. President Barack Obama, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, pop singer Justin Bieber and so on.

Q : Kate Middleton, the U.K’s prince’s fiancee, is also included in the list, right?

Rain : Yes. That’s right.

Q : Literally, the top 100 most influential people in various fields have been chosen. The Time reports that Rain has successfully completed his transformation from an Asian pop singer to a Hollywood actor. Do you have any plan to have an acting career in Hollywood even in the future?

Rain : Actually, I’ve had many good Hollywood movie roles offered to me recently, but I have to let it wait because I have to go to army by year-end.

Q : Do you plan to enter the army by year-end ?

Rain : Yes, I’ll be on the active list by the end of the year.

Q : Are there any chance for you to enlist in the marines ?

Rain : I suppose nothing’s definite yet.

Q : Anyway, it means that it has been ascertained that you will go to army by year-end?

Rain : Yes.

Q : Some people doubt if actors from Asia could be in great demand in Hollywood. How did you like your entering the Hollywood?

Rain : I think it is more important for me to strive to improve me while maximizing the thing I’m good at than improve the things I can’t do, so I plan to widen the scope of my existing activities, doing my activities on my own turf for the time being.

Q : You mean you’re going to keep taking action films ?

Rain : Of course, but I try various genres, such as romances and so on in the future.

Q : You’re an actor and singer. Do you have any plan to do activities even as a singer in the US market?

Rain : I was prepared to do it, but I have to try later because I’m due to enter the army this year.

Q : Do you plan to do your activities traveling back and forth between USA and Korea after being released from the army?

Rain : Yes, I think I might. I’m thinking of doing my best more freely and actively as a singer and actor in USA after being released from the army.

Q : I have to say you’ve been one of the world’s prominent figures as you’ve been selected as one of the Time 100 people. Do you have any plan to do special social activities?

Rain : I’m looking into it, but I haven’t made any firm plans at this point yet. At the moment, I just want to do the best of my ability in my field.

Q : Many people hear about a top star’s big scandal these days. What do you think of celebrities’ private lives?

Rain : I hope that the public respects the privacy of entertainers as normal human beings, but I think they should also try to be candid to some extent.

Q : I hear you plan to enter the army as you said before, and you haven’t got married yet, right?

Rain : I would dearly love to marry.

Q : Will you get married after being released from the army?

Rain : I really want to get married right now.

Q : Are you in a relationship?

Rain : I don’t have any girl friend yet.

Q : I see.

(Questions from KBS Tweet)

1.Congratulations to Rain for being selected as one of the Time 100 people. I want to know that he is still corresponding with his fellows who worked with him in Hollywood.

2. Rain, why do you think that you’ve been twice selected as one of the Time 100 people? Please tell me about the story of what had happened to you at a gala part hosted by the Time in 2006.

(Questions from KBS text messages)

1. As it has required blood, sweat, and tears for you to succeed even in a difficult situation, have you thought about helping disadvantaged youths?

2. You are a real go-getter who does everything enthusiastically, and these come at birth or they are learned ?

Q : If you go to the part hosted by the Time, who do you want to see more than anyone else among the 100 people selected?

Rain : Sure, I’d like to see U.S. President Barack Obama.

Q : Are you still corresponding with the people you met last time?

Rain : I dared not breathe a word of it to anybody at that time, but I’ll try to say anything to [about? ^@@^] any of them this time because this is the second time.

Q : Who do you want to work with most in Hollywood?

Rain : I want to work with actress Megan Fox I’ve describe as my ideal woman.

Q : What do you think you’ll wear when you walk on the red carpet at the Time celebration?

Rain : I’ll wear a really nice tuxedo as requested.

Q : Have you thought about helping disadvantaged youths?

Rain : Since a young age, I’ve dreamt of doing so. Someday, I want to offer a free tutoring service for poor students there when I establish Asia’s best school where both dance and song are taught.

Q : We’re expecting you to become a bona fide star in the world beyond Asia. It’s great to have you on our show.

Rain : Thank you.


AllKPop 4/22/2011 — by phenom

Rain shares his thoughts on marriage and about being on the TIME 100 list

Rain was recently interviewed on the April 22nd broadcast of KBS 1TV’s “KBS Newsline” for being named “Top 100 world’s most influential people in 2011″ by Time Magazine.

During the interview, Rain stated, “It’s truly an honor to come in 1st place, and it came as a bit of a happy surprise. The online vote is a popularity vote and the selection for the Top 100 is chosen by select people all over the world from Time Magazine.”

