Tweets abound: Rain Tweets!

— Cloud cover by: Stormy,  Staff Writer ^.^

Rain does not tweet often, so any time he does, it’s so exciting! Know what else is exciting?

He’s tweeting about his upcoming Asian Music Tour!!!

The BEST Rain 2011 concert tour.

“My concert will finally start from this Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!

Starting in Beijing “THE BEST” Asia Tour Concert that is a new Asian Tour, will go ahead in Macao, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan etc. Please look forward to a new laser show^^”

“But the equipment (of the laser) is too expensive”

Note: eoside is a photographer.

English translation by rain bird


~ by stormofstarzz2 on March 24, 2011.

5 Responses to “Tweets abound: Rain Tweets!”

  1. @marisa
    yeah i hope he is reconsidering having USA concert too i am looking forward to see rain again i very want to have a good memories with rain as u know we are wanted to meet and see his concert and me no matter if he come i well goes coz after this rain will be in MS service his duty foor absent for 2 years man i am 😦 anway i know rain will going to have all his succeed Asia concert no matter where he goes their will be fan and clouds goes for him that good about rain also how i wish rain can have fanmeeting when he is back from his MS here in U.S. differenly wanted to see !!


  2. I already know Jihoon’s show is going to great.


  3. I am glad Rain is able to tour before he goes in the MS. I do wish he could stop in the US but I am sure he it want happen. Hopefully when he gets out of MS he will do a tour in the US. I wonder when is his new album coming out. I am so excited and anxious to hear it. Do anyone know when it suppose to be released?


  4. Sooo as I thought, Rain is gonna stay in Asia for a while. Let’s hope he can do at least a couple of concerts in the USA. Sighhh. I think it all depends on the movie’s schedule. 🙂


  5. Hahahahahahahahaha to funny! I wish him a SAFE Journey and lots of FUN! Thanks Stormy.


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