[From Rain] JiHoon gives his condolences to Japan… Plus additional information on Japan relief efforts.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

… on his official website today, in Korean AND in Japanese. Very thoughtful. Thumbs up.

안녕하세요 여러분, 비 입니다.

먼저 일본에 계신 모든분들께 깊은 위로의 말씀을 드리고 싶습니다.
너무도 큰 자연재해로 인해 일본의 많은 분들께서 힘든시간을 보내고 계신걸로 알고있습니다.
특히, 자주 방문하던 나라인만큼 이번일이 정말 크게 느껴져서 더욱 마음이 아픕니다..
함께 힘을 보탠다면 이 상황을 극복할 수 있으리라 믿습니다
일본 구름 여러분들 모두 무사하시고 다시 한번 위로의 말씀드립니다.


(English translation by rain bird @rain-eu.)

Hi everyone, this is Rain.
First of all, I would like to offer my heartfelt condolences and consolation to all the people in Japan.
I know that they’re having a very hard time due to such a tremendous natural disaster.
I feel as if it could happen to me and my heart bleeds a lot more for them, especially as I’ve often visited that country.
I am sure that if we combine our strength, these difficulties could be overcome.
I hope all of Japanese Cloud fans are all right, and I’d like to offer words of consolation again.


Rain’s Official Fan Club site The Cloud, English Talk 3/13/11 — posted by cloud RoseHoong

7th Cloud Appeal-Donation for Earthquake Victims in Japan

Hello, this is the 7th term executive board.

We believe you are all aware of the news on the extensive damage of a major earthquake that occurred in Japan from the daily TV broadcasts. As RAIN’s Clouds,we believe that we should to take the initiative, and give out a helping hand, particularly because our artiste RAIN has been active in these regions.

We’ve normally done donation activities within each period of the membership, but as you know, 7th term membership account has been used to cover the server cost. In addition, we have no right to spend the money collected for a specific purpose (the 8th executive board activity cost or server cost), despite working on the recruitment of 8th membership members. So we try to raise money to help the earthquake victims separately.

It is not advisable for the 7th term executive board, who are not qualified as the 8th term executive board who haven’t yet formally begun working, to spend the money, but the sad situation in Japan has made us bring up this matter.

*Official members are requested to give their opinions on whether 10 million won (around $9000. USD) can be used from the 8th Cloud, for donation towards this cause.

(For your reference, we contributed 30 million won to support victims recover in Haiti.)

This request has been posted at ‘구름 가득한 방’ section of this site.


Official members, please go there to give your opinions. Thank You.

Subsequently, 7th Cloud is now currently starting this fund-raising project and those who wish to contribute, please use the following arrangements:

[After the fund-raising, the remitter list and the total amount will be posted on this site. The names of the remitters will be posted after being modified, so If you use any of the names during the remittance, never mind.]

The period of the remittance : Till 3/22/2011 (Tue)

● The domestic account number :

486802-01-135426 / Kookmin Bank / 김예지 (recipient)

● Oversea fans can use PayPal

– PayPal account : woodong002@naver.com

– When you remit the money through PayPal, please put ‘일본재해 기부금’ into Subject Matter.

Note: Some PayPal accounts do not accept hangul. Please write “Japan Earth Quake Donation” instead…Thanks.

Please note that any amount is welcomed. It comes from your heart.
Each Cloud’s support, regardless of amount, will be a great encouragement to those in need now.
Please contribute whole-heartedly & we PRAY for all of Japan & the World for Peace & Harmony.
Thank You. Gamsahamnida.

English translation by rain bird @ http://www.rain-eu.com/english/board/news.php

(minor amendments by RoseHoong) ★정말 감사합니다★


HelloKPop 3/14/2011 — by Chris

Here is how you can donate to the Japan earthquake and tsunami relief effort

We would like to take a moment away from Kpop to appeal to you about something incredibly important. I think it’s safe to assume that you all are aware of what happened in Japan. We are a Korean entertainment news website, but we’re also humans, we’re also able to do something about it.

So we appeal to you. Please donate if you can to help the people who have been affected. Sometimes it is hard for us to help others but you can help the victims.

The following are some ways you can donate to. Please make sure if you donate, make sure it’s legitimate and verified. Remember to ask yourself.

Is the charity or fundraiser registered with the state?
• What is the name, address, and telephone number of the organization asking for the donation?
• Exactly how will the donation be used?
• What percentage of the contribution will actually be spent on the charitable purpose of the organization?

