[notice] From J.Tune Camp: Rain will be at the Petronas F1.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

It’s about time official word came down from On High. We honestly don’t know what took (or takes) them so long. » You can see the actual notice HERE on Rain’s Official Website.

(English translation by rain bird @rain-eu.)

Hi, this is J.Tune Camp.

Here is the notice about Rain’s schedule to attend F1 concert in Malaysia upcoming April 10th.

Date : Scheduled for 9:30 pm, Sunday, April 10th, 2011

City : Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia

Location : F1 Grand Prix stadium in Malaysia.

Stage : Specially prepared outdoor stage.

Ticket :The holder of F1 ticket is entitled to enter the concert venue.

~ by Cloud USA on March 22, 2011.

8 Responses to “[notice] From J.Tune Camp: Rain will be at the Petronas F1.”

  1. I hope Jihoon stays untell August coz that’s when i go to korea.


  2. Gosh, would it kill JTunes to give some time to Rain’s fans to prepare for his concerts? I would love to go to one if Rain comes to the US but without enough time I may end up not going. That’s what I fear but there’s nothing I can do. Sighhh Well, I think that maybe while Rain is doing the movie he is gonna stay in Asia coz it will be too risky to travel so far but after that, is difficult to tell what’s he is going to do. I read somewhere that he is going to film the movie for a month.


  3. Terri, thanks. I am considering very hard to go to Korea for my birthday (which is five days before Rain’s). The joke around my house is that I will be in Korea and Rain will be in the States. That would be a nightmair for me. Well I will make a decision by next month. Thanks for the response.


  4. Steph, have they released a schedule for the next couple of months for Rain? I like to know what it is for his birthday month. Thanks


    • Gee,

      This is Terri. We don’t usually find out his schedule until right before something happens. J.Tune is never thinking that far ahead…or if they are, they sure as heck don’t let Rain’s fans know anything…we keep telling them that they need to give us more advance notice of things, but so far, no luck.

      As soon as we know what his schedule is and when, rest assured, we will let you all know.

      Terri :-}


  5. @ diva
    You read my mind!!!


  6. wow, i didnt know that the concert will start that late…but, its ok thou, ive applied for a day off on mon…


  7. Smh. They suck is why…


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