[clips] Rain at Pattaya: Who needed Red Bull? HE gave them wings.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Not only was he sporting wings on his shoes a la The Flash or the winged messenger Mercury as he flew hither and yon all over that stage, he also repped The A.T.L  with his Atlanta Ice ball cap during “Hip Song.” Y-e-s-s-s-s! That’s what’s up, baby. 🙂

So without further ado, delay, or color commentary, let’s dive right into footage of JiHoon at the 2011 Pattaya Music Festival…!

(Credits: MCOT.NET / TV truelife.com / Bandicam.com.kr /  vRIS@ DC / courtesy of ratoka @YT)

[Rain (Bi) TV] 110319 Rain @ Pattaya Music Festival 2011_It’s Raining (1)

[Rain (Bi) TV] 110319 Rain @ Pattaya Music Festival 2011_Rainism (2)

[Rain (Bi) TV] 110319 Rain @ Pattaya Music Festival 2011_LOVE Song (3)

[Rain (Bi) TV] 110319 Rain @ Pattaya Music Festival 2011_Hip Song (4)

~ by Cloud USA on March 19, 2011.

20 Responses to “[clips] Rain at Pattaya: Who needed Red Bull? HE gave them wings.”

  1. I am so loving Rain’s english! He was so amped. Isn’t he GORGEOUS AND HOT?


  2. I swear I am seriously going to have to invest in cover for my keyboard for my laptop. All the drooling is keeping my laptop at risk.

    I am going to join in with what everyone else has said, love his English. Leather pants, hip thrusting and butt wiggling…the only thing wrong with that is that I am not there to see it live.


  3. Okay, when Rain said, “Next song is…” Was that a GUY that yelled, “Love Song!”?




  4. Wow those were exciting performances! I like how he added some new moves here and there. He sounded really good. I love to hear him speak english. His english has improved so much. I loved the outfit, he looked so sexy in it!!! He seemed so happy to be performing.


  5. All right. I know it’s been said about 7 times already…. But
    OMG HIS ENGLISH!!!!!!!!! *swoon* perfection… *pass out*~ ❤


  6. Awww the english..I still have shivers…he sounded perfect. If he does a concert here and asks us if we miss him or calls us his babies, I think his eardrum will bleed from all the shrieking.

    I so loved the Hip Song video. He turned around at one point and you could see how nice those leather pants hugged his fine ass. I want to grab it dammit and if security wants to throw me out at least I’d be happy for a very long time afterwards.


    • Lmfao he does have a fine ass, doesn’t he? Makes me want to THRUST my hands out and grab those cheeks. Phew!


  7. thanx for the fancam…rain perform it really goooooooddddd!!..he’s fantastic….but the crowd??? i cant hear them singing along, they’re jz screaming….erghhhh…..RAIN, U’re soooo coooolll!!!


  8. awawaw rain SPEAKING “ENGLISH” sdo good esp when he say
    *Swoon* i am doorl over his talking here
    SQUED* it itching me out wanted to stand and have rain speak right in front me he must knowing alot rain these day expected the man speak english here awawawaw…. when i watch that vid i was smile and smile and yet proud to hear he graudted his speaking skill so good. i am so doorl my that for sure i need rain intributer here rain U HIRE ababy love ekeekk
    the fancam ROCK !!
    u know i am liking all of them esp the sweat it so jucy! :P)


  9. I like the part when was but didn’t lift his shirt teasing the girls in the crowed that was good.


  10. WHY does the way he says “month” give me the shivers??

    OMG I’m so embarrassed LOL! GAH

    Stephe ^@@^


  11. ENGLISH!!!!!..(*passes out*)…..WOW it’s SOOO GOOD, Damn almost “accentless”….(SMILES). However, I do like his accent with the English. By the time he gets to the States…..AAAHH YEAH!!

    Then he can say to Us…..”DID YOU MISS ME?”……….




  13. HELL YEAH! hahahaha Boo! His english has gotten sooo good in two years dare I say it will probably be perfect, when he sets his mind on something that’s it! He seemed so relaxed and at ease I truly enjoyed these performances. And the body is Banging… 😀


  14. I don’t know what I’d do without the fancams…. JiHoon is AMAZING as usual…, and his English…..WOW! I am so loving it! 😀

    Thank you to all the fancames out there!


  15. Damn he sounds good!


  16. I’m in the middle of watching the 3rd video and OMG!!!! His English!!! It’s so good!!!!!!!! :squeal:
    He’s been practicing… He sounds sooooo cute!
    I not only need the forum cold water hose, I also need a defribillator.


  17. These fan cams are awesome and fast. Wow!!!! Applause Applause!!!!!!


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