11 Responses to “[fan account] A trip of many firsts! Rain in Malaysia.”

  1. i miss this moment so much….he was so amazing that night…


  2. dont worry red, after this you will become an expert in Rain concerts. We can´t wait to read more of ur adventures.


  3. @Recloud
    thank u for sharing this to us and i read this yesterday just did have time to comment it was awesome and the most best encouter u give and exoperince with us i am glad u enjoy all that experince with our rain and huhuhuh metting all thoes clouds that make u feel very warm hearted too that is the LUCK by rain who ever goes to his concert and keep POSTIVE MODE i know how it feel and same to u too and i am looking forward to your upcoming SINGORPARE concert again that was very cool thank share with us here 🙂


  4. the one who wrote this account is my da jie. I am so proud of her and tremendously happy that she can met her two favorite person.
    Da Jie you wrote better than me.. I should learn more from you *pandahug*


  5. Thank you RecCloud for this great fan account. I really enjoyed reading it.


  6. @RedCloud
    Wow – Thanks so much for sharing this with us. Yes – a true adventure of many “First”, and filled with many “Favorites”. You are one Lucky Girl… Yep, I know I would be floating on the clouds right now, and by the time you come down, it will be time for your next adventure in Singapore. You Go-Girl…, and be sure to share your next adventure as well. Aja, Aja, Fighting!!!

    We love Rain (Jung JiHoon) 🙂


  7. Wow.

    What a GREAT fan account, RedCloud. Thank you for letting us share it.

    Terri :-}


    • my pleasure to share this memorable trip with you and everyone here ^^ I have some fancams that I still trying to figure out how to upload. be patient with me ya, everything is my first-timer >.<


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