Our Japanese Cloud sisters are strong and hanging in there.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

[*ETA: Mexico also had an earthquake earlier today, a 6.5 magnitude, that cracked buildings and toppled things and really scared the heck out of everyone. Our prayers are also with our Mexican clouds sisters and their loved ones. It is such a frightening time. Thanks for the tip, BiA.]

This came in earlier today on The Korean Cloud’s English Talk board, from the 7th Cloud Japanese master, Hina. It means a lot to us that she took the time to do this, especially with the HUGE 7.4 quake aftershock that just hit off the Japanese coast in the past few hours. (It didn’t cause another tsunami, thank heavens.)

The ground over there is still shaking, and our sisters are hanging in there but they still need our prayers and support in this horrible time.

Thanks, Hina, for staying in touch.

Message of Thanks from Japanese Master ‘Hina’.

Hi, every Cloud. This is Japanese Master ‘Hina’.

We have received warm-hearted emails, words of encouragement, and messages which give us strength from many of you.

Thank you so much for your concern and attention on us.

Reading many of your loving messages, our heart was warmed while we were feeling that people are basically the same the world over as you touched the lives of millions of the earthquake victims through your charity work.

Special thanks to Cloud fans from all over the world including ‘Raincloud HK’, ‘Rain Malaysia’, ‘China Baidu Rainbar Cloud’ and so on.

We believe all of your philanthropic work will help the earthquake victims to stand up again as soon as possible.

We have no words to thank you enough, but on behalf of Japanese Cloud, I just want to express my heartfelt gratitude for your sharing love with us.

We love all of you.

[English translation by rain bird @rain-eu.com]

~ by Cloud USA on April 7, 2011.

7 Responses to “Our Japanese Cloud sisters are strong and hanging in there.”

  1. I pray for Japan, Haiti and now for Mexico; I hope God can bring them peace in this terrible time. For Japan and Haiti is gonna take years to recuperate and they will need our help constantly. There so much pain in the world right now and only God can help us to go tru it.


  2. i am glad to i did my donation to Japan threw RED CROSS and i am happy they are bit relife
    did u see the AFTERSHOCK in Japan hit Japan this 12 pm in Japan it was an 7.1 Aftershaock Equake their but was nothing harm only stuff and shelf fall anbd break i am still praying for Japan i could belive another aaftershock in Japan this Stunmi have been all recover yet ad about the
    NUCLEAR PLANBT still have a bit issue and another hit their i feel bad for the inocent peoples and i hope and crsssing my finger NOT to hear anything like anymore sent more prayer to Japan i just hope they will learn what happen and becaome more beeter and best quatity in furture


  3. God bless Japan and Mexico my prayers are with you.


  4. Be strong my dearest friends….where ever you are. Our prayers are with you..



  5. My prayers are with both Japan and Mexico.


  6. Japan and Mexico as well had earthquakes. As Lotus said, my prayers will be constant (for both countries).


  7. Bless You…and my Prayers are still with them.


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