MBLAQ says Good Bye Again.

Cloud cover by: Stormy, Staff Writer ^.^

Can it really be time for the MBLAQ boys to be saying good bye?

It sure seems like they just got started with this comeback, and what a lovely journey they have taken us on, starting out with what is really my favorite with this set of promotions, “Cry.” Then moving on to “Stay” and finally wrapping up with “Again.”

What a tough time they have had too, first going up against the “Kings” TVXQ and then Big Bang.

The good part is they actually were up for 1st place on several shows! That is quite the accomplishment for what is really a rookie group. They are paying their dues now and I know those dues will pay off in the end, for they are so improved this time around, it’s almost like they’re a new group.

Fighting MBLAQ! Keep up the good work! “You are good Job!” ^.~

Video credit to UnknownCarrot170 on youtube.

Picture credit to Osen

Stormy @cloudusa.wordpress.com


~ by stormofstarzz2 on March 20, 2011.

10 Responses to “MBLAQ says Good Bye Again.”

  1. Mblaq fighting! I really want the 5 of you to stay together, forever.. continue making awesome music and shows:) A+ is always there:)) ohya, pls come to singapore this 2012, singapore is just so near to korea!:D


  2. I love this choreography.


  3. I got there new MBLAQ BLACK STYLE 3D EDITION and I love it.


  4. Good Bye my friends…Great Ride! But NOT out of site, Love their music.


  5. I’m curious about the subject line… why are they saying good-bye? Is it a Korean term? Or are they splitting up?

    OR .. is it like when Rain or any Kpop’er brings out a new album and they say it’s a “Come Back” Album even though it’s only been a year or two since their last one. Groups in the west don’t have “Come backs” unless they haven’t recorded for many many years like the Back Street Boys or the like.

    Just wondering.



    • Anytime an artist or group releases a new album over there, it’s called a “comeback,” because they’re considered out of circulation and out of the spotlight while not promoting anything. And after their period of promotion, entering their new songs in competition on the chart shows, they give a proper “goodbye” to the fans who have been watching and voting for them all those weeks, until next time.



      • Thanks for the update, now I know. I figured it would have to be something like that. They have a very different way of doing things over there. It’s interesting to see the differences.


  6. oh my Mblaq are so much talen the boy are such an amazing they are super sexy as u can see the are full grown *OH YEAH*
    they have grow more their sexness on their stage!
    each one got their own doorl good eye guy!!
    come to think about WHY IS MBLAQ win any award at all
    c’mon i think it not fare to boy the put so much effort and hardworking threw out their song SUCK!!
    but even with or without that they they still got us love u and suporting u all the way keep it shine MBLAQ !! 🙂


  7. Wow this was an amazing performance. All of MBLAQ are super sexy hotties. They are so talented. I just love them.


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