@myjanggun Speaks Out in Support of Rain

~Cloud Cover by: Terri, Managing Editor :-}

Well, finally, someone at J.Tune Camp speaks out in support of Rain.  Earlier in the day @myjanggun, a manager at J.Tune Camp (Shin Dongjun), tweeted this:

Which translates in English to this:

“Singer Rain came in 1st place on Times 100 online poll. However, the netizens are making ruthless comments about it.

Rain has been making consistent Asian tours for performances successfully. With the movie Ninja Assassin, in the United States alone, 500,000 people have watched it, and currently over 92,000 copies have been sold.

Not just in Korea, but in foreign countries as well, he is receiving votes, which the netizens are responding to very negatively. It is clearly a great accomplishment, but the netizens refuse to see it from this perspective. During the past MTV movie awards, he received an award where they [netizens] told Rain that they congratulated Channing Tatum through Rain’s messages.

I’m hoping that they will see why Time has put Rain up on the polls 6 times already.. This is something we should congratulate him for, for being the first Korean artist to be holding such a title.”

All I have to say is whoever these netizens are that Mr. Shin is talking about should be ashamed of themselves.  Rain fans everywhere, and especially Koreans, should be extremely proud of Rain’s reign over the Time Online Poll.

Not only has Rain appeared on the Time.com online poll 5 times, he has won it twice and was chosen once outright as one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people, back in 2006.

The Time.com online poll may be trivial to some, but to us here at Cloud USA, it is giving him some damned good exposure, which is something Rain needs if he’s going to do work here.  So, frankly, his U.S. Clouds couldn’t be more delighted for him.

As far as I’m concerned, these netizens are simply bullies trying to pick a fight.  And I say it’s time we all ignored them and got back to voting.  Shall we?

Terri :-}

Sources:  Many thanks to Glenda @ Rain Legend for the tip and a special thanks to Sangeun @ hellokpop.com for the English translation.

~ by Cloud USA on April 17, 2011.

33 Responses to “@myjanggun Speaks Out in Support of Rain”

  1. I have never understood the Korean Rain-bashers. Rain has done so much to promote a positive image of Korea to foreigners. Many of us have become interested in Korean history and culture and language because of Rain. Koreans should be supportive of his efforts. If these “Netizens” are young fans of other artists then I still think they should be happy that Rain is paving the way. He has often said that if he doesn’t make it in the US then at least he would like to break down barriers to make easier for Korean artists to succeed here in the future. Rain is a mentoring person who would help other artists. I think Rain should be given credit for what he has achieved. Congrats to Rain and may he enjoy his moment on the red carpet tomorrow. I wish I could be there as a show of support. I hope many east coast Clouds will be able to be there to welcome him.


  2. I am really late on all the comments but I think all of you covered my feelings for the netizens, to me their a total JOKE! Anyone that constantly wants to attack their entertainers in a negative light are jealous in some way. I’d like to see them accomplish what JiHoon has and still maintain being humble and considerate.


  3. I just left a message at the HelloKpop site in support of Rain. I have come to the conclusion that many “netizens” or “haters” are really extremely IMMATURE individuals (by mentality and some by age). Mature individuals just don’t have time to sit at a computer spewing anonymous venom. RAIN HAS WON…..PERIOD, CASE CLOSED, END OF DISCUSSION!

    Regarding his influence…..well he’s got a sh__t load of influence. I say this by virtue of the fact that I’m an African-American woman, born and raised in Southeastern Texas…..half a world away from this gifted South Korean man. Yet, I have watched tv dramas, listened to music, joined a fan club all in a language I don’t understand because of this man’s influence. His humility, integrity, drive, love of family, love of country coupled with his talent has turned Rain into an influential “Beacon” for South Korea. It’s WHO he is……his words and deeds that has made people, Globally, take notice of Korean culture by virtue of Rain’s influence, his SPECIFIC influence.


