MBLAQ check: The Boys cover K-Pop Boys Magazine’s second issue.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

MBLAQ and fellow K-Poppers B2ST are doing double-duty in the month of April by covering new Japanese magazine K-Pop Boys Vol. 2, and they are looking oh so hip and trendy in the process.

BEAST (B2ST) is taking care of the book’s front cover, while G.O, Joonie, SeungHo, and Thunder take good care of the back cover. (Mir is still recovering from his spinal disk injury, remember, and perhaps the shoot would have been too much for him OR there were medical procedures he couldn’t miss. Get well soon, Mir! We’re all pulling for you.)

The issue release date was 3/31. Two shopping sites on the Internet that have the magazine available are Amazon Japan and HMV Online Japan, and there are probably plenty of others. So, K-Pop lovers, if you are able, please support MBLAQ and pick up the mag.

Congrats, Boys! 🙂

Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com


(cover images source: Amazon Japan / G.O, SeungHo, Thunder, & Joon individual pics courtesy of kibecy.wordpress.com)

~ by Cloud USA on April 2, 2011.

7 Responses to “MBLAQ check: The Boys cover K-Pop Boys Magazine’s second issue.”

  1. Mir is still recovering from surgery.


  2. the Mblaq looking good they are but, i miss Mir too he having been around with them and it SUCK when he not around either mir is very cute and fun person i miss his personal and him i hope he ge recover soon and healthy hee MISS him alot T__T


  3. what i know is this mag is
    1,995.00 JPY = 23.7218 USD
    i wondering is the the price for why is so much it is mag big or coz Mblaq and ect… and it that all 4 pict of them in their only??
    if so O_O
    just saying?


  4. That sucks , no Mir !


  5. damnit!!!..where’s Mir????…please come back soon…the boys ar looking so yumm!!


  6. G.O., Hey Now young blood……how YOU DOING?!


  7. Way to go fellas looking good, our poor Mir still praying for you to recover as good as new, but your surgery will take time glad to see your taking the time your body needs.


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