The Fugitive: Plan B Gets Some Promo in Japan

Cloud cover by: Terri, Managing Editor :-}

Hello, Lovely Clouds,

As you all know, The Fugitive: Plan B will be airing in Japan soon (in April), on So-net—a station affiliated with The Sony Group.  Word on the street is the show also may appear on other stations, but we’ve had no confirmation of that fact.  So, that news remains a rumor for now.  Still, it’s exciting that Rain’s Japanese fans will finally get the chance to see this wonderful drama, isn’t it?

The show is getting some good promotion from publications in Japan now, as evidenced by the pics below, from an as-of-yet “unnamed” magazine.  If we ever find out the name of the magazine, we’ll share it with you.  Until then, please enjoy the pics of the characters and scenes from our favorite star’s latest television drama.

Terri :-}

P.S.  If someone finds a really good scan of a Japanese The Fugitive: Plan B advertisement, please toss it our way.  Thanks. :-}

[Photos: Credited as tagged.]

~ by Cloud USA on April 2, 2011.

3 Responses to “The Fugitive: Plan B Gets Some Promo in Japan”

  1. This is awsome. I love the Fugitive and Rain was amazing in this drama. I love it so much I wish there was a Fugitive part 2 made. The way it ended it could be a part 2. Well I can dream.


  2. This is great I loved fugitive and JiHoon was excellent in it.


  3. I love this drama it kicks but.


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