[article] MTV Buzz asks People Magazine: Where is Rain? Jared? Katy?

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We’re with MTV USA on this one. I love that J.Lo got top spot on People magazine’s annual Most Beautiful People’s list. *applause, applause* BUT… the folks that People left off this year boggles the mind, including Rain.

You want beauty? Someone hasn’t seen MMMMMENtholatum’s latest campaign, huh? I know, I know, that just came out, but that doesn’t explain everything else he’s done for the past twelve months.

Wowww… blindness abounds. (or maybe it was lack of space, who knows…)


MTV Buzzworthy Blog 4/14/2011 — by Eliot Glazer 

Jennifer Lopez Is People Magazine’s Most Beautiful Woman In The WORLD Because, Hello, Look At Her [excerpt]

So People magazine just revealed its annual list of Most Beautiful People, where [mostly] famous people are celebrated for being pretty on the outside (hey, at least they don’t lie about it). “American Idol” judge and comeback kid Jennifer Lopez was given the title of Most Beautiful Woman In The World, which is appropriate, considering she’s been known to leave lovestruck oglers legally blinded by her beauty….

Sure, Zac Efron, Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Hudson all received accolades for their jaw-dropping good looks, but, naturally, some very worthy contenders were left off the list. If you ask us, we’re pretty confident that Nicki Minaj, Darren Criss, Kelly Rowland, Nick Jonas and Rihanna should have been on that list, too. Where’s Jared Leto? Hayley Williams? Katy Perry? Rain! And Betty White. Always include Betty White….

» You can read Eliot Glazer’s article in its entirety, and give your views on who you think should have made the list, on MTV.com HERE.

~ by Cloud USA on April 14, 2011.

9 Responses to “[article] MTV Buzz asks People Magazine: Where is Rain? Jared? Katy?”

  1. i noticed that people mag tends to focus more on northamerican famous people, or at least artist on this side of the ocean. So this result dont surprise me at all. But still is unforgivable. BAD BAD BAD


  2. What? My ex-ideal man is in it but not my CURRENT ideal man?

    What kind of conspiracy IS THIS?????

    Lol jk but he still should have at least been on the list…


  3. yes rain should sersved to put ion this list MTV should add rain in this addtion and was clouds are willing for all his comment and voting well it about time they should pict rain now!1 so i think they should see Korean Asia star on that page as well c’mon let the FLYESE… !!


  4. All I have to say is boy don’t they look stupid now with the Time win, they got scooped!! hahahahaha maybe they’ll retract and write up and article. Not that I don’t love JLO cause I do but then again I also like Dave Cho. its just JiHoon is my focus.


  5. Yes, Rain should be in that list. Specially after all those comments we left at MTV.


  6. I agree Rain deserves to be on the list. I feel they missed alot of people that should of been on the list.


  7. Rain deserves to be on that list too


  8. They put Jihoon with Betty White. Mind u I love Betty White but Jihoon and Beety don’t mix.


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