[fan cam mix] ADIEU: Instead of Saying Goodbye, and Jump!Jump!

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Number twenty in the series! Số hai mươi! Sayı yirmi! จำนวนยี่สิบ! Número de veinte años! Количество двадцать! Număr de douăzeci de ani! Número de vinte! Nombor dua puluh! Numru għoxrin! 번호 스물! Száma húsz! 数二〇! बीस नंबर! Anzahl zwanzig! Nombre vingt ans! Numero ng dalawang pung! 数二十! عدد والعشرين!

No. 20! The Mac-Dad’ll make ya… The Daddy-Mac’ll make ya…

Rain [Bi] Adieu2010concert InsteadOfSayingGoodbye [fancammix]. (Credit: UnderworldWitch @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on March 27, 2011.

4 Responses to “[fan cam mix] ADIEU: Instead of Saying Goodbye, and Jump!Jump!”

  1. very love about rain he alway keep style ALIVE regradless new fashion or oldes otr even 10 years old whatever rain alway bring suprise and excited to all his fans no wondering they so devote to his concert and even went to his concet serval time it doesn’t matter where he at they their for his love and suporting and fun and ROCK with rain his is
    imspire with all debut and R&B the GUY ROCK this worlds am saying and who else can be it! R-A-I-N!
    all am saying everytime he bring the intro of R&B upo it hit to floor and just ROCK and party with him..
    and that kirs kross the BOMB before and even now rain PICK THE RIGHT ONE !!
    oh yeah he is!! AWESOME!! 😎
    how i wish rain can contribute with R&B singer in USA and perforamce LIVE stage together that would bit BLASH for sure !!
    one day rain maybe??


  2. Love the whole look he did for this performance and Kris Kross at the end was awesome. 🙂


  3. I love this concert so much still!!!! I loved this performance, it was so much fun and exciting to watch!!! You can tell Rain was having so much fun.


  4. Kris Kross…..brings back memories!…..The miggity, miggity, miggity, miggity mack daddy! Oh, the Power of R&B/Hip-Hop emulated by people a whole ocean away….(Smile)


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