[ETA Eng trans][MV/original lyrics] Brothers & Me.

Cloud cover by: Stormy, Staff Writer ^.^

Hyung… this is a term often used and often misunderstood. If you have watched any amount of Kdrama or any variety shows, you probably have heard the word many times.

In Korea, ALL men are considered brothers, something outside of Asia that is difficult to understand, but this speaks directly to the Korean culture and to all Koreans’ responsibilities to country and citizens. Personally, I love this about Korean culture because it really means you are never alone, and that there is always someone willing to give you a hug if you need one.  Which brings me to another Asian term often misunderstood. Skinship. The defined meaning of that? Levels of intimacy or touching. The deeper meaning?  When Asians touch each other, it means more than it does here in the States.

My point in all of this? Rain shows a side of himself, in this great video, that we seldom get to see.

Here Rain is interacting with Kim Tae Woo and JYP.  These three have known each other for about ten years and it really shows as they fool around (like brothers), hug, sing, and bounce together. It’s like getting to see all the fun between three siblings hanging out with each other for the afternoon!

Rain is looking particularly cuddly in his gray t-shirt and cap, and just look at that smile!

Ohhhh! I spy a back hug!


Stormy @cloudusa.wordpress.com ^.^

[Rain (Bi) MV][Eng Trans] Brothers&Me (김태우(Kim Tae Woo) With Rain & JYP). Credit: Daum Music / scorpiolabibi @ youtube, courtesy of SoulSHOP Entertainment

(English lyrics translation by rain bird @rain-eu.)

Yeah~ it’s been a long time three brothers
This is our story Brothers &me brothers &me My brother JYP.

I, sometimes want to see someone such as those who know about my everything.
– where I’ve come from, which way I’m coming from, how I was frustrated by my failure, and how I’ve overcome those difficulties.

When I want to see such people who always embrace me in a warm way,
even if my real self the way I am is shown to them.

With my brothers &me who always understand my meaning even without speaking,
we’ll never be alone.

I, sometimes want to see such people who come to my mind first,
whenever hard things happen in my life.

When I, sometimes want to see such people who always welcome me as I am,
even if I lose everything in my life and have to start from scratch.

With my brothers &me who always understand my meaning even without speaking,
we’ll never be alone.

My brothers & me, My brothers & me, My brothers & me, come on.
What we’ve realized the importance of it before it’s too late is our blessing. Thank you.

That’s why we will always be together in many kind weather.
With my brothers & me who always understand my meaning even without speaking,
we’ll never be alone.

Such people who know more about me than me.
I think nothing is more precious than that in the world.

Hangeul & English Lyrics: (Daum Music / courtesy of Scorpiola)

Yeah~ it’s been a long time three brothers
This is our story
Brothers & me brothers & me My brother JYP

내가 어디서 왔는지 어떤 길을 왔는지
어떻게 넘어졌는지 어떻게 일어 난지 모두 다 알고 있는 사람
그런 사람이 왠지 보고 싶을 때가 있죠

강한 척 안하고 꾸미지 않아도
내 모습 있는 그대로
그대로를 보여도 아무런 걱정 없는 사람
그런 사람이 왠지 보고 싶어질 때면

아무런 말 없이도 내 맘을 다 읽는 사람들이 내겐 있죠
My brothers & me 함께 있으면 우린 조금도 외롭지 않죠

이 세상 속에서 또 하루를 살면서
비틀거리고 부딪혀 멍든 상처를 보면 제일 먼저 생각나는 사람
그런 사람이 왠지 보고 싶을 때가 있죠

내 모든걸 다 잃고 첨으로 돌아가도 똑같은 눈빛으로 나를 바라보면서
언제나 날 반겨줄 사람 그런 사람이 왠지 보고 싶어질 때면

아무런 말 없이도 내 맘을 다 읽는 사람들이 내겐 있죠
My brothers & me 함께 있으면 우린 조금도 외롭지가 않죠
My brothers & me My brothers & me My brothers & me come on

더 늦기 전에 소중함을 안게
너무나 커다란 축복인거죠 Thank you
That’s why we will always be together in many kind weather

아무런 말 없이도 내 맘을 다 읽는 사람들이 내겐 있죠
My brothers & me 함께 있으면 우린 조금도 외롭지 않죠

나보다 더 나를 잘 아는 사람
그 이상 소중한 건 없는 것 같아요.

~ by stormofstarzz2 on March 14, 2011.

