Muscular Rain!

— Cloud cover by: Stormy, Staff Writer ^.^

In a poll of Chinese netizens, Rain has ranked first as muscular idol star from Korea, receiving 374335 votes.

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Credit to benamoo

~ by stormofstarzz2 on March 30, 2011.

6 Responses to “Muscular Rain!”

  1. good job chinese clouds. Excelent ranking him above the other guys!!!!!


  2. Dam that Jihoon and a hell of a lot more. GOD!


  3. Oh yeah JiHoon wins hands down, he makes the standard hard for anyone else.


  4. Those guys are fine but Rain has something very special about him. I know I am bias when it comes to him but he is cuter then those guys for one and two I(we) love our Rain.


  5. Yes!!!! Rain is the better looking of the whole group. He has such a well proportioned body, the face of an angel and the smile of an adorable child. Also, his personality is charismatic but there is a vulnerability that melts your heart. There is no other like Rain. Love you baby!!! 😀


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