When asked about recent controversial news about celebrities’ private lives, Rain replied, “Because I am also a celebrity, I believe that it’s important to have some privacy, but it is also important to show the public your honest self.”

Then, the news anchor suddenly asked if Rain is married (indirectly referring to the current Seo Taiji scandal). Surprised by the question, Rain answered, “I want to get married. (Although I haven’t entered the military yet) Truthfully, I want to get married now, but I’m not dating anyone at the moment.”

Meanwhile, in the revealed “Time 100″ list, Rain is listed amongst the likes of U.S. President Obama, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, and Myanmar politician Aung San Suu Kyi. In particular, Rain was the first Korean celebrity to make the “Time 100″ list back in 2006. With his second appearance on this list, Rain has become the first celebrity in all of Asia to make the “Time 100″ list twice.

Also, Rain has been invited to the “Time 100″ party, which will be held in New York City on April 26th. He is scheduled to leave for the event from Inchon Airport on the 24th at 7:30pm.

Source: TV Report via Nate

~ by Cloud USA on April 22, 2011.

31 Responses to “[ETA Eng trans][article][clip] Rain interviewed on KBS TV 1 about his career and TIME 100 repeat.”

  1. I would love to be ur girlfriend indeed. I hope u find that woman if not u can have me. hah…..


  2. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww megan fox…:(


  3. LOL! The 2006 Time Gala question and the Marriage question were two totally separate unconnected questions…

    My take: He was a young newbie and totally green to the Hollywood scene when he went to the TIME Gala the first time. He still didn’t know the rules and etiquette for when you met big people in U.S. entertainment and the powers that be… Do I mention this big director and what he said to me? Do I dare tell the press that I had drinks with such and such and they talked about such and such? Or will that get me in trouble and none of them ever talk to me again because the press ran with it and invented stuff?

    Of course now he knows what he’s doing because he’s made two Hollywood movies and made scads of acquaintances there, and continued talking to them over the years, and he’s matured, so he knows it’s okay to say yeah, I met Bruckheimer or whoever and we talked some business. Yes, I spent time with the First Lady and Obama was telling jokes without there being some international incident over it.

    I didn’t pick up any romantic undertones in that, nor with the Megan Fox remark because all he said was he wanted to work with her, not date her. She’s his ideal woman as far as her looks and her profession go (as is Scarlett Johanssen), and that’s probably all. You know how it is — lots of guys’ fantasies are Playboy bunnies or perfect actresses in magazines that they haven’t met, but what they want in REAL LIFE is totally different.

    It’s going to be really cool when JiHoon finally says “Hey, everybody… this is my lady.” And when he announces, “I have a daughter! She’s perfect!” Or when he says, “My boy is gonna be a world star, like daddy.” 🙂

    Stephe ^@@^


  4. @Stephe is this what you were talking about above? Is Rain saying he was actually already chosen by Time to be on the Time 100 list and he also won the popular vote for the Online Readers Poll list? That is what I am getting out of what he said below. So if that is the case Rain was already going to be on the Time 100 list anyway. Him winning the readers online poll list showed that the readers felt he was the most influtial.

    “Rain : I was just chosen as #1 by a popular vote, but members of the Time committee from all over the world voted secretly, selecting me as one of its official 100 people. The West used to become a hub of the general culture contents, but now Asia’s cultural influence has increased and has great influence with the world, which can mean Asian stars’ fan bases are now growing.”

    Also, so Rain was not the first Asian to be on the list twice. However, he is the first Asian celebrity of all of Asia to make the Time 100 list twice.


    • Hi, flower. 🙂 That’s pretty much what I get out of it, yeah.

      Also, I was thinking that he was the first Korean to be in the TIME 100 twice, but I wasn’t so sure about him being the first ASIAN. This TIME most influential thing has been going on since the late 90s, and that’s a long time for another Asian not to be on there twice. I’m glad he mentioned in this translation that no, there IS another Asian besides himself, because now I don’t have to try to find out. Haha.

      Stephe ^@@^


  5. I am so happy for Rain that he is on the list and is going to be attending the celebration!!

    I wonder when Rain said Megan Fox is his ideal type of women. Is he saying she is the idea type of women actress he would want to work with or is she his type of women he would want to marry? Because the guy asked him who would he want to work with in Hollywood and he said her. Because he has also mentioned wanting to work with Scarlett Johansson. Also, I wonder if he just said her because she has said in interviews she liked him. I like Megan Fox but I think he can do alot better.

