[fan cam/images] Rain check: Arriving in Pattaya.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

As we understand it, Rain has been on stage for his stint at Pattaya Beach for the 2011 music festival by now (around 11:30 pm their time?)… but let’s catch a glimpse of him arriving at the Hard Rock.

110319 Rain’s coming to Hard Rock Hotel @ Pattaya Music Festival 2011_by Tui Temjai. (courtesy of pary825 @YT)


(images credit : as tagged, oldowl / peony @raincloudhk +twitter / source site: rain-cloud)

~ by Cloud USA on March 19, 2011.

5 Responses to “[fan cam/images] Rain check: Arriving in Pattaya.”

  1. Oh my, what a georgeous man!!!!! Rain walks and everybody turn their heads coz he looks soo handsome!! You can hear Clouds cheering for him in the background. Lol!!! If I were there, you would hear me screaming too!!!


  2. UH OH…He’s bringing out the PASTELS…that can mean only one thing……..TAN SKIN TIME BABY!!!!!!!

    Can’t wait BABY LOVE for you to give Noona some SIN, uh I meant SKIN….tanned that is!!…….(SMILES)

    (“SIN” was really a typo, but I thought WTH I’ll leave it!)


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