[ETA Eng trans] RAINY DAY Season 3, episode 1: You know how we do it.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Asia broadcast 4/2/2011. Oh gosh, fans. How happy am I?

I moped around like some sick cow back when it stopped Raining on Saturdays.  Those RAINY DAY withdrawals were a bi-yatch—I didn’t know that a new season would start up this soon. Oh, halleluia. Halleluia! Let’s get right to it.

Dig that fancy new intro! Rather majestic, isn’t it? Almost regal, as if announcing the arrival of a king. (Or a prince.) 🙂

Instantly we’re back in Beijing in mid-March, where JiHoon announced the start of his The BEST Rain 2011 concert tour, only now he seems to be either announcing a new season of RAINY DAY or welcoming the Japanese fans to it. And he looks awfully pleased to be doing so. Aww. ♥ Oh my, the graphics in this thing are wonderful as we hurtle into a brand new chapter of Rain’s adventures behind the scenes…

*putting on the brakes* Whoa! Hold up! *looking cockeyed at my monitor* Did His Majesty just bebop into Sun Music Studio in his New Balance shoes, keeping time with a live band playing “Touch Ya”, and signal his own entrance with the bang of a GONG? O____O We’re not even two minutes into this thing, and JiHoon is cracking himself up. *incredulous* LMAO *pulling myself back together* WTH?

Ah, this appears to be an ADIEU! 2010 recording studio rehearsal… sweet. His hair is lighter but still shows shades of JiWoo as he does what he always does best—relay his vision for the upcoming show, and get feedback. I wonder if it’s 1 in the afternoon or over in the morning… everyone looks kind of fresh, so it may be 1PM.

Oooh, I’ve got to stop writing and listen while The Man and the Men and Women are marking choreography and JiHoon is singing live… that voice is calling me and I cannot resist its spell. Woah… does he look great here or what? That white shirt against that great skin, that hair a’shinin’… “Smellin’, feelin’, you know how we do it…

(Look at the concentration on his face. The Japanese RAINY DAY subtitles give him “two hearts” LOL!)

(Okay Gori, give me that Andy Warhol pop art t-shirt! I’m digging on that!)

Seeing the live band behind the performance is so cool. And notice how dancer/senior choreographer/hyung SungTak has been with Rain for so long that he’s completely attuned to what request is going to come out of Rain’s mouth (minute marker 6:42). And so we’ve touched on “I’m Coming”, the Mission Impossible dance break, and now we surge on into “Touch Ya.” Mark it, Rain. Mark it, Gori. Mark it, Hongshi. And… go.

(my, that white shirt fits really well)

And now for “You.”  Boy, are the Men getting an eyeful of the Women, or what? LOL! They be looking hard at that. Until Rain doesn’t like something in the audio and says hecks no. Hold up. Well, the problem will have to be resolved next week, because time is up for this episode.

I’m thrilled to be immersed in this show for a third time. Thanks, JiHoon. And I am so very grateful to the person who shared this episode with all of us. See you for epi 2, fans!

Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com


[Rain (Bi) TV]110402 Rainy Day Season 3 EP 01. (torrent file: happyyyrain / courtesy of ratoka @YT)


(English translation by rain bird @Rain Europe)

Rain : Hi, everyone. This is Rain. Are you healthy and doing well?
I’m also doing just fine.
Rainy Day Season 3 will finally start.
Please give me your love and support.
My unprecedented features could be shown to you this time.
I hope to get a lot of support from you, and please be always healthy and happy.
My Rainy Day Season 3 will be coming to your TV screens shortly.
Thank you.

Rain Story #1 (Rain rehearsing for his Adieu Concert in Seoul at the last day of the year 2010)
– In winter 2010-
Rain : Good evening!

Rain : This is our second rehearsal, right?

Rain : Let us go from the ‘I’m Coming’ part.
Hyung! Please don’t forget to tune on ‘Not A [Single ^@@^] Day’ music while I make a comment after ‘You’.

Rain : You should know that no one knows what’s going to happen after my comment.
Just as I maintain good eye contact with my audience unfolding my arms while I’m talking, my next song will start.

Staff : We’re ready to help you get started as soon as you want.

