Blast from the past #62.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

How in the world can you do anything but enjoy this, “Na” (Me, Myself), the opening number of Rain’s 2005 Rainy Day Tour? This was my very first glimpse of JiHoon EVER, on the now defunct AZN TV Channel that fateful day back in 2005—when he came up through that trap door and gave us all that stare. With that physique, and that hair. I didn’t even know his name. And I didn’t care. ♥

Talk about a life-changer.

Bi Rain – Rainy Day Rain First Live Concert 2005 Abertura. (courtesy of / SoundsAsian @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on March 24, 2011.

5 Responses to “Blast from the past #62.”

  1. OMG!!
    i love how he sing Na (ME )
    he outfit just awesome for who rain dancer is his voice and back day aarrgggg rain just man i wish i have know him back then i differenly fly to his concert in Asia i never though i came across know rain at all u know what rain u have got me here today i guess it all mean to be cloud meet with rain but it very meanful enough to me know see quite time baby boo. 🙂
    he just so awesome and that megnicent of rain wow all his aduinace now that is truly stole the show rain only ahahah
    he is totally a SWAGGER we love to see and move that why we wanted more aaaaawawwaw :P) even it a small satge rain can mamage so good and i happy to all his old beging how he star his careere here and until today too world rain ekek we just love u forever@@


  2. Gawd, Rain’s voice sounds sooo good in this performance!!! He was charming and hungry to reach his goals. That concert was epic from start to finish. I still get chills when I see parts from it. Rain was magnificent in his first concert and he still keeps that same level of awesomeness in each one of them.


  3. The man has alot of charm.


  4. Yes he does have that effect on us. hahahahahaha I remember the first time I saw this concert I was like DANG! loved those braids and well…anyway I was very impressed with how our culture was so embraced by him. LOVE IT…


  5. Love the swagger he has in this video and Rain in cornrows….*squeal*.

    It’s cool to see all these blasts from the pasts and see that even at the very beginning of his career you can tell he has that special something.


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