[clip] Revisiting 2010: Rain is almost angelic on Music Bank.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Remember that time during Rain’s Back To The Basic comeback when, on KBS’s Music Bank, the combination of his white leather and the blue-tinted studio lighting made him appear to have an almost “heavenly” glow? Remember how gorgeous those screen caps and images turned out to be? Soooo pretty.

Let us revisit that Love Song performance for a moment, the one where Rain came in #2 on the K-Chart that first week in May 2010. This was one of the last Love Song performances to air before Rain went forward with his Hip Song stages in earnest.

[K-Chart] 2. Love Song – Rain (2010.5.7 Music Bank Live aired). Courtesy of kbsworld @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on April 17, 2011.

13 Responses to “[clip] Revisiting 2010: Rain is almost angelic on Music Bank.”

  1. He does look good here but I think just to skinny, to me he looks better now with a little more weight.


  2. Gawd his arms looked positively scrumptious!!! Arghhhh!!!!! LOVE THE HAIR!!! The white of the vest makes a beautiful contrast with his honey skin. Yummie!!!!


  3. The man looks good on his knees.


  4. Now that I understand wth a comeback stage is (used to confuse the crap out of me), I have a question:
    Did Rain ever win any of his stages??


  5. As I recall, this white outfit has already had me praying to my heavenly Father. I’ll have to look at this video later. (SMILES)


  6. Darn that vest thing. It’s blocking the best view of his chest and n******. Dont censor me ladies…I just used the first letter of the word. Ya’ll know what I’m talking about right?


  7. @Cecil
    oh yeah that right me too i very love that too his BLING BLING make him so sexy and styke for some reason his body just so PERFECT JUMMY EYECANDY delcious on all his outfit in that perforamcea.
    also i love the on balck and white as well gosh his body in LOVE SONG back in May it so oozing and it was the best i keep re-run and love his flip of the abs of too not to say his perform make all thie fangril screaming out lorud but it truning them crazy even more i am very happy he won serval award for it and even came to dance afterall despite from get so sick too
    this perforamce was the memories for and yet yuumy at the same time too LOVE IT!! never grow tried on rain lov song ever!!


  8. Really liked all the different vests that he wore on these performances. The darker bling set to the white vest is one of my faves.


  9. wwoooww que lindo !!!!


  10. DAYYYUM!!!!….I need a cold shower after watching this video. He is SOO HOTTT!!! PHEWW….I gotz to go sit in front of the fan now so I can cool off and calm down. Thanks for posting…I love it! (Obviously…lol)


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