[article] An update on Cloud donations for Japan thus far.

—  Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Used to be I’d see an article like this and think, Wow, good for them! But when I saw this article today, I got a completely different feeling, and I liked it. The media isn’t just talking about “them.” They’re talking about “us” all. We’re not just a part of Rain’s fan base anymore… we’re a part of his official fan base (with our official numbers counted), something that Terri and I have been hoping for ever since we first set our Korean Cloud membership fees aside roughly a  year ago.

Thanks to our Korean and Asian Cloud sisters who helped make this day possible, and to the Asian media for doing JiHoon justice and spreading the word that he is indeed supported by a true worldwide cloud base. Thanks to all who have donated to Good Neighbor’s Japan Emergency Relief fund, to those who will be giving, and to those who want to give but can only send prayers.

There is still a lot more to do in our walk with JiHoon, but what a team. Aja!


Star News /News Nate 3/16/2011 — [English translation by rain bird @rain-eu.]

Rain’s fan club ‘The Cloud’ so far have raised the donated fund approaching more than 15 million won as a part of a campaign to help the earthquake victims in Japan

The Cloud, singer Rain’s official fan club, has conducted a charity campaign to help the earthquake victims in Japan.

They have raised the donated fund so far that is approaching more than 15 million won with the result that they have conducted the campaign through their website since, from the 13th through the morning of the 16th.

The Cloud fan club is comprised of membership members from 12 countries such as USA, Canada, German, Poland, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam. Philippine, Malaysia, etc. including South Korea, and the total of the donations raised through the movement will go to Good Neighbors, one of International Aid agencies.

Rain felt apprehension of his more than 3,000 Japanese fan club members, including the earthquake victims in that country, and gave them words of encouragement through the website.

Meanwhile, The Cloud, Rain’s fan club, is more than willing to do the beautiful ways they can help others.

They’ve done various voluntary activities since they volunteered for the medical and educational service activities at children’s centers in 2008. Last year, they delivered around 12 million won worth of the raised collections and children’s nutritional supplements to Good Neighbors.

~ by Cloud USA on March 15, 2011.

11 Responses to “[article] An update on Cloud donations for Japan thus far.”

  1. Today I added a speck of sand to The Cloud’s effort and I hope it can help our japanese brothers and sisters to at least have a decent meal. Don’t know about you but to me Japan is giving such a beautiful example of HUMANITY to all of us. I see them accepting their fate with such peace and resignation that it awes me every day. I don’t think any of us are prepared to accept a tragedy like this with such humanity. We must help them in any way possible for us so they don’t feel alone in this dire moment.


  2. I’ve made a personal donation to the American Red Cross in support of the people in Japan.


  3. i am so proud all Asia suporting and message to help Japan i very SULATED to Rain 😎
    fanclub all the time when come to somthing like this they alway give a hand of full suporting and help rain at no mtter issue they need to help them that why i envy their fanclub and i offical i would love jiont their so bad not to mention they did what ever they help them but alway be their for rain at any cost…!!
    i am proud of this new they are very good and suporting to their Japan clouds and family of the *damage*
    over in japans i did my best to have some & Donation to red cross of Japan EarthQuake and i hope all will do too good Japan and i know the overcome be !!
    prayer for them everday !!


  4. la union hace a la fuerza , me siento orgullosa de rain y sus fans !!


  5. I will try to help the best that I can. God bless.


  6. 15 million won sounds a lot of money, but how much is that in $dollar. Well we should feel very proud of the clouds all over the world and Rain must feel proud too.


  7. I read that as well and was ecstatic.^.^


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