Click here to donate to the Red Cross

Text “redcross” to 90999 to make a $10 donation to the American Red Cross. Text “japan” or “quake” to 80888 to donate $10 to the Salvation Army. Text “4japan” to 20222 to send a $10 donation to the humanitarian group World Vision. The charges will appear on your cell phone bill.

Texting “corps” to 30644 will bring Mercy Corps updates in response.

For a list of charitable organizations, check out InterAction. The Better Business Bureau and Charity Navigator are good ways to check out charities as well.

For Verizon phone customers, read the following:

Verizon Wireless has quickly implemented a mobile giving program for customers looking for a quick and easy way to contribute to Japan relief efforts. The company announced today that customers can use their mobile phones to make $10 donations to a host of non-profit organizations responding to the earthquake and subsequent tsunami.

Customers can easily make a $10 donation by simply sending a text message and may choose from nine organizations aiding those in need in Japan, including the American Red Cross. Donating $10 is easy – simply text the specific word to the organization’s designated short code:

• ADRA Relief: text SUPPORT to 85944
• American Red Cross Relief: text REDCROSS to 90999
• Convoy of Hope: text TSUNAMI or SUNAMI to 50555
• GlobalGiving: text JAPAN to 50555
• International Medical Corps: text MED to 80888
• Mercy Corps: text MERCY to 25383
• Salvation Army: text JAPAN to 80888
• Save the Children Federation, Inc.: text JAPAN or TSUNAMI to 20222
• World Relief Corp. of National Association of Evangelicals: text WAVE to 50555
• World Vision, Inc.: text 4JAPAN or 4TSUNAMI to 20222

Text messages are free for customers donating to any of these organizations. Verizon Wireless always waives text-messaging fees for disaster relief, and 100 percent of each $10 donation goes to the relief organization. For Verizon Wireless customers who pay monthly bills, the $10 donations will appear in customers’ next regular monthly bill. For customers using the company’s prepaid services, the $10 donations will be taken from customers’ prepaid balance.

Thank you for reading and thank you if you decide to donate.

Source: VerizonWireless.com
Source: Red Cross.org
Picture Source: http://www.prweb.com/releases/NAPW/Haiti/prweb3486494.htm

~ by Cloud USA on March 14, 2011.

10 Responses to “[From Rain] JiHoon gives his condolences to Japan… Plus additional information on Japan relief efforts.”

  1. […] you can, PLEASE donate to the 7th Cloud’s Appeal-Donation for Earthquake Victims in Japan. The ground over there is still shaking, believe it or not, and  Japan is in a terrible state. It […]


  2. @all
    Stephe & Terri
    i already did sent my tsunami Redcross donation to Japan already noi matter what we should help tem and suport what we can to make they sirval their and have a fast overcome
    i will do what to take them feel safe and help their need i am happy that i did what i did for the Donation to them and also i still pray for their family and love one
    i saw the vid updating it just making me tearing out of this dasvatrated happen in Japans Country 😦
    anway i still pray for them & Love one!


  3. Rain is so compassionate. Each timePlease everyone donate, even if it is just small, it will be so appreciated.


  4. Made my donation to the red cross. I will continue to pray for the people of Japan.


  5. This is truly so very heart breaking, I have been keeping them in my prayers. Our world is going through some major changes,


  6. I to hope that the people in Japan will overcome these sad times. GOD BLESS.


  7. @stephe
    thank u for this redcross
    i promise i will hace this donation going to japan !!
    i know i hurt see the Dasvation of Japan what happen and the twin hit Japan and Sendia it was overwhilming and tragic that nothing i ever see it seeme like i am watching a movies but actually this real and i know Japan over are much wrose and trying to sirval from their Nuclear Plant and food and water..
    i know rain well be HURT more then anything it his SECOND home in Japan and ACTIVE place he at mmst of the time this just to much for Japan life and everthing just destroy in a day !!
    and i know rain going to be VERY EFFECT by this TSuanmi hit
    i just praying for their love one to be found and safe and contiune to be strong i know Japan is strong they vcan get this overcome !!
    the main concern is am bit worry about Nuclear Plant and rain himself how he react i belive rain will do somthing about this
    it just to terrible to watch and peoples their this Stuanmi just tore Sebndai and Airport country land house cars ect.. and golf them away gosh..
    oh rain please be strong with us !!


  8. I wasn’t expecting less from. i know he loves his fans from Japan and that’s almost like his second home. I’m sure he’s very affected from what happened.


    • What happened is so horrible. You know he’s got to be hurting very deeply, especially when it come to his Japanese Clouds.


      Stephe ^@@^


      • i have mentioned earlier that is visible the great love he always shows to his japanese clouds. So as you said he def must be deeply sad about this situation.


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