[long clip] [fan cams] MORE Rain at Pattaya: Far shots, money shots, and brushing your shoulders off.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Full and uncut from beginning to end… enjoy Rain’s 2011 Pattaya International Music Festival performance on the 19th, through the eyes of True Music.

Rain in Pattaya Int’ Music Festival. All songs. (Credit: True Music / Source and courtesy of: ilt1980 @YT)


Okay, let me get real. I have been waiting for TWO particular Money Shots out of Pattaya today that would only come from a fan cam (I wasn’t fooling myself about official broadcasts having them, not in the least).

Bingo. Patience is always rewarded—here they are. No need in me pointing them out. You’ll know them when you see them. Pay no attention to the sound in this video. This is strictly for the visuals. 😉

Bi (Rain) – Pattaya International Music Festival – 02. Hip Song. (Credit: dragnismo @YT)


One can say many things about a far shot. But sometimes having distance doesn’t matter a hill of beans if the wardrobe is right. I. Rest. My. Case.

Rain @Pattaya international music festival. Love Song. (Credit: Yong / yongmagic @YT)

110319 Rain – Running away from the sun @ Pattaya Music Festival2011 _by pary. Escaping The Sun. (Credit: party825 @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on March 20, 2011.

11 Responses to “[long clip] [fan cams] MORE Rain at Pattaya: Far shots, money shots, and brushing your shoulders off.”

  1. Alright… you’re killing me Stephe! That “money shot”(lolllllll @ that, btw!) in the 2nd video at around 1:05 and then the bootie shot was too, too much! That man certainly knows what to wear, doesn’t he? I think those are my official favorite pants.


  2. Thanks for posting these. Love fan cams, in a way makes me feel like I was there.
    JiHoon always knows how to please his audience and leave them wanting more.


  3. Rain was a charmer and a tease in that performance!! LOL!! Gosh, he looked awesome, so relax, smiling a lot and enjoying the moment. I love the part were he teased those fans!! Rain finally gave them a little bit of abs but I am sure they were expecting more. He was a bad boy indeed. 😀


  4. I’m sweating, breathing heavy and totally “satisfied”! I love watching this man perform! Thank you for the “experience”…you never fail to please! Kind of like someone else…JiHoon!


  5. Jihoon moves his hips real well.


  6. Hmmmm yes he does. 😀


  7. Rain performed his A** off here! Thanks so much for a wonderful day break. 😀


  8. MMmmm Mmmm Mmmmm this was nice to wake up to.. Thanks


  9. i wanted to say i very love your hotness overloading perforamce Pattya concert it was very engernic and powerful full IMPACT baby rain!! u did again it going to another succeed concert bravoo to all the congrat 5 song u sing in that comcert it so amazing the megnicent of u alway
    give a bush of a best of the number stage ever!! u just not give yourself tranfrom look but eventually u have put on some pound that looking so good on u i am loving u mature look and that bradshoulder and oozing skin u tone in ahahah !! u keep up the stage going wilde i love the point that the aduiance rock with u and excited along with our rain
    IMPACT!! LOVE IT rain 😎
    I’m loving the extra muscles aaarrgghhhh!! i am dragging the oozing look and that’m loving the extra muscles u give us here wwwooooooooooooooooottttttttttt!!
    gee O_O on on that ziiper good thung it was rip if it Oh ho!! :P)


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