[charts/slideshow] Restating the obvious… It’s all over but the shouting at Time.com: Rain the 2011 TIME Poll winner.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

(If I may, let me give this teeny-weeny little suggestion to TIME for next year: DON’T have the extra week of Favorites Voting to give readers something to do and get your site more views while you get your final announcement ready. When the official voting deadline hits, just shut everything down. Your intentions are good, but it confuses people and it has for the past two years. They just don’t get it, so please don’t do it anymore.)

After the TIME Poll Machine was shut down over in the wee hours this morning, the last of the votes continued to trickle in for several hours, sort of like a time delay, and rightly so, seeing as THOUSANDS of people all over the planet had still been voting (for favorites only) nonstop over the past week. Even machines have their limit, folks. They can only go so fast. See below the final 2011 Online Readers Poll tally, where the slight shuffle in the rankings since last week only affected placement #2 and downward. Someone could have magically come up with half a million votes, sure, but because they didn’t do it before the end of the 14th, it wouldn’t have changed a thing. Rain had already earned his spot in the 100. (We continued voting because we just wanted to see how high we could all get him, and we are liking that final number. S-w-e-e-t.)

Doesn’t he look great in that top spot there? Doesn’t he? 😀  Congratulations to Jay Chou, Susan Boyle, Chris Colfer, and the other nominees who also made it to the top and gave Rain a run for his money. They have influenced many people across the world, will continue to do so, and they certainly deserved to be there.

Shine up those dress shoes and get that tux steamed, JiHoon. You’ve got a TIME party to go to!

» [photo essay] RAIN: South Korea’s Unstoppable Pop Superstar. Singer, dancer, actor—the artist’s triple thread potential has fueled his meteoric rise is HERE.

Heart throb. Fists of Fury. Crowd pleaser. Epic cool. Fashionista. Pop sensation. This is how TIME.com describes Rain. Thumbs up.

» Rain’s 2011 TIME 100 Poll winner Page is HERE.

» The final 2011 TIME 100 list, chosen by TIME’s editors and including Rain as our Online Readers Poll winner, is HERE.

(cap by Scorpiola)

~ by Cloud USA on April 21, 2011.

10 Responses to “[charts/slideshow] Restating the obvious… It’s all over but the shouting at Time.com: Rain the 2011 TIME Poll winner.”

  1. Yah Jihoon won.


  2. does anyone know when the Time issue will come out???…please some one let me know!!! ;)…congrats BI!!!


  3. i well be trend if u are going to make this happen for rain i know rain well eventually so prouds of get all this message form all intertional clouds are trending for his CONGRAT for time polll if so i am down with it too… yes!! yes!!yes!!
    i am prouds yet so excited for rain # 2 again he win first SPOT 14TH offical EST… and yet CLOUDS continue to vote until deadline 21 he sure DERSVED this honor as matter fact TIME POLL better give rain a good massive but like i would say time poll seem not to now what very going with rain back 2009 they say rain did honor for anything now that he won 2011 they better not goole rain nagitive stuff or i wll even more DISIPOMENT at TIME POLL … anway i going to grap a good copy to se they really add good edtion of rain yet he in FROM COVER or not i toally forget today 21th
    i was sick 2 day and very upset what happen too 😦


  4. Anytime we can vote for anything Rain is involved in and help put him at number 1 is exciting. Congrats JiHoon you certainy deserve it.


  5. Dear Terri & Stephe & everybody in here,
    we are planning to do a Trending for Rain on Twitter on April 26th – the day Rain attends the official TIME 100 party in NYC. Will you guys join the trending with us on Twitter? Before this we’ve tried many times but got no mention because not enough people doing the trending.
    This time we want to make it RAIN at Worldwide Trend on April 26th. The World’ Most Influential people RAIN becomes WWT at the same day.
    What do you say? ^^


  6. that´s going to be a hurricane level 5 that will hit us really hard, after he finish his military service. All of us we better get ready for it!!!!!
    JJH congratulations. You deserve all the merit.


  7. Yessss!!!! Once The Man get over the military there is gonna be a thunderstorm coming our way!!! I can’t wait!!!


  8. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh thats so exciting! he made it again. he is a force to be reckonned with!!!!! oh i cant wait till his military service is over. i AM SO READY for him to SHUT IT DOWN!!!!!! america brace urself!


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