[clips] Revisiting 2009: Rain prepares the world for Ninja Assassin’s premiere.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Enjoy this Media In News clip from November 2009, which shows Rain doing Q & A at a major Ninja Assassin press conference. The video showcases footage from his NA stunt training, the making of the movie behind the scenes, and even his cute and funny mock-ninja battle for Rocks Singapore with top F1 driver Mark Webber (who, incidentally, just came in third at the Sepang F1 race in Malaysia, where Rain had a post-race show).

This one is strictly for the visuals and oh, so worth it!

[movie] ninja-assassin, [동영상] 정지훈 주연 영화 ‘닌자 어쌔신’ 기자. ([movie] ninja-assassin, Bi starring film ‘Ninja Assassin’ News.) Credit: mediainnews.com / mediainnews @YT.


And a Bonus: Another “strictly for the visuals” treat where we revisit Rain and Joonie living in Berlin and filming Ninja Assassin in mid-2008. Yes, this is from an overseas version of the MBC “He’s Coming” documentary about Rain’s NA odyssey and the events shortly thereafter. While he is cooking, he accidentally burns his fingers on a hot pot for like the millionth time, tells the reporter that there is someone to help prepare meals on the set but that there in the apartment he does it himself, and also expresses how very much he hates his diet and hopes to never see it again.

【忍者刺客】幕後花絮~MBC 飲食改變篇加大字幕版. ([Ninja Assassin] Behind the scenes ~ MBC dietary changes to increase.) Courtesy of biraininglove @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on April 17, 2011.

8 Responses to “[clips] Revisiting 2009: Rain prepares the world for Ninja Assassin’s premiere.”

  1. Well, no pain, no gain!
    We all know that but how do you keep going is the key. Rain has the well to accomplish what he wanted.
    It’s very nice to watch such a clear picture and to hear his voice in u tube, but can someone translate to English please. ( The first part)


  2. NA was how I learnt about Rain. I learnt about Rain by watching the movie just last year. I am so happy he made this movie because I might not have learnt about him at all. I am so proud of how much work he did for this movie. Not alot of actors would do the type of stunts he did. I deserved that MTV award.


  3. yes i know me too i very adimre all his discipline he has though to have stuck with such a strict diet.that very bough rain learning alot about helth food and not to gain his fat on his body been traing and work so hard for pass 8 month and all the result outcome came to rain such a
    GOOD NEWS and a well recived MTV Award this what u called rain been so typecase in this filming and did so much of his own STUN and it all come to best and Badass KICK ASS movies of the years and make to boxoffice and store slare rat too i am very prouds of rain he just an work ALCHOOLIC person indeed and he alway not having all any body around him to speak and chi btw.. Joonie with rain keep him compy ONLY poor rain.. that why i so adimre his hardworking and his humble achievment too !!
    I HOPE HOLLYWOODS lear alot about who rain are and why in step into hollywoods celeb coz rain is SOMTHING u can sopeak about but ti envy him and love the man of all his dicated work!


  4. Good work Jihoon proud of u.


  5. I swear I had tears in my eyes while watching the documentary the last clip is from. He just seemed so alone, even though Joonie was there. I’m sure Joonie was better than nothing but Joonie is his dongsaeng, really. He seemed like he didn’t have people his age to really talk to there. Poor Rain was so sad but kept persevering. I wanted to give him 1232984734 hugs.


  6. He really is an amazing individual.

    Stephe ^@@^


  7. Poor Rain, I admire the discipline he has though to have stuck with such a strict diet.


  8. hmmmmm rain with the long sexy hair…..i so miss it! and look at shy n cute joonie!!!
    but all tht he had to go through for tht movie was so worth it. i would have never known who BI/Rain was nor many other ppl if it werent for na. winning tht award really set him on fire here. if u only knew how much of an impact u had with tht movie Rain…..if u only knew….


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