[no Rain] Awesome KPop moment of the week: Insooni channels SHINee.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Every time my girl Insooni does something, it’s spectacular. Every time she puts on a performance, or even stands there and just opens her mouth, she makes sure that her Korean countrymen (who absolutely revere her as their R&B Diva) and all of us who are her fans have a grand ol’ time. She is one of a kind, and she never disappoints!

Please enjoy her latest performance, televised March 25, on Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook (KBS). She is helping us rep for the 50s like nobody’s business. Love it. Heheh!

You may recall that Insooni and Rain both headlined the Busan National Wide Festival last June 11, and that he happily acknowledged her as she sat in the audience at his ADIEU! 2010 concert on New Year’s Eve.

Thanks for the tip on this, Terri! (Like me, she thinks Insooni is the absolute Bomb.)

insooni _ring ding dong shine cover. (courtesy of thuyrap @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on March 27, 2011.

13 Responses to “[no Rain] Awesome KPop moment of the week: Insooni channels SHINee.”

  1. I love SHINee!!!! Their my favorite boyband in the world. MBLAQ is second!!!


  2. Damn, the woman is amazing!!!…I love her voice, so powerful!! 😉


  3. Wow – love the performance! You GO-Girl! Insooni is rocking hard and representing…,and rapping too! I agree, the younger ones need to take note. She is truly one of the BEST, and isn’t slowing down. Her voice and lungs, Insooni can blow…., check out her other vids on Youtube, when you have some time.

    Thanks for sharing Stephe 😉


    • Another to check out on Youtube, when you have some Rain downtime is Yoon Mirae. (http://bit.ly/eA2KRW)
      She is a singer & rapper and was actually born in Texas (Natasha Reid) and is fluent in English & Korean. Now married to Drunken Tiger JK (Top Korean Rapper), who is also fluent in both languages.
      I hope they both make it in the U.S. market.

      Just sharing…… 🙂


      • @chisun,

        I became aware of her before Insooni actually. Another multi-talented Blasian. I, like a lot of we Cloud sisters, research others outside of the U.S., however the U.S. as a whole is SO “closed off” to A LOT of talent in other parts of the world it’s a shame actually. I’ll go back and look at some of her videos again. Thanks for sharing!


      • @ Chisun, I had heard of her by way of her husband just by accident right before my computer crashed. Thank you for posting this and any others you may know of because I’m still new to Korean culture and as BiAlamode said the U S really deprives us of other parts of the world and unless you go searching you will never know. I for one feel very guilty for not seeking more knowledge of others. But I’m catching up now so thats what count I guess. Thank you sister. 🙂


  4. Oh thanks for posting! I so wanted to c this. That was so good! She killed it and I hope I look that good when I’m her age. She’s looking very fantastic elastic… Lol.


  5. I am having a hard time believing she’s in her 50’s moving like that, she didn’t miss a beat.


  6. WOW that was an amazing performance!!! That song was hot!!! I hope to be able to move like that when I am 55 yrs old. She definitely put alot of younger girl singers to shame. I am going to have to check out some of her other performance now on you tube. Thanks for posting this video.


  7. Just loved this performance she’s an awesome lady, like BiAlamode I to wish I knew about her earlier, Thanks for posting this and keeping us up to date on her.


  8. NOONA’s IN THE HOUSE…….representin’!! She’s awesome and just like in the States, it always take the “old school (seasoned ones)” to show the “new school(freshly ripened ones)” how it’s done. I’m just sorry I didn’t know about her before this year.

    She looks DAMNED GOOD too!! Make it DO WHAT IT DO MISS LADY!


  9. She is awesome still! I loved the entire performance. I think some of these groups out there need to practice some more on their breathing techniques in order to keep up with her. She is truly the K-Pop R&B queen. ^_^


  10. She’s good! I never heard of her before tonight. Thanks for posting and sharing her performance!


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