[fresh info] Rain’s Time line on TIME.com: The 2006 TIME online readers poll.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

You can see my previous post on Rain’s time line on TIME.com HERE.]

Ah, so yes… there was indeed a 2006 Online Readers Poll on TIME.com (for us). And it was completely separate from the 2006 TIME 100 List (for the editors), as it has always been. As you can see by the screen shots below, Rain was nominated for the Online Readers Poll by the readers and garnered their votes starting in Week 4 of the poll, for Artists & Entertainers. But that had nothing whatsoever to do with the editors noticing and choosing him for their 2006 TIME 100—they had already done that because of the buzz he was creating on the world scene, and the List is not connected to the Poll. (I couldn’t find a final poll tally, so I cannot say how Rain finished up there.)

Take Kim Yuna, Oprah, Lady Gaga, and others last year, in 2010, for instance. Editors had already chosen them to be on their 2010 TIME 100 List before the poll, because the poll has nothing to do with the list. And so when it was time for the 2010 Online Readers Poll to get underway, many of the names were the same on both, simply because readers and editors admire the same people. Readers nominated people for the Online Poll who were already on the TIME 100 List. That is why Yuna, Gaga, Oprah, and others showed up in the 2010 TIME 100—because of the buzz they were creating on the world scene, NOT because they were in the Online Poll (where Oprah, incidentally, finished 58th). While other people like Rain, Mr. Mousavi, Adam Lambert, etc., who hadn’t already been chosen for the TIME 100 had to earn a spot in the TIME 100 by being voted the #1 online readers’ choice.

Let’s review.

1) The TIME 100 Most Influential List (always chosen by editors) and the TIME Online Readers Poll (chosen by us, the readers) have always been two totally separate things, independent and not affected by each other. The TIME 100 can be traced back to 2004, and the Online Readers Poll back to 2006 (so far).

2) Year 2010 appears to be the very first time that the TIME 100 List and the TIME Readers Online Poll had anything to do with each other—when the magazine decided that the 2010 readers’ choice (the #1 spot winner by the end of the official voting deadline) would be honored with inclusion in the 2010 TIME 100. The honor went to freedom fighter Mousavi, with Rain coming in at #4.

3) Nominees from the 2010 Online Readers Poll (except for Mousavi) who also showed up on the 2010 TIME 100 List did so simply because their names overlapped on both the list and the poll, NOT because editors pulled their names from the poll to be on the list. The popular opinion amongst fans seems to be that TIME was “playing favorites” and deliberately excluded Rain, but when you look at the evidence, that does not appear to be the case at all.

I’ve tried to be as thorough as possible while compiling this information, and will be adding it to my previous post. My hope is that this sheds even more light onto Rain’s exact time line on TIME.com for my sister- and brother-fans, so that we are all equally in the know.

And now, though Rain has won the 2011 Online Readers Poll #1 spot… back to some voting, for good measure!

Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com 

~ by Cloud USA on April 17, 2011.

2 Responses to “[fresh info] Rain’s Time line on TIME.com: The 2006 TIME online readers poll.”

  1. wowow amazing it about to open his new door and bring rain TO NEXT LEVEL… ahahahah sigh… 🙂
    anway, this was so much clearing how it was happen before the past 6 years rain on TIME POLL and i happy enough they bring all his POSTIVE write-up and make the man get his right in and on this list too as i speak for rain to me he already S.Korean aSENSATION of ASia wilde already even he in this list of U.S. or not for rain already hit NUMBER #1 SPOT …!!
    now that USA HOLLYWOODS have descover who and more about rain i hope rain can walk on that RED CARPET more often and recive and reval how specail and why he is so MOST INFLEUNTAIL person in thw world mean to everbodys.
    as for rain is already on HONOR of everything who are also recived AMBASSDOR for who he is. ONCE AGAIN!!
    am very prouds my rain been recognition threW Asia & USA & Congratulations, RAIN this was very alot good new for him and all clouds was voting for HOLLYWOODS too i belive rain make more acomplish then other Artis out their though or amazing who rain is yeah he make to TIME POLL list this very SUCH A GOOD NEWS!and to me rain ONLY one most INTFLUENTAIL of best and NUMBER # 1 forever way to goes Rain 😎 *appluse* !!


  2. Thanks Stephe this information makes things even more clearer. Thanks for posting all of this information.


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