Say What? Memorable Cloud commentary of the Day.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

ROFLMAO! Victory sign!

BiAlamode, 3/21, Rain at The BEST Rain 2011 Press Conference in Bangkok: But Rain himself has said, he has a thick bottom half and sometimes it can be difficult to fit him. But at the same time he’s a young man who’s very fit and I’m sure he doesn’t want to wear “grandpa pants.” You can’t be a world star in “grandpa pants.”

gigi_rou, 3/24, Hot and sweaty Rain, anyone?: “Dang ladies….yall are making the hormone medication I take inaffective this past week with all these hot pictures. I can feel the hot flashes already. RAIN… leather…. tight… juicy badonkadonk.”


lluviakoreana, 4/1, Rain check pic r1: O.o i´m loving this view. Ohhhhh my eyes!!!!!!!!

cecilia185, 3/31, Rain talks about his upcoming post-race performance–in English: Gah!!! I kept watching this video over and over again. His English is great!
*gets up to watch it again*

~ by Cloud USA on April 1, 2011.

6 Responses to “Say What? Memorable Cloud commentary of the Day.”

  1. Lol @ the grandma pants comment. And I never guessed that my crazy ramblings would ever be considered memorable.


  2. Thank you Stephe!!!! LOl i’ve never thought will make one of the 4. I almost got blind looking at that pic!!!!! LOL Congrats to the rest of the clouds for your comments!!!! you def bring a smile to my face everything i read them!!!!


  3. HA! OMG!…Just saying……(SMILES)


  4. Lol! Juicy badonkadonk is right!


  5. LOL!


  6. Hahahahahahahaha. AMEN!


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