[article] Dear World & Asian Clouds: We’ve been included in the O Music Awards, sponsored by MTV.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

That’s right, everyone! We, as Rain’s fan base, have been entered under MTV’s Open, Online, and Ongoing Music Awards category to determine the most visible and hardcore fan army, along with Beiber fans, Minaj fans, Gaga fans, Lambert fans, and six others. (They use the word “best,” but seeing as all fan bases are composed of super fans and incredibly dedicated people, most visible and hardcore makes a lot more sense, in our minds. “Best” is really too broad a term and implies that one fan group doesn’t care about their celeb as much as another fan group, which isn’t true.)

Just think… before 2010, who in the U.S. media had a real clue as to what a Rain “Cloud” was, much less used the term? Here we go, making history again for JiHoon for yet another year! 🙂 First, the article from MTV USA…


MTV Buzzworthy Blog 4/7/2011 —

Vote now for the O Music Awards! [excerpt]

It’s the O Music Awards! The first-ever online music award show that celebrates the polygamous marriage of music, the Internet and #socialmedia — those fateful three-way lovers — and the first-ever music award show where the nominees include Radiohead, Justin Bieber fans, Ginuwine’s “Pony,” and a dancing parrot!

Check out the O Music Award nominees below, see which nominees are trending, follow theO Music Awards on Twitter, and watch the O Music Awards live, right here on Thursday, April 28 at 8pm.


Innovative Artist
Tyler the Creator
Kanye West
Lady Gaga
Lil B
The Flaming Lips

Fan Army FTW
Little Monsters
Taylor Gang
Killjoys & MCRmy
Aliens/Tokio Hotel Fans
Katy Kats
Rihanna Navy

» You can see all 19 categories and nominees, and this article in its entirety on MTV.com HERE.

And now for some O Music Awards links. Voting is pretty simple… just take a look at the instructions, and do it either via your Twitter, your Facebook, or your mobile device (there’s also a WEB option). Once you connect to your Twitter or Facebook, it’s just a matter of clicking the VOTE button—it’s no more complicated than that. Easy-peasy.

» O Music Awards home

» O Music Awards categories page / » O Music Awards Fan Army vote page

Well. If all the fun he’s having filming Red Muffler as well as how wonderfully he’s doing in the TIME poll has JiHoon turning flips of happiness these days… this should really make him grin. Ha!

~ by Cloud USA on April 7, 2011.

13 Responses to “[article] Dear World & Asian Clouds: We’ve been included in the O Music Awards, sponsored by MTV.”

  1. Well ladies good news The Clouds have moved up in Rank on the Music Awards to 8th place. If you can remember pop in and put in your maximum 10 votes, not sure if that’s daily or weekly.



  2. Bad timing – we are way ahead in the Time poll but we could still lose in the final week if we lose our focus. This MTV poll might require the same all-out commitment as the Time poll


    • Hi, isil…!

      TIME and Rain should take precedence in my opinion to the MTV Cloud fan army poll. And I really don’t see anyone shifting gears away from TIME anyway. Rain really deserves that one and Clouds really want it for him, over all else.

      Stephe ^@@^


  3. I was so busy voting for Rain that I didn’t notice you guys had this posted here when I made the comment in another thread, hahahaha Sorry! Oh and I voted and again we can vote more(just saying). 😀


  4. ive voted via FB and twitter 🙂


  5. So can we vote more than once? I noticed Rain moved from 11 to 10.


  6. Cool they’re so many things going on right now that gives us the chance to vote for Rain, love it.


  7. if im not wrong k means a thousand. So for what i’ve seen Rain is real behind.


  8. I voted at least I think I voted. I checked and some of the other people have totals like 1k, 2k, 5k what does that mean?


  9. Sound the battle horn…beiber gaga et all are going down.


  10. Rain’s Fan ARMY (Clouds)! LOVE IT!!


  11. ohhhhh, this means war. The fans from other artist dont have any idea who they are dealing with kekekekeke.
    Ok dear clouds it´s time to get in ninja “raizo” mode for combat!!!!!!!


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