[articles] Newsflash: Rain has not won the TIME poll three years in a row. He has topped it.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

While write-ups on Rain in the English-speaking news that aren’t derogatory are terrific, awesome, and downright appreciated, some misinformation has been dropped by a news source today and everyone is running with it. Of course. As if there is no such thing as research and search engines on the Internet. *sigh* 

Rain won the TIME poll in 2007. He came in as the #2 runner-up in 2008. TIME claims no placings for anyone in 2009 because of the moot hack (though they did claim moot the winner. Odd.) Rain came in at #4 in 2010. He has won in 2011. Sources say he won it in 2006.

Let us review. A 2006 win, 2007 win, and 2011 win is not winning three years in a row, winning for the third straight year, etc. Wow, folks.

Rain has topped (been at the top of) the TIME poll every year, since he showed up there, an amazing feat indeed! And so, fans, enjoy these articles and ignore the misinformation on Rain’s TIMEline.

Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com 

» Reuters UK: Newsmakers join pop stars on Time 100 list.

» WHTC Holland: Newsmakers join pop stars on Time 100 list.

» National Post/The Ampersand Canada: Justin Bieber joins Oprah, Korean Pop Star Rain on Time 100 list.

» The Washington Post National Blogpost: Time 100 list: An Egyptian activist and Japanese doctor join Kate, William, Patti, and Rain.

» CBC News/Art & Entertainment: Bieber, Assange make Time’s most influential list.

There is no misinformation in this one. It’s just a finely written article that makes you really think about the whole TIME (100) machine. Nice.

» CBS News Online: Time 100: Interesting but not “most influential.”

~ by Cloud USA on April 21, 2011.

5 Responses to “[articles] Newsflash: Rain has not won the TIME poll three years in a row. He has topped it.”

  1. That’s good Jihoon u keep going up that a boy.


  2. do these people just write articles off the top of their heads???.. oh well, just gotta go with the flow, and BI will keep winning!!! 😉


  3. yes bussybee1982
    they did now this years rain got invation to i prouds for him enought it about time rain revived such honor. but the rest massive i will see wha happen with the writting soon just wish rain the best and meanful fo him on everything esp this TIME POLL too


  4. although Time doesn’t claim a winner in writing for 2009(for the on line poll), they indeed picked Moot for their list and Moot attended the Time party that year.


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