  4. I don’t worry, is just plain jelaousy from people that do not count anyway…go CLOUDS!!


  5. Do anyone know who are the netizens? Why are they called netizens? I have never understood who these people are.


    • Neither have we.

      I think netizen is a combination of “citizen” and “Internet.” They “live” on the Internet, hiding behind their computers, putting their noses in everyone’s business, making issues out of non-issues and wreaking havoc anonymously.



  6. Okay I can find where the link to the Kpop article is. Could someone post it here so I can go make a comment please. Thanks.


  7. Left a message on hellokpop yesterday telling about myself and why I love Rain. Just to make clear to these haters that Clouds are proud women and we are not only “teenagers with nothing else to do”. Grrrr!!!! They tried to diminish Rain’s accomplishments by saying that we are naive, young fans who don’t know what we are doing. Really? Well, I made clear that I am a woman who knows exactly why I support Rain. We have to keep voting just to make them swallow their tongues with anger. Fighting!!!


  8. Some people are petty for no real reason!!!!


  9. The only thing that these netizens are good for is spreading hate. Like everything else in the world, celebrity or not someone’s gonna hate about something. However Rain has plenty of people that love him and support him no matter what, myself included. I am incredibly proud of him and his accomplishments and hey…whenever he gets a mention by MTV/Time of what have you that’s a very big thing to me. Rain is breaking so many boundaries and that is a huge accomplishment. Why anyone would not want to support such an individual is beyond me. Rain is a very beautiful person and I am not just talking about his physical appearance.


  10. It is normal in a human life … every success there is envy. Every great success would face such things. Rain is one of them and as a special talented person .. he have to deal with this kind of attitude, facing with many peoples and with many characters – he have to go ahead (no turning back) for his ticket of success! And I believe each of these will produce a bitter sweetness of the challenge. Aja aja fighting …! 🙂


  11. I am so disappointed to hear that this is going on, and so happy that @myjanggun, a manager at J.Tune Camp (Shin Dongjun) sent his tweet in support of JiHoon.

    Below are my thoughts that I shared on the Hellokpop website. I too encourage you to pop over and share yours as well. Rain deserves the love and support….

    Posted on hellokpop…;
    OMG, there are Haters everywhere… Rain (Jung JiHoon) deserves every award that he gets! He works extremely hard, and is AMAZINGLY talented. He is intelligent, thoughtful and has managed to keep a level head working in the “crazy” Entertainment Industry. I admire Jung JiHoon, and respect what he is trying to do, in fulfilling his dreams. He is truly a GEM, that should be shared with the ENTIRE world. He deserves to be #1 on Time magazine’s 100 most Influential People. For those who wish him any different, knowing who he is and his efforts, and would try to restrain his talents and recognition from throughout the world are really dark and empty inside. Those Haters have their own inner demons to deal with first, before they speak about others.

    We love you Jung JiHoon. *♥* Love from the U.S. Aja, Aja, Fighting!!!


  12. Ok I’m sorry if this is a little irrelevant but I feel like I knew this was gonna happen. People already look at me funny at school because I like Kpop and I’m a black female & the looks don’t bother me as much because I have friends that are just as “weird” that maybe arent the most popular kids in school but we all are “weird” together and that’s all that matters to us.

    The point I’m trying to make is people are gonna find this strange because some people haven’t been exposed to any form of Asian pop culture. They are afraid because Rain is shattering common stereotypes of Asians and not many are used to this.

    Racism still exists in this world. Even though I haven’t seen it on any big scale, I know it still exists and I feel like it can’t be completely diminished.

    Also “netizens”, “antis”, “haters”, whatever you call them, are all jealous. They can’t get over the fact that someone has something they don’t whether it’s money, success, fame, looks, or maybe their ideal man/woman. They have nothing better to do than to bash that person to bring the person down so that they can feel higher up.

    I also feel that people don’t realize that celebrities are people too. Their hearts aren’t made of steel. They have feelings. Although they do things that would wear out others but their fans keep them going. People think that words don’t hurt, they are dead wrong.

