Tweets abound: A Ninja Assassin closing credits shot, and cute young JiHoon.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^ 5:40 am EST

[*ETA: The guy in this photo with JiHoon sort of reminds me of someone who would have been in his life right around that time… namely (ex-)FanClub rapper Kim HoSang. I wonder if this is him?? ^@@^]

Awww…! It seems that Rain stumbled upon this picture of himself and a note from before he was sixteen years old (which, give or take, could have been fourteen or fifteen years of age internationally), and tweeted the memory a little over half an hour ago, for us all to share in.

We love it when you do things like this, JiHoon.

Absolutely adorable. Just… precious. ♥

And a new Twitter icon: I love watching the Ninja Assassin ending credits just to see this part, where Raizo’s dark silhouette bears the glistening white name “RAIN” as if to say, Just so you folks don’t forget who kicks ass in this movie, yo.

Haha! Paris was great, but I’m digging this COOL Twitter icon change.


(brief translation by rain bird @rain-eu.)

“The precious memory in my writing at the age of 16 that I happened to find while I was tidying my room.. The writing says, “There is no path !! Let me try to do my best today.”  I feel so sorry for what I was, such a very determined type of person at an early age.”

(source: 29rain @Twitter / @Twitpic)

~ by Cloud USA on April 3, 2011.

13 Responses to “Tweets abound: A Ninja Assassin closing credits shot, and cute young JiHoon.”

  1. When I was young I didn’t think about much but to have fun and all that kid stuff.


  2. When i looked that picture it remain how sweet & humble is he & i that image very sweet….


  3. Awwwww, so handsome, even at that age were boys look kind of weird coz they are growing. Notice how big he opened those beautiful eyes for the pict. Lol!!! So many people telling you that your eyes are too small can do that!!! Totally adorable!! And the fact that he is sharing it with us just make me feel honored. Rain could have shoved it at the bottom of a drawer and shared it only with family and friends. Thanks baby for sharing!!! Love you Rain, for the beautiful human being you are!!!


    • @Mari,

      Honey we All look weird at that age when we go from pre-teen to teen. If my mother would allow me, I would tear up every photo I ever took from age 11 to 13.

      However, Bi is so cute here. This particular smile he does to this day. Fluffy hair even then, MARI!!


      • LOL.

        No kidding, BiA. LOL. I have buried every picture from 7th grade so deeply that no one will EVER find them. ROFL.

        I have a cousin who is so HOT that he makes Rain look ugly. I swear. He’s in his early 30’s. He is a systems engineer, but everyone has always told him that he should be modeling or in Hollywood or something, he is so striking. LOL.

        Well, I swear that boy was SO UGLY from the time he was 11 until he was about 16. Big ears, braces, skinny, the works. People honestly do not believe it is him. But it is. We were at a Christmas gathering a few years ago and someone pulled out a picture of him back then and he was like, OMG. ROFL.

        Terri :-}


      • Yes!!! Soo cute!! Love his hair!! I would destroy mine as well. LOL!!! But boys usually look funnier coz they are all limps; long arms and legs. At least girls look better. LOL!! Rain, on the other hand, looked adorable at that age!!


  4. Aww this is just too cute!


  5. BABY BI!!…….I love to see BABY BI, these moments are so darn rare!!……….LOVE IT!! (SMILES)


  6. Aww I love this!
    & the new profile pic is awesome.
    Lol ok this is kinda random, but I “@ mentioned” him right before he sent this tweet lol it was really kinda cool! Lol


  7. ahahahah is that SO CUTE!! 🙂
    rain would be more happy and know his became more famous over Ninja Assassin and they into take about nowaday he must know how excited to hear from U.S. and Asia are prise him who been put alot effort in his filming movies i am so happy for him this such so cute ekekke


  8. Awww sweet little Jung. Being determined has brought you thus far my friend. You have always been a star. Thank you for sharing.


  9. he digs his own movie too…hahaha…..sure..why not…and he loves to see his name on top billing too…how cute !


  10. Isnt he just cute…love those dimples!!!


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