[Images] Hot and sweaty Rain, anyone?

Cloud cover by: Stormy, Staff Writer ^.^

Ready for more pictures of Rain from the 2011 Pattaya Int’l Music Festival?
Oh Rain, those pants, that…butt! Oh Rain…
That smile!!!
Enjoy! ^.^

All pictures Credited to Misika@rainthailand.net



~ by stormofstarzz2 on March 24, 2011.

18 Responses to “[Images] Hot and sweaty Rain, anyone?”

  1. @_@ OMG!! MERCY!! *SQUEAL*
    the frist 1 pict just to *DIE* for his back the sexy broadshoulder sexy back of rain should be PAINT ON THE ARTSCARF Aon the Art museum SERIOUSLY HERE!! :p)
    he not just an and ART INDEED LOOKING but who are wrote thenn a millionair is C’mon why agin USA see this coming they sure miss a big mistake ahahahah Snap gash when he sweat he trun into candy yummy :P)
    i could ever SPEAK to much about this guy it way off to traggic to describe him but one thing for sure he KILLER in all time 24/7
    as u can see he just so HOT & SEXY man if he mine i well wip all his sweat all over my body i mean i could not let step outside after that awawaw
    LLMA….. OMG !! u are craking me up and i agree too i my dis was enough yet so i thinking am stole your gravy here and SOUP it into my mouth with FAT CHECK!!


  2. First I want to say is that first picture should be put in a museum and heavly guarded with lazers. Because his booty is a one of a kind, not too many men got a beautiful booty like that. Second Rain look so sexy sweating and smiling like he is. I just want to rub up against him. LOL, accource to help dry him off.




  4. Jihoon looks good sweaty. And look at that body.


  5. Jihoon looks good sweaty. When a man sweats that means he’s working hard and i think that is sexy.


  6. Sorry but I am to through…


  7. Yes I’ll take some hot and sweaty Rain please. 🙂


  8. Damn…….Noamie Harris was all “UP ON THAT!”


  9. Gezz. What I love about Rain is the way he moves. Sighhh The Man can move that body with such ease and he is sexy without any effort. It’s just the way he is. Even the way he stand is sexy. There is no way I can explain this; you have to see him to understand. Love ya Baby Boo!!


  10. i wouldn´t to rub myself all over him to dry his sweat!!!!


  11. Okay, it’s officially “OVA” for me!!…..Pic #1….beyond that is gravy….with some mashed potatoes!!!……(SMILES)


    • Oh sooo agree Bia! That first picture is my favorite!
      It was sooo hard to get through the rest as I was posting them up >.<
      But some how….I pushed through…


  12. Dang ladies….yall are making the hormone medication I take inaffective this past week with all these hot pictures. I can feel the hot flashes already. RAIN….leather…..tight….juicy badonkadonk.


  13. He definitely has an amazing Butt ! He is so sexy ! Yes sweaty Rain is hot! I would offer the shirt im wearing to wipe that sweat off him! Lol


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