    I feel like this is true no matter what.


  13. Winning in everything Rain does is the best way to shut up a hater. We all have them but nothing and nobody is going to stop Rain or the love we have for him. We may not know who they are but we all know who Rain is. Love him always.


  14. Gosh, I can’t believe what’s going on. Those netizens or whatever they are called are a bunch of envious, racist, inmature bullies that only want to hurt people. Rain is a good example for people of all ages; that’s why he has fans of all ages. It bothers me that netizens keep telling that Clouds are teenagers girls with nothing else to do cuz that’s far away from reality. We have to make clear that Rain has fans around the world, male and female from all ages.


  15. What disturbs me the most about this news is that these comments appear to have been made by South Korean netizens. And by a lot of them. I don’t know how many comments were made, but there must have been a lot for Dongjun to be so disturbed that he actually felt the need to tweet about them. After all, the people at J.Tune Camp are pretty closemouthed about things.

    And the comments about the MTV awards and of people sending messages to Rain congratulating Channing Tatum were baffling and incredibly rude. The idea that someone even thinks like that about a man who has brought some much popularity to their own country simply appalls me.

    Popularity matters. If you don’t think so, look at Hitler, who became so popular and then so powerful that he literally almost annihilated an entire race and destroyed his own country before the rest of the world joined hands to stop him.

    Conversely, a good man (or woman) who becomes popular can also change the world. He can bring business capital into a country stagnating during tough economic times. He can encourage people to give to charitable causes. He can bring in tourism, so that more of the world will learn what a terrific place his country is. He can change the way an entire industry treats and responds to those working in it. He can change the face of what the world thinks “beauty” looks like and help fight racism. Even most world leaders are chosen by popular vote.

    Through Rain’s work around the globe he has already done many of these good things–and more. So I don’t get it. I don’t understand why South Koreans everywhere aren’t beaming with pride over all of Rain’s achievements—no matter how trivial they appear to be. And all I have to say is this:

    Shame on you, netizens–whoever you are. Shame. On. You.

    In fact, shame on the haters everywhere. There are a gazillion of them over here in the U.S. too. You will find evidence of that over on the Time.com online poll, where the trolls over there have been making nasty comments the entire time we have been voting for Rain. Their comments have irritated the hell out of me, but I’ve tried to ignore them, for the most part, because I haven’t wanted to give them any attention. They don’t deserve any.

    I even hated putting up this news on Cloud USA and hellokpop, but I felt like the supportive attention it would give Rain was much more important than letting it go. Why? Because if the netizen activity is bothering Dongjun so badly, then it is likely it is also bothering Rain. And I didn’t want us to miss an opportunity to show Rain how much support he really has, not just in South Korea, but all over the world.

    Please everyone. Please make a comment here and then go over to hellokpop.com and make a supportive comment on the news post about the tweet there, so that maybe Rain will see how many Clouds all over the world really DO care about him and his work.

    Thank you,

    Terri :-}


    • @Terri question so the haters that sent messages to Rain congratulating Channing Tatum were being sarcastic because they felt Tatum should have won the MTV video Bad Ass award?


  16. u know it get me so mad about this “netizens” they are always talking about on sites like allkpop…. . i mean if they don’t now what they saying or know anything about this just SHUT up and be fair to other and not come over and trah on other when THEY NOW that artis WON anway i could stand either i and i belive they need to more knowledgable before they say ONE BIG WORDS and who are most more knowledgable ofcurse is rain not to bashing ovr him but it is TRUE this netizen totally lock by this rrgggggggggggg and for rain he the most acomplish hardworking and remarkable of Asia and talen to USa as well WHO THE HECK they talking about here *sh*t*


  17. By now we already know how fanatics these netizens are. Regardless of whoever the candidate is if he or she is not the one you idolize, forget it. Of course these netizens are the ones belonging to another fanclub other than the Clouds and for sure they are the younger generations who are more knowledgable technically as fas as computers are concerned. Let’s face it, Rain’s crowd are a little older by now, more like his age group I must say, altho he can still garner a few younger ones. But I’m very sure that the netizens in question are the fan clubs belonging to other groups and just because their idols were not included in the list, they are taking it the hard way. Well, we shall continue to vote till the end even tho Rain has been already declared the owner of the # 1 spot.