35 Responses to “[ETA Eng trans][MV/original lyrics] Brothers & Me.”

  1. Ever since this subject of “Bromance” was brought up, it prompted me to go in search of the deeper meaning behind why Koreans are so free in expressing same sex affection. I came across an interesting article on another blog. I think it’s an interesting read if anyone is interested. The blog is “Ask a Korean” and he allows those with questions about all things Korean to ask away and he answers with the post. The link is as follows, check it out:



  2. @all
    the Ablum well release on the 22 th om March
    so who ever going to buy get ready for HOT stuff ekekek
    i am on the list coz, oi loving this ablum and for sure i going to get this copy ekek
    their is alao a mediafire for u to uploading too


  3. MUST BUY THIS ALBUM. Gosh. I cannot tell you all how much I adore Big Tae with his butter-melting voice. I always regretted that by the time I got into K-Pop, g.o.d. had left the scene. 😦

    And I cannot believe that I really like JYP’s voice here! That really surprises me because it has never been my cup of tea before… but in the video I’m all into it. Thumbs UP, JYP.

    Speaking of voices, last but certainly not least… Rain’s voice floors me here, as usual. His tone and control is simply amazing. And as I’ve said before, it makes absolutely no sense how good this man looks in a recording booth wearing a simple pullover shirt. I mean what gives??

    Great job on the music composition as well, Tae. As a whole, this song is everything I was hoping it would be.

    I so love this.

    Stephe ^@@^


    • Love the song, the beat, the meanning and best of all, Rain’s face while singing it. Pure delight!! He is enjoying every second of it and to me that’s so beautiful!! Few people got that kind of friendship these days; specially in the entertainment business. Gotta love that feeling of true confidence in one another. It says a lot about all of them. Love u baby Rain!!!


  4. All I have to say is I simply LOVE,LOVE,LOVE this song and video!! Most of you already know how I feel about the male hugging bonding from last summer while JiHoon was shooting Fugitive. I think its perfectly natural or should I say it SHOULD be natural for men and/or women to be able to hug each other without homophobic accusations, and if we had more of this it would probably be less hatred in this world. And just one other thing back in the day brothers ALWAYS! greeted each other with a handshake and hug, but now everyone has way to many issues. Gay this gay that sshh… PLEASE, I’m so sick of it.


  5. Aww I love the song. Those three are like 3 peas in a pod. The hugging doesn’t phase me anymore, I’m pretty much used to it now that I understand it’s a cultural thing.


  6. …I really like this video, having spent some time overseas this type of male closeness has never bothered me. i see it in my own sons but i must say only when they are in the house. they almost never show that intimate close side out of doors, which is sad. on a side note, it makes me think of my own brother whom i miss dearly. Thanks for Sharing this with all of us.


  7. TaeWoo, JYP and Rain — Three Brothers.
    I am really LOVING THIS! The song is AWESOME and truly special, and the fact that it all started from JYP, who brought TaeWoo and Rain up… Then all branched out with their talents in separate ways, and now full circle, together they sing as one. Truly special – Love it! ♥

    Also their skinship is normal for Hyungs, and I can see that JiHoon is a Cuddler too (sooo affectionate). Yep…. JiHoon’s future wife will be one lucky girl… 😀

    Great post Stormy! 🙂


  8. FREAKING AWESOME !!! The camaraderie between them is simply amazing and God, I have to say this, there’s tinges of jealousy in me!!! Ohhh…and the song is ‘FANTA-BULOUS !!!!!’


    • Anybody know when this song will be available for purchase? I really like it! And it’s nice seeing three good friends who are like family/brothers having fun with each other. It’s rare to see Rain, JYP and Tae Woo like this so I’m savoring it and enjoying it. (Kinda reminds me of back in the day when the boys of SS501 were like that. Gosh, I miss them!)

      Sorry for mentioning SS501.


      • Hi, loridee. SS501 gets a big thumbs up! 🙂 A lot of their fans really miss them, same as you do. Mentioning other KPoppers here is perfectly acceptable — we LOVE Kpop!

        As soon as anyone hears about the song’s availability, we’ll spread the news.

        Stephe ^@@^


  9. i have to say I LOVE IT!! esp the R&B they did together here gosh rain and thoes 2 guy just pull it so beauitful that fall instantly of their voice @_@ i have to say it been along time i have see them get together now they got this together dramit not just they sing so smootly beauitful add to R&B melodies too gosh this song just keep u heart all over and listing again i fell like i going to replay nonstop song here ggrrrrrrrrrrr :P)
    bte.. i think i wanted to add cigar on this one to HOT and to much the 3 bananana aarrggghhhhh i belive my delcioud rain will fill me up ekekekk OH BOY * BROTHER & ME* add
    me too ok!!