    I know Rain has to complete his MS duty. However, I hate reading how he is missing out on doing movies in Holloywood because he has to go to the MS. It is what it is but the timing that he has to go in sucks. I wish he was able to still do the movies and serve in the MS. But he cannot have his cake and eat it too. I really hope opportunities in Holloywood is still there when he gets out of the MS.


  6. I love this interview on KBS, it’s a very nice acknowledgement of his efforts and successes, all to see (and the Haters that spoke ill of him). I too hope that JiHoon finds that very special person, that is his perfect match/mate (completes him), and have the beautiful family of his dreams. Everytime he mentions the desire to marry, I feel sad. I also think the comment about Megan Fox was strategic, as JiHoon is a very smart guy. Plant those seeds out there as needed, so different opportunities can bloom. I am so proud of JiHoon, and proud of all Clouds and fans for supporting him on this. It’s a perfect way for him and his countrymen to see how important he is to the world, before he goes off into the military, and who will be waiting for him to return. 🙂


    • Agreed, chisun. He is very smart. Smart as a whip. He never does anything without a reason.

      I’ll never understand why folks insist on believing he is inept, dumb, and helpless about anything.



  7. to Rain’s comment about MF…does he know she is a married lady now?


    • Busy,

      Who knows? I think the comment was that she was his “ideal type” and that he wanted to work with her. He was also smitten wiht Scarlett Johanssen too, at the MTV Movie Awards. He mentioned Scarlett several times afterward. I believe he said something to the effect of wanting to win the Best Kiss award with Scarlett? LOL.

      Both women are very pretty and obviously got his attention anyway, right? LOL.

      Terri :-}


      • @Terri the interviewer asked him and he said:

        Q : Who do you want to work with most in Hollywood?

        Rain : I want to work with actress Megan Fox I’ve describe as my ideal woman.

        I am not sure what he meant but I am going to interpret that he meant ideal type of women to work with in a movie. I use to think MF was really pretty but she is less attractive to me now. I remember him mentioning that he wanted to win the Best Kiss award with Scarlett. I think Scarlett is very pretty.


  8. Okay I’m confused what the heck does this mean???

    Q : Are you still corresponding with the people you met last time?

    Rain : I dared not breathe a word of it to anybody at that time, but I’ll try to say anything to [about? ^@@^] any of them this time because this is the second time.

    Sounds kinda mysterious to me, trying to think why he would “dar not breath a word of it” wondering if he has met someone and has been dating on the “DL” since NA. That’s a long time to hide a relationship though. I’m thinking that right after his MS service he’s going to announce a relationship and then a marrtiage.

    Anywise regardless I hope the best for him, and YES he looked totally gorgeous (still wishing I was 10 years younger). Jung Ji Hoon I hope you are as successful in love as you have been with the rest of your life.



    • Dulcie,

      I have NO idea whatsoever he means there. No idea at all. A terrible translation. Maybe we’ll get a better one at some point.

      What it sounds like to me was that he was, at some point of time (which is unclear) corresponding with some people he met the last time he went to the Time 100 gala, in 2006, but he couldn’t say anything about talking to them. I say some, because he actually says “them.”

      I don’t think he’s talking any one particular person, though. You know how people will hand you cards at things like that and say, hey, give me a call, but then absolutely nothing happens? Fans get all excited over every little thing. So, it’s best they not know Rain has been talking about Hollywood projects, for example, until they have actually been green-lighted.

      Then again, it’s such a terrible translation, I could be totally wrong. It could be that he met the woman of his dreams last time and they’ve been talking to each other ever since.

      Ah…we’re so good at random, dreamy speculation, aren’t we? Ha ha. So silly.

      Terri :-}


  9. It breaks my heart everytime that he says that he wants to get married right now cuz I know he really want to have a family of his own. I hope he knows that special gal soon; he so deserves a woman who can love him dearly and be there for him no matter what. Regarding his career, I think that he is starting with the USA as soon as he gets out of MS and that includes concerts. It seems that he won’t be able to do a concert in this side of the ocean before MS. It’s so sad that he got to do MS right now when he is in the right moment to continue with his career outside Asia. But there is nothing we can do but wait and keep the enthusiasm for him flowing.


  10. Look this whole Megan Fox thing. That’s another thing MEDIA does. He mentioned “girlie” ONCE in an ANCIENT interview and they keep bringing this chick’s name up as if she is the only Western actress he knows…….Damn!!

    He knows other actresses, how about let’s ask him how he feels about Naomie Harris……Oops my bad…..little too much to ask for I think. Besides Megan Fox is married to another actor and stepmother to his son, I don’t think Bi is even on HER radar anymore. GEEZ!!!!


