[article] Album review: Kim TaeWoo’s T-School.

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HelloKPop 4/8/2011 — by Jungbae

Album review: Kim Tae-Woo – T-School [excerpt]

(Album reviews reflect the opinions of the writer and not Hellokpop as a whole.)

When asked about the meaning of his second studio album’s title, Kim Tae-Woo replied that it showed how he was “learning about life through music”. Indeed–the veteran singer has been a musician for every year of his adult life, and he’d certainly have picked up a thing or two from his eventful career with g.o.d., as well as the years after. The statement makes even more sense when you apply it back to Mr. Kim’s music.

Kim Tae-Woo is among a modest number of young, (yes, twenty-nine is still young,) mainstream artists who have never became stagnant in their solo careers; he keeps changing, keeps experimenting, keeps learning. So there’s something bittersweet in that his newest experiment, T-School, doesn’t shape up to its potential…

One of the defining characteristics of T-Virus, and also the immediately striking thing about the new album, is laid-back sounds. T-School’s tracks are often loosely structured and/or feature an easy-listening, comfy feel, and the impression is only strengthened by the experience-based deftness in which Kim Tae-Woo handles each song. Brothers & Me is a standout in this regard, as Kim skillfully weaves a warm melody on a bustling piano R&B beat, singing of unbreakable bonds and old friendships. Rain and Park Jin-Young make featured performances, essentially making the track a small reunion for the old JYP Entertainment team and adding to the homey feel….

Tracklist (recommended tracks listed in bold)
1. 음악으로 (Through Music)
2. Brothers & Me – Featuring Rain, JYP
3. 메아리 (Echo)
4. 이게 말이 돼? (Does This Make Sense?) – Featuring Suho
5. 늦기전에 (Before It’s Too Late)
6. 빗물이 내려서 (Because It Rained)
7. 그대라는 날개 (You Are My Wings)
8. 6년전 오늘 (Six Years Ago, Today) – Featuring Lyn
9. Just Smile – Featuring Mighty Mouth
10. 메아리 (Echo) – Instrumental
11. [Hidden Track] 너만 들었으면 해 (I Only Want You To Hear) – only available on Limited Edition

» You can read this review in its entirety on the HelloKPop news site HERE.

~ by Cloud USA on April 16, 2011.

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