  10. oh wow that one took me for a whirl. im a lil disturbed but i know itS just becuz im a westerner. that hug from rain has my nerves shook. the only issue is i know rain isnt gay. thats a fact. my issue is when u see that kind of affection over here its between gey men, so for him not to be and for that to be acceptable over there, like BiAlamode said “takes some getting used to.”

    BUT guys here are comfortable around eachother especially naked. just look at the nfl players n such. they walk around the lcoker rooms booty butt naked and prolly compare each other.

    Another example is go to youtube and watch that new dance called the “D* Slang”. its literally 5 dudes in one room swinging it away like there is no tomorrow around each other AND recorded it. so sometimes guys are really comfy around eachother when it comes to nakedness but i think when their in public its a different story.

    now if rain is doing that dance somebody PLEASE call me ASAP. LOLOL 😉
    good golly i would need a fan!


    • HEADING TO YOU TUBE right now!!!………………

      My husband has told me how some guys can be in the locker room at the gym, as well. He’s personally not comfortable being stark naked in public, but like you said and he corroborates some guys have NO PROBLEM walking around like the ancient Greeks built that “Trojan Horse” in their honor. So go figure!

      I feel you AprilShowers on the hug around the waist, it can be a little unsettling, but it really does go back to the society in which you are raised and socialized into. For us to see that it’s Oh Gawd! but for them it’s “What up Homie!”……..We’ll get used to it in time. We love Bi that’s all that matters. The only part that is truly strange to me is if he did that to a female (like WE WOULD EXPECT here with no problems) he would be run out of town damn near in Korea, once again…..go figure. (SMILES)


  11. It is nice to see them altogether like that. There having fun making music.


  12. Great post, Stormy! Really enjoyed it. I am totally down w/ the skinship… It took me a some reading and stuff to understand what was going on at first but now I’m just like “Awww they’re so cute!”.
    I love that they can hug each other w/out feeling societal scorn.


  13. nice job stormy. Yes Bia, that i guess i could say the same thing for latin culture. Macho thing not expressing love to physical contact.
    It is refreshing seeing that kind of affection between them.
    Now Terri is your fault. Guess what i’m doing right now since i missed it the first time. Yes starts with the letter B and it’s a long yellow fruit LOL.


  14. OMG,

    This song is so f**king beautiful. I can’t stop listening to it. I’ve listened to it about 12 times already.

    In a row.

    Something is seriously wrong with me. Ha.

    Terri :-}


    • No, nothing’s wrong with you. I’ve listened to it about 20 times (I’m guessing) since I left work today already. But who’s counting. (SMILES)


  15. Well, all I can say is tha Rain is looking so sexy right now. I love the song a lot too. I is nice to see them all together and having a good time.
    Thanks Storm for the post it was great. I totally agree people need to understand other peoples customs before they can comment on stuff.
    Well, anyway, I love the no sleeve shirt too, his arm are just so huge right now, WOW!!!!!!


  16. C.USA always give unique articles than the “same” news.
    I like it. Stormy, Thanks for the article. 🙂


  17. It’s not just you.

    His arms are HUGE. Just like his feet. And his hands. *whistling Dixie*

    @_____@ OMG welcome to the gun show.

    Stephe ^@@^


  18. is it just me or Rain’ arms really that huge? love seeing these 3 together ^^


  19. I already commented on the song in the previous two posts regarding this song and I will say it a third time here……LOVE IT!!!

    As far as the affection Rain shows to his “brothers”, I think it’s great, refreshing in fact and you are absolutely right over here……ain’t happening. I think about my Hubbie and his Navy buddies, they have been friends since the day the all first ended up stationed in Norfolk on the U.S.S. America (now decommissioned) in the late 80s early 90s. They went through several tours of duty together, including Desert Storm. They’ve been through marriages, divorces, births of children, life threatening illnesses, financial crises and any number of other life circumstances. They would say they are “brothers” too, but they would rather walk over hot coals and glass than give each other hugs from the back…….around the waist too……*GASP*!………..(SMILES)

    I must say even for me it took some getting used to, looking at this type of male to male affection through Western eyes. There are so many connotations that would be put on that here, so even if guys feel that way here, the most you’ll ever see is a Hi-5, soul brotha fist pump, some “dap”……YEP ’bout it!! Maybe someday times will be different in the West and love can be expressed however the hell you feel the need to express it!

    Cool post, Stormy!


    • I agree Bia, the skinship part never bothered me, I grew up seeing it, as did my kids, my poor son has been teased and my daughter learned not to do it. I dream of the day here in the US when we need a hug or want to hug someone, its ok in everyone’s eyes.
      Stormy ^.^


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