[article] More on Rain and DamBi in Pattaya.

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Ah, I was so hoping that DamBi would do “Crazy” and “Saturday Night.” Great! And whatever Rain sings is guaranteed to have the place jumping anyway, so no discussion needed there. 🙂

KBS Global 3/16/2011 —

Rain and Sohn Dam Bi to Participate in ‘Pattaya Music Festival’ in Thailand

Rain and Sohn Dam Bi will participate in the ‘9th Pattaya International Music Festival,” which will be held from March 18 to 20, as representative Korean singers.

They are planning to hold performances on March 19 while singing their hit songs such as “Rainism,” ”It’s Raining,” ”Hip Song,” ”Crazy,” ”Queen” and “Saturday Night.” In addition to singers from Thailand such as Golf & Mike, Bie The Star, and Potato, a total of 40 singers from nine Asian countries including Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines will hold performances in the event. The festival, which is hosted by the Tourism Authority of Thailand and Pattaya City and sponsored by the Thailand music company GMM Grammy and the Korean Culture Exchange Foundation, is a representative music festival in Thailand, and star Korean singing groups such as Super Junior, SHINee, Hui Sung, After School, and f(x) have participated in the festival previously.

The Korea Culture Exchange Foundation said on March 15, “This year’s festival will be broadcast all around Thailand through Thailand’s terrestrial TV and satellite TV ‘True Vision.’ As Korean singers’ performances will be broadcast in real time by satellite TV, those singers who participate in the festival will contribute to spread Korean culture industry outside Korea.” In particular, Sohn Dam Bi is planning to visit “Pattaya Orphanage” located near Pattaya with people from the Korean Culture Exchange after finishing her performance, and she will spend valuable time there while distributing gifts such as T-Shirts and school supplies.

~ by Cloud USA on March 16, 2011.

2 Responses to “[article] More on Rain and DamBi in Pattaya.”

  1. Jihoon looks good as always. And Sohn Bam Bi is pretty.


  2. oh stephe you crop that pic of rain just on the south section so we pay more attention to the news and not to the pic. Good job!!!!


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