[images] The BEST Rain 2011 concert tour press conference for Thailand.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

This man makes a belt around a suit jacket look good. How does he do that?

You tell me, because I’m at a loss. ♥

Goodness, JiHoon. You’re such a fashion plate. 🙂

(image credit: Pingbook Entertainment / source site: rain-cloud)

~ by Cloud USA on March 20, 2011.

7 Responses to “[images] The BEST Rain 2011 concert tour press conference for Thailand.”

  1. Rain look so gorgeous in that gray suit. I love Rain style, it is so fresh and sexy. Is there a color or style he cannot pull off. His body is rediculously hot out of this world. I am still loving the short hair. He just look so sexy and manly.


  2. can this guy get any handsomer coz the wine fine alway remnind fresh and good the loner it get the better tit will bust u take as for my rain he the older he get the better it grown on him omoooo…!! gosh he just a freshing tranfrom man that u could resist of u look.
    i am liking him more each day btw… i notice his hair he love playing around with no wondering he his so smooth and so shime awawawwa :P)
    they pull of everything he wear fron classic to simply and from that to awesome he just one of kind we love and love!!
    right ladies i loving the man yeah he is looking so good afterall catch his pattaya concert i see some meat flooding along his dance it look yummy and so good matter fact i think i fall deep into his look
    oh rain 😎
    their a women right here !!
    Sarsecap ~~~rain!! 🙂


  3. Yes ladies this man can pull off anything, but then again this is Jung JiHoon/Rain…Seriously what can’t he do? The man is plain and simply been BLESSED! and we have the pleasure to see it.


  4. i didn´t get it until i saw the second picture. There´s some mysteries that will never be solved. This is one of them. he makes anything look good. Can you imagine? Suit and snickers!!!!!!!


  5. Well guys… I’m not sure how he does it but I’ll have to agree. Ji Hoon looks good in a suit with a belt on it. Wth? Weird but true!


  6. He’s looking buff nowadays ,he’s probably working out more coz of his movie. He looks so good !


  7. Rain is looking gorgeously fresh in his gray…. His body is definitely banging in this suit, as he pours on the charm for these photos. Yep, he has gotten thicker – Love it. 🙂


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