[post] Holy blunder! Forbes uses Rain’s picture for hyung HoDong’s profile. :)

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Holy cow! MC Kang HoDong, one of our favorite comedians, is an absolute nut, and as JiHoon’s close hyung for years, there’s no doubt the man is going to milk this for all it’s worth. Poor Rain! LOL! Every time HoDong sees him for a while, be it on the street or during a variety show, he’ll probably immediately bust out into Golden ab rolls and who knows what else.

On a set somewhere: RAIN, to HoDong: “Hyung! How’ve you been? Let’s go have lunch.” HoDong, to Rain: “2011. I’m Rain. I’m back.”

Block his calls for now, JiHoon! For the love of God, block his calls! 😛 (kidding, you know they’re both cracking up over this)


GoKPop 4/5/2011 — by evil4life

Forbes Asia Mixes Up Kang HoDong and Rain

Releasing their annual Korean Star Power Rankings” Top 40 list in their April issue, Forbes Asia Magazine experienced a blunder accidently printing comedian’s Kang Hodong profile with Rain’s photo.

The list was created based on how much celebrities earned with filming CFs and dramas, how frequently they appeared on music videos and on magazines, and how many times they appeared on variety shows.

Defending the magazine, the Korean media has stated that the top celebrities aren’t as well known as the magazine expected.

~ by Cloud USA on April 6, 2011.

9 Responses to “[post] Holy blunder! Forbes uses Rain’s picture for hyung HoDong’s profile. :)”

  1. C’mon, Forbes is “supposed to be” one of the reputable publications. It’s just like People magazine doing a story on Rain a couple years ago and put Karl Yune’s picture on the article. I don’t want to say what I’m really thinking, but U.S. publications………GET IT TOGETHER!….I mean for real!!


  2. Ok so I am still confused was Rain listed at number 10 or Kang Ho-Dong? Where they trying to list Rain or Kang Ho-Dong at number 10? Is Rain on the list at all and what number?


  3. Now if they only would have bothered to do a little research….just saying…LOL.


  4. ahahhahaahah WHAT??


  5. Lol… I really don’t get it either, seeing as all you have to do is google either of them and all kinds of info will show up.




  7. Good grief…

    You would think that professional writers would get it right sometimes. They’ve corrected the snafu, but I can’t figure out why such a thing happenedin the first place. Incredible.

    Under Rain’s picture profile here: http://www.forbes.com/2010/07/16/celebs-korea-rankings-entertainers-power-asia_slide_16.html, they continue to get it wrong by calling his mini-album a “single” and then titling it “Back to the Basics,” with an S. Okay, I can forgive the Back to the Basic S thing, because the singular sounds a little strange in English. But still. It was mini-album, Forbes.


    Terri :-}


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