[post] Rain and his current fellow models have a “Lotte” new teammates.

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We absolutely can’t wait for the retooling of the So I’m Loving You campaign theme song, with all the veterans and the newbies together. THAT is going to be awesome.


Allkpop 4/6/2011 — by Vitalsign

“Lotte Duty-Free Shop” signs a new line of top stars

Lotte Duty-Free Shop” has selected a slew of new models for their brand in addition to their current models, Song Seung Hun, RainChoi Ji Woo, and JYJ!

Their first line of models represent the first generation of the Hallyu wave, and in an effort to keep up with the trends of the current wave, Lotte Duty-Free has added Kim Hyun Joong, 2PM, Jang Geun Suk, Hyun Bin, and others to expand their marketing potential.

While most brands hold two to three models, Lotte Duty-Free is unique in that it holds a whopping nine teams, with 16 models in total.

Director Kim Ju Nam of Lotte’s marketing team explained, “The reason we are signing on such mammoth stars is not simply for our sales. Lotte’s star marketing emphasizes the creation of new content. Our aim is to expand Korea’s tourism industry through enter’tour’ment marketing, a combination of the tourism industry and the entertainment industry.”

The new line of models will be singing the brand’s theme song, “So I’m Loving You.” Additionally, they will also be participating in a variety of different events such as fan meetings, star relays, and talk shows.

~ by Cloud USA on April 6, 2011.

2 Responses to “[post] Rain and his current fellow models have a “Lotte” new teammates.”

  1. Lotte does it once again… They manage to make Jang Geun Suk look weird. Sighhhh….


  2. ahahah i hoping to see new version sigh.. i mean new Song and MV of this LOTTE DUTY i love esp come to rain he can make this actually i kind want to see rain body and outfit in this one ofcurse he alway look as usual but still am said i want to see this!


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