Rain : OK! Let’s start from the I’m Coming’ part.

Rain : Hyung! Can you play this tune on your guitar instead of that keyboard?
Is it possible for you to do so?

Rain : Please let us start from this choreography (head banging) immediately following ‘I’m Coming’

Rain : Why is this part, ‘While walking along the road’ in ‘You’ song, left off of the sequence?
Staff : It’s been omitted in most of the accompaniments.

Rain : But the music was played during my concert in Japan last time.
Staff : It was just a music record tape at that time.

Rain : I think I have to record the part.
Staff : The omitted part can be recorded.

Rain : Let’s start again from the first part.
Staff : You mean that it is the first part of ‘You’?
Rain : That’s right.

~ by Cloud USA on April 2, 2011.

14 Responses to “[ETA Eng trans] RAINY DAY Season 3, episode 1: You know how we do it.”

  1. muy bueno !! muchas gracias !!!


  2. Honestly, I am so excited for Season 3! I realized I was smilin’ like a damn idiot the whole time I was watching this… I LOVE WATCHING THIS MAN TAKE CHARGE, CONCENTRATE, ‘WORK IT’ AND MOST OF ALL….ENJOY HIMSELF! Sorry for screaming but YAY! I can’t wait for eps. 2!


  3. Stephe
    meaning she must edit out and add hust basixc comment one for us to watch ahaha she smat just took up one vid instead 2 i got it now then that mean she migh just to that if the other epi cut less under 15 length then!!
    no wonderin their no part ahahha am all digging here Lol…
    thank for that !! 🙂
    i guess we have to wait next week to see the best part again rrrgggg CAN’T WAIT!! ^_6


  4. At first I thought everyone was joking about where is part 2 (in other words, I’m not done! I need more!)…

    But just in case you’re serious, this is the whole episode. Each epi is 12 minutes long (15 minutes with TV commercials), the same as last season. It’s just that instead of giving us two 6-minute videos, this person has put it all on one.



  5. Yay!
    But I’m with everyone else on this one…
    Where’s part two~~???


  6. hmmm i also think WHERE IS PART 2??
    i could NOT get enough of this epi i even re-run again!!
    i keep play and play and play all over i never get this sttetion for the other 2 but this i am G.E.A.R. up with the AWSOMENESS!! rain and BTS working an all the doub ok am go back and watching again and again rain sure BANGING here even just plain hot of rain u can see tha man so good and he is HURT me here awawaw :P)


  7. I love these “Rainy Day Season” episodes…, and to see the workings that go on behind the scenes. Rain is AWESOME! 🙂


  8. Damn I find it such a turn on to watch him in charge. He is so sexy when he is in charge. He is so confident and knows exactly what he wants. He look so hot in this video. His body look so sexy in that white shirt and jeans. He voice sounds amazing. I cannot wait for the next episode.


  9. Lol…. rain came suck a kick of dance and making hit a frum and make silly boice clock tic toc ekekek
    is toally differnt toa set of the 2 i am to say i liking this all thing even hyst the flash of the being gosh it already HOT & awesome already that watching rain did all that space he walk and dance back and fort even just plain natrul rain in that WHITE he look fine as handsome and hot tall Jung Ji Hoon here.
    he are top of the line put his perfectionism and his beat and intro are awesome rain are sure a good PRODCUER that he could mamnge all his stage and peformce I WANT MIRE MORE MORE here can’t get enough hey where can supost to dig for the res rain ahahhah .. SIGH… have to wait next week dran.


  10. Too short!!! I squealed when I saw him dancing into the rehearsal space. I am so glad they went back to showing behind the scenes stuff. He’s so naturally silly and I love seeing that. Lol @ the look on his face after he bangs the gong. I love that particular look he gets… the “I want to laugh” smirk… lol! He definitely does have the best eye smile. I hope there’s more episodes like this. This was really good.


  11. he is so damn tall n FINE!! oh my gosh. ahhh! i love him with that brown poodle hair. its so free and raw. oh rain u should b a spokesperson for Levi jeans cuz hunny YOU ARE WEARING THEM RIGHT AND TIGHT!


  12. Well, RATS.

    That was way too short. Where’s part 2?


    Terri :-}


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