  18. First I want to say can someone pleses tell me who is the netizens? Why are they called netizens? I have never understood who these people are. Whoever they are they do need to shutup! I feel they are jealous because Rain has accomplish so much and he has alot of fans all over the world who love him. They cannot understand why people love and support him. They are just stupid people and do not know what they are talking about. Yes they do need to be ignored.

    Also can someone explain this part to me from the tweet above, I donot understand what the J Tune Camp manager is saying:

    “During the past MTV movie awards, he received an award where they [netizens] told Rain that they congratulated Channing Tatum through Rain’s messages.”


  19. It would be so much better if this comes along with translation, cuz the ‘netizen’ that needs to know who Rain is, doesn’t speak Korean.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing this ^^


    • Red,

      I’m not understanding your comment. The English translation of the tweet is right below the Korean version.

      Terri :-}


      • sorry if it is not clear, I mean it would be so much better if Mr Dongjun could include English Translation on his tweet too, cuz not all the ‘netizen’ understand Korean. the one I see on the comment section on TIME 100 are mostly English speaking ones.
        But now someone has translate it, so I hope more ppl will understand.


  20. this netizens just jealous for all the achievements that he get for his country, coz they can’t do anything for s.korea


  21. Who the heck are the “netizens” they are always talking about on sites like allkpop? Whoever they are, don’t they ever have something positive to say???? Or screw that, if you don’t have anything good to say and you don’t like it….STFU!!!! Rain has more love and support than these “netizens” know or know what to do with…..He gives out so much, and this is one of the ways that his fans can give back to him. Dang, ARE YOU ON THIS POLL??? HAVE YOU BEEN CHOSEN THIS MUCH??? ASK YOURSELVES, WHAT HAVE I DONE THAT IS EVEN A 3RD OF WHAT HE HAS DONE TO GET ALL THESE FANS?

    Sorry, I usually have a cool head and it takes a lot to irritate me, but these people have pushed the button one too many times.

    *Alright, it’s out, coolness has returned* 🙂


  22. HEY!!! This has hit the news! http://www.hellokpop.com/2011/04/17/rain-being-bashed-for-winning-time-poll/

    I’m not sure if that is such a good thing.


  23. Poor man! I think we all know how he feels…how many times have we had to defend our votes for Rain?!? But to have to defend him to his own countrymen & women…that’s sad. Rain has done more for South Korea than those “netizens” will ever do. You’re right they are just bullies. Do they resent that he is getting votes from outside of South Korea? I don’t understand their logic. They should be proud of his accomplishments because it can be a positive reflection on South Korea itself. Stupid people! BAKA!


  24. i owes thk tat Rain deserves what he get…..as he was too hardworking n tried so hard 4 wat he stand nw…bravo to Rain….proud of him…..


  25. I had seen this tweet earlier today but my online translator hashed it up pretty good, so I only got a basic idea of what he’d said. Bravo to him for stepping to Rain’s side, I am guessing they mostly like to ignore any negative feedback.

    My only issue and I’m guessing this occured because of the limited space even with Twitlonger, is that Time wasn’t the one that put Rain on the pole The Clouds did he won because of the votes we put in, he should have pointed out the fact that “The people have spoken” as it were. But again he prob had limited time and space to do so, so I’ll forgive him … this time {wink}

    And the big picture is Rain is #1st those nay say’er can be ignored now. YAY RAIN AND YAY CLOUDS …. OH and YAY JUNE for standing up for him.


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