[article] Rain passes Red Muffler High-G Testing/Training with Flying Colors.

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(image: Sgt. Boot @militaryphotos.net/Water survival course at Fairchild A.F.B., Washington

I am so impressed!

I knew that the average civilian usually managed about 6-Gs of pressure, and that real jet pilots had to do at least 9 to 12 (the danger zone). So when I heard that JiHoon had successfully pulled 9-Gs, I about fell on my butt and immediately had a talk with my father, who is a retired 21-year U.S. Air Force Master Sergeant (he flew planes and worked with ammunitions).

Dad was pretty convinced that—and this is speculation, mind you—in addition to teaching JiHoon about his protective G-suit (that is programmed to constrict the abdomen, legs, and other parts of the body according to acceleration and to slow blood drain from the brain), and putting him through centrifugal force, the ROK A.F. trainers also needed to train him to escape a jet sunken under water and, if the movie’s insurance company allowed it, might have taken him up into a fake “dogfight.” (Don’t know if the insurers would risk his life like that, in an F-15, however. In Fugitive, they wouldn’t let him make the leap onto a moving flatbed truck, and that was on the ground. A more likely scenario is a dogfight in an amazingly real simulator.)

One thing that’s not speculation, I dare say… Rain’s character is going to be as real (if not MORE real) as any he’s ever played, because no doubt the man is absorbing everything a fighter pilot feels at any given moment. This is going to be some movie!

Do enjoy Terri’s article below. Great information…!

HelloKPop 3/19/2011 — by TerriKR, HelloKPop Chief Editor

Rain passes Red Muffler High-G Testing/Training with Flying Colors.

According to Star News and The Korea Defense Daily, Rain amazed spectators as he successfully withstood his High-G pilot testing at the ROK Aerospace Medical Center, in preparation for his role in the film, Red Muffler.

Rain and fellow actor Lee Jong Seok, who play combat pilots in the film, took part in special pilot training that included High-G force testing. Actress Shin Se Kyung and actors Yu Joon Sahng and Jung Kyung Ho, who weren’t yet scheduled for filming, dropped by the medical center to cheer on Rain and Jong Seok during their trials.

High-G training and testing subjects aviators and astronauts to high levels of acceleration and is designed to prevent a G-induced Loss Of Consciousness (G-LOC), a situation that can occur when g-forces move the blood away from the brain to the extent that the pilot loses consciousness. Rain was able to withstand 9g-forces, a level which is difficult even for highly-trained, physically fit pilots to handle without blacking out. The cast and crew also had to undergo background screenings by the Air Force Security Service, so that they could film some of the more crucial scenes on location at the 11th Air Force Combat Wing.

Red Muffler, a remake of the 1964 Korean film of the same name, is said to be a story about how mortal combat affects the lives and loves of the brave pilots of the Republic of Korea’s Air Force. Three weeks of filming on the airbase is scheduled to start on March 21. The movie is set for release in November 2011.

Star News via Nate (English translation by rain bird of Rain Europe)
The Korea Defense Daily
ETC Aircrew Training

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11 Responses to “[article] Rain passes Red Muffler High-G Testing/Training with Flying Colors.”

  1. WOW! Jihoon very impressive keep up the good work.


  2. Of course Rain did well on his training. It’s Rain… he does his absolute best at everything. Proud of him but be careful too, Rain!


  3. Wow, awesome! I’m so proud of JiHoon, and so looking forward to this movie! 🙂


  4. WOW!!!! Baby Boo is getting on that character with all his heart and passion sooo I am expecting great GASPS!! SQUEAKS!! OMGS!! UMHS!! SCREAMS!! in that movie theather from all of us. It’s gonna be a wild ride!! I can’t wait to see it!! 😀


  5. I have no doubt JiHoon can and will do anything he sets his mind on and congregations to him! However Jung please take care their is only one Jung JiHoon/Rain…And I don’t think I could handle anything happening to him.


  6. I’m thinking that that picture of JiHoon in the fighter plane, was that they took him up in a real plane on a demo flight and testing him out for g-forces. I doubt his insurance company would stop him from doing that, lots of celibrities do it.

    I was wondering if they filmed it they usually have a camera inside the cockpit (over here anywise) and it would be great to see his reaction and excitment I bet it was a once in a life time experience for him.

    Can’t wait to see the movie.


  7. This is amazing, but of course our JiHoon is amazing. ^_~


  8. JiHoon never fails to impress me. I like that he puts his all in a character to make it come to life. Despite being a celebrity he’s not afraid to get down and dirty, so to speak.


  9. I’m pretty sure JiHoon will be A-okay. You are so right — he’s always been a risk-taker and pushed himself to his limits, but he also has lots of common sense. I don’t think he would cross so far over the line as to risk either his livelihood or causing us ultimate distress.

    I have to believe that or I’d probably go crazy. LOL

    Stephe ^@@^


  10. I’m having goosebumps while reading your article about Rain. What he had undergone is such a difficult task for an actor. Having to go through all these measures just to be in a movie is highly impressive. This is similar to what astronauts had to undergo when they are training too, right? Not only is Rain brave enough to take this all in but I think he is really fascinated with flying high speed planes or anything similar to this. I hope he won’t push himself to the limits though, because I think Rain likes to take risks, but I hope not to this degree.


  11. I’m very impressed! went to youtube for some g-force training clips and now know a lil bit more about 9G. WOW! Rain really impressed me! If he decided to join AF after this I think he can become a real pilot too. Rain keep a good job surprising me all the time.


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