UCLA Lecture Invitation: Ninjas and superheroes. Korean TV dramas and RAIN.

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[Cloud USA 3/11/2011]

More and more, South Korean mega-Pop icon Jung JiHoon (Rain, 비) is becoming a true study subject in connection with schools and universities across the world.

First, there was author Sun Jung’s study, Korean Masculinities and Transcultural Consumptions: Yonsama, Rain, Oldboy, KPop Idols, published this past December by Hong Kong University Press and selected as one of the main textbooks for media classes at Goldsmiths, University of London in England and the University of Melbourne in Australia.

And now, the Korean American Bar Association of Southern California, the UCLA School of Law, and select UCLA student groups are getting in on the action by using Rain, his movie Ninja Assassin, and other Korean fare to discuss the challenges of exchanging popular culture between the U.S. and Asia.

On April 5, 2011 at 7 PM in Los Angeles (sign-in and a light reception will begin at 6:30), this fun panel at the UCLA School of Law, which is for anyone interested in learning what it takes to move movies, music and television across the Pacific, will be presented by Michael Chang of major Hollywood film studio Warner Bros. (distributor of Ninja Assassin), and attorney Ekwan E. Rhow of specialty litigation firm Bird, Marella, Boxer, Wolpert, Nessim, Drooks & Lincenberg (Rain’s counsel here in the United States), as well as Yaphett Powell of FOX Broadcasting and former MBC America counsel Robert J. Kang.

The session is free; entertainment professionals and interested laypersons are invited, and it is also accredited for students.

» The “Moving Movies, Music and Television Across the Pacific” Facebook event page is HERE.

» Detailed information on event location and where to RSVP is on the Pacific Highwinds website HERE.

This is wonderful news. Ninja Assassin, a true product of cross-cultural effort, is indeed a perfect example when it comes to this type of discussion. As a matter of fact, due to his own determination to make himself available to many people across the world during the span of his career, one might say that Rain is a product of cross-cultural effort.

Congratulations, JiHoon!

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Info source: HanCinema

(flyer source site: pacifichighwinds.com)

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19 Responses to “UCLA Lecture Invitation: Ninjas and superheroes. Korean TV dramas and RAIN.”

  1. Hi,
    I’m one of the speakers for this panel presentation. If any of you made it to the event, I hope you had fun! We had about 200 people attend, thanks to grassroots plugins like Cloud USA.

    We’re considering reprising the panel at USC, possibly when the new school year starts in September or October. I wanted to find out if people would be interested in attending this event if we hold it again. Let me know. Please post responses here, or at the http://www.pacifichighwinds.com website. Thanks.



    • Robert,

      Thanks for visiting Cloud USA. We are delighted we had some effect.

      FYI, we have heard from one Cloud USA member who attended the lecture. She even sent us a write-up. We are just trying to think about how we might present it here on a “fan” site though. Haven’t figured out a way yet, but we’re working on it. There may be others who attended the event, but who just haven’t mentioned it.

      Ladies, please let Robert know if you would like to see this lecture presented again in the fall timeframe.

      Terri :-}


    • Hello, Robert.

      Very nice hearing from you! Thanks for giving us a visit and letting us know about the great turnout you had at UCLA.

      We certainly hope that you do repeat this event. It was a terrific idea to begin with, and this kind of educational opportunity is invaluable to quite a large scope of people. Cross-cultural exchange of movies and dramas and music will only continue to expand — we’d all best learn how to do it properly.

      Stephe ^@@^


  2. @modestgoddess, that sounds like a great idea. 🙂


  3. @Cecilia, actually from what I’ve heard about this show they sing and dance, its kinda like high school events. So I thought how cool would it be if they did one or two of JiHoons songs with the dance routine? JiHoon’s songs with his dances are so put together it would differently get people talking and wanting to know more! 🙂


  4. I am getting very much worried how i, or we gonna deal with this coming young man who is HUGE, MEGA, ENORNMOUS, Full of Beauty, Chaming, Handsome, Unbelievable personality, a Brilliant talent? (what else????) I don’ know and I am not ready, all I can do is love him more support him more and more and it becomes my pride. Actually, I would like to thank to him so much…how proud of you, Rain. You are true gift from God for us.. thank you, folks for this great news as always!!! ^__~+


  5. Congrats to Rain! I too love how he is getting all this positive attention. Rain has worked so hard to build a successful career so he deserve the recognition.


  6. I am so proud of u Jihoon.


  7. Ladies, as I’m watching Rains Tokyo Dome Concert for the millionth time 😀 I was thinking(dangerous)hahaha. GLEE! The television series, although I’ve never watched it, it is very popular and a great way to put our Jung in more of the American and others house holds! And to get the people who don’t know him to start talking and asking questions. And since you ladies are so wonderful at JiHoon info maybe you’d know how to get it started? Unless someone has thought of this already and I just didn’t see it. What ya think? Or am I over thinking as usual? Hahahaha Hey I just had another though what if JiHoon guest hosted on IDOL? OH MY GOD!


    • I have never watched GLEE either and don’t particulary have any interest to do so….but if Rain were ever in it, I would so watch it.


    • the main character is the Spanish teacher so maybe Rain could appear as the Korean teacher?


  8. Well that’s really cool… I’d totally go if I still lived in San Diego. Seems like all the good Kdrama stuff goes on in L.A. anyway. Wonder why nothing like this goes on in the NJ/NY area… Actually I should really look into that… hmmm….


  9. @ terri
    i am about 8 long from LA i would love to goes if someone are willing to jion this as well as for me alonne i kind scare anyway i see if i can goes on that day
    can u tell me what i need and what i have to do i will try


  10. Okay,

    Who lives close enough to L.A. to attend the event and see what they say? I’m especially interested in Bird Marella, who is Rain’s attorney here in the States.

    Anybody want to go and do an on-the-ground Cloud USA report?

    The whole lecture sounds extremely interesting, actually.

    Terri :-}


  11. wowowo CONGRAT!!
    that is such a good envirous new in USA & Asia as well i glad his NA not just boudh alot attratcion of his poplution of his acting skill but even other admire his hardworking and learn alot about him u know if i ever were to live in i would love to jion this dramit it a good opportuine to ggrrrrrr!!!
    anyhow i wish for thoudh are in would have good luck and have learn and fun for what they adimre and what good for them .
    what i can is to Jung Ji hoon he very make this world proud of rain that right about time heard something more massive about him keep up comming i know our rain will be so proud of that another happy face again ahahaha !! 🙂


  12. Thank you for sharing! This is great news ^^ Congrats Rain!


  13. Oh, that’s so cool! I wish I lived in LA! I love that Rain is getting this sort of attention. He’s worked so hard to get where he is today, he definitely deserves all this scholarly interest.


  14. This is indeed a smart move for JiHoon, its good marