[quickie][videos] Eye candy galore: J.VJQ’s Rain press conference opener.

Including footage from these Rain projects: TV drama The Fugitive: Plan B, music video Rainism, photo shoot Esquire Korea March 2011, mini-album Back To The Basic, images Calvin Klein, music video I’m Coming, movie Ninja Assassin, movie Speed Racer, and various on stage performances. [Rain (Bi) CF 2] 110326 Rain JVJQ CF _Exclusive Record of Rain’s sexiness(1:27 Min).  (Credit: J.VJQ /  source: 尧缘@Youku / courtesy of ratoka @YT) — ^@@^

[Full CF]110326 JVJQ 瑾泉_Exclusive Record of Rain (Bi) sexiness+The Best Concert in Beijing CF. (Credit: J.VJQ / source: 尧缘@Youku / courtesy of ratoka @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on March 29, 2011.

4 Responses to “[quickie][videos] Eye candy galore: J.VJQ’s Rain press conference opener.”

  1. SWEET!…I am loving these to too much.


  2. Me likey a lot! The killer eyes,lips,hair,and his super sexy body. Very kissable indded.


  3. LOVE IT!! every picese … i very love this tribute of every little eyecandy of rain here esp they make the CF became yummy and eye attract this the right image they chooes china very love rain and improve thei endooser my him too differenly wrote everything all these are beauitful and right choice to be watch gosh i am SPEECHLESSSSSSSSSSSSS!! all over again still do awawaw boy my jaw just drop and me all on the floor ahah :P)


  4. Love it!!! Rain looks amazing in that video and is a great choice of clips of all the wonderful things he’s done during his career. Gosh, so much stuff in ten years. Baby Boo has being busy!!!


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