[fan cams] Wide shots and CLOSEups: Rain at the 2011 Pattaya Music Fest.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

I wish I could see the Men clearer! The only one easily recognizable is Gori, and if these are all OUR Men that we’re used to (The Cuties, and Team General Hospital), looks like somebody’s gotten hot new hairdos. Or something… ? Poor fan cammer or fan cam neighbor… Rain moves, she squeals. LOL! It certainly is a nice view, though. Can’t say that I blame her.

Thanks for posting these on The Cloud, Scorpiola!

Err… WARNING. Be sitting down when you get to minute 3:53 going forward. Yowza. (I need to get up and go to church after this)

Rain in Pattaya Music Festival 2011-1. It’s Raining. Escaping The Sun. (credit: Tangtaangbi @YT)

And from this point on, it’s all gravy. OMG. Those pants.

Rain in Pattaya Music Festival 2011-2. Rainism. Talk. Love Song. (credit: Tangtaangbi @YT)

Rain in Pattaya Music Festival 2011-3. Hip Song. (credit: Tangtaangbi @YT)


They’re not close to the stage, but I’m posting these for two reasons: 1) The Sound. Listening to JiHoon sing. Enough said. And 2) The Fun. I don’t know if it was the fan cammers or the people around them, but they had me cracking up, especially during “Hip Song.” Hoooowwwwlllll…! Howl!

I tell you what. I love the way Rain sings “Escaping The Sun” these days. The original version is gorgeous and was what reeled me in, in the first place, but the way he’s changed it up this last year to accommodate the changes in his voice is just incredibly beautiful.

Please enjoy.

RAIN in PATTAYA INTERNATIONAL MUSIC FESTIVAL 2011 19MARCH 2011 (1). (credit: nokketsuda @YT)

Rain @ Pattaya International Music Fest 2011 part3. (credit: sandyhikki @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on March 20, 2011.

13 Responses to “[fan cams] Wide shots and CLOSEups: Rain at the 2011 Pattaya Music Fest.”

  1. Wow I just kept blinking repeatedly and rewinding @ 3:53 part. My eyes kinda hurt know but it’s all worth it…LOL.


  2. Now you KNOW I HAD TO fast forward to minute 3:53. GOOD GOLLY (I say that because I Just CAME FROM CHURCH!!).

    A__S FA DAYS!!!!! Geeerrrl, that man got an A__S on him. Oooo and his THIGHS….the THIGHS!! THICKY, THICKY, THICK, but not too thick. He’s JUST RIGHT THICK! Ummm Hmmm!!!!


    • Like tree trunks.

      Juicy and delicious. Yes, I said it. *dies*



      • Just like this Gala apple I have just bitten into. Somehow THIS apple is the Juiciest, Tastiest apple I have ever had. Might be a little bit of transference going on. Think I might get another one after this post.


  3. thanks !!! gracias


  4. Okaaaaaay….those pants are like paint! *thud*


  5. Love the videos, they are the next best thing to being there in person. Thank-you to all the fancammers… ♥


  6. Is it just me or has his butt gotten juicier? Holy Moley! I had to take a break from watching or my eyes would explode. Please tell me I’m not the only one who’s eyes automatically go to certain places when watching these videos??


  7. WOW! I so totally agree with those pants,his butt is just so cute ! Hahaha … It looks like because of the movie he’s been working out alot,his body is big and muscle’y ! I like what i see! Kinda sad he wont be doing any shows out here in the US,maybe when he gets out of the service,hopefully!!!


  8. 3:53 is a message from our Holy Father…must worship leather clad butt of Rain….

    I think I need to join you in Church, Stephe.


    • Dear Lord Yes!! PLEASE forgive my thoughts…And I’ve only seen the first one? Stephe You need to be ashamed of yourself! Naw!! But dear God I’m so glad he didn’t raise that shirt… I AM DYING!!!!


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