Rain About Town: The MENtholatum Man

Cloud cover by: Terri, Managing Editor :-}

Hello, Lovely Clouds.

It is said that this magnificent MENtholatum poster is displayed in a store in Beijing.  Goodness. Can you imagine going into your local CVS and seeing this guy staring back at you, from the men’s cosmetics section?  Would you even be able to remember what you came into the store to buy?  :-}

I can definitely see why MENtholatum decided to choose Rain as their face of the moment.

Terri :-}

[Photos: Cloudhk]

~ by Cloud USA on April 2, 2011.

6 Responses to “Rain About Town: The MENtholatum Man”

  1. This just makes me smile for him.


  2. O_O phew…!!
    ask me if they going to let me walk out that place HECK NO!!
    untless they give me one free poster i mean that one right their looking at us saying u know u love the facial of his look and upser way awwawa gosh i don’t care what it take or scurity pull me away still grap that poster of the wall even they all force my away awwawa i down with ya… yeah gotta have that POSTER!! not leaving empty hand phew..


  3. Yeah my husband would have to come and drag me out of the store…if I saw that.


  4. Rain look so hot on that poster. They definitely made the right decision in making him the face of thier men cosmetic line.


  5. are you kidding???…I would not leave the place…unless they gave me the poster!!!… 😉


  6. I would not mind seeing Jihoon’s face every day on the wall.


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