    • I think Bi keeps mentioning this woman because Korean media has always “linked him” to her because of his earlier interviews. I will NEVER believe she is his ideal. I mean Truly, DON’T BELIEVE IT BI. He would probably Work With her in a movie, but his ideal woman…….C’mon now! You’ve got to know when celebrities throw a little “interview BS” in the mix.

      Bi there are PLENTY OTHER actresses that can get you further “in the Hollywood door” than her. (*Just Saying*)……Sorry to any Megan Fox fans.


    • LOL.

      Actually, BiA, Rain himself brought up Megan again himself, in his most recent KBS interview. Look at the translation. And he didn’t say that he wanted to “marry” her. He just said that she was his “ideal type” and that he wanted to “work” with someone like her. LOL. So, this time, I guess you can blame it on him.

      Actually, he’s one smart cookie. What better way to attract more American women’s attention than by saying that his “ideal type” is an American woman?

      Do I believe him? Not so sure. Not that I’m saying he’s lying, particularly. I’m just saying he’s really REALLY good at his game.

      Terri :-}

      Terri :-}


      • @Terri,

        Yeah, I saw that he brought it up, that’s why the addendum to my first post. Yeah he’s very smart and has a definite plan for the “course” he is charting. But I’mma say……YA LYING BI! I don’t believe for one tenth of one second that Megan Fox is His ideal. If I had to guess it’s some long haired, petite little Korean girl. (His real ideal is probably a Korean Noona, but he wants babies so……) But hey if telling American audiences Megan Fox is his ideal……DO WHATCHA GOTTA DO BI……..I Ain’t Mad!!!



        • *Chuckle* @ BiA.

          Yeah. Like I said. He plays his game very well. LOL.

          Terri :-}


        • @Bi first, I want to say you are too funny, LOL you said (“Imma say…YA Lying BI)!!!!! Second, of all I am not conveinced that MF is his ideal type of women he would want to marry. Besides she is married right now. I would have to see him with her if she was not married to believe it. I think he might of just said her because she said she liked him in an interview. Also, I agree with @Terri, that he is smart. What better way to attract more American women’s attention than by saying that his “ideal type” is an American woman? Who ever and what ever is his true type of women I just hope he finds her and he be happy!


  11. Megan Fox….really? Rain can do much better than that.


  12. How did I not see the translation till just now? I’m a dork. Anyway… hotness!


  13. He looks so good here. Can’t wait for the translation. And how much do I love it that he’s tweeting almost daily now? Yay Rain!
    I wonder what he’s going to wear to NYC??


  14. He looks so happy and his face is so open and almost glowing in this interview. It felt good to see him to happy. Like the rest of you, I hope he finds someone who loves him for who he is as Jung JiHoon, and not simply the persona that is Rain. But, I do understand how hard it can be for him to meet someone, the public eye and all but more than that the crazy schedule that the man keeps! That woman would have to not work and be willing to travel with this one because he is a firecracker LOL!

    Congrats Rain and don’t let the haters (here, there, or anywhere in the world) still your thunder and enthusiasm. Walk into that gala in New York and stand proud knowing that you deserve to be there!


  15. DID RAIN serious speak MEGAN FOX??? are he truing to bring her back to GOSSIP again rain i hope this new goes spreak like a motor and NOT get more rumor about u and her ect… DON’T u forget what happen now i am curious is she y type women i like or also both O_O NO MAGAN FOXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX rain i disagreee
    asnway i don’t like her persiod NAGTIVE…. abway other that he looking dran so GOOD in that blue hahhahaah baby and yes he will be work much harder after his MS and we all hwaiting for u rain i love how this intier he talk smart and confident as usual… but the MGF so not me !!


  16. I think he will wait until he moves to the US. He looked real good.


  17. Rain looks stunning in this interview. Hopefully the right girl is out there, he deserves to be happy.


  18. It seems hard to meet someone and to date in his profession. How can he know whether someone loves him for himself and not because of his fame or because of some false idea of him based on his stage persona or acting roles? And it is a little like living in a fish bowl to have everyone know who you are and watch everything you do. I hope he meets someone kind and sincere and I wish for him a long and happy family life! Good luck, Rain!


  19. I have said all along that I felt like Bi wanted to get married sooner rather than later. He keep hinting at it publicly more times than not. I’m not surprised by his response. If the right girl comes along, she is “In Like Flynn”………….

    I hope for his sake she does….military service be damned, this “brotha” would get married right now if the right woman was in his life. Hope you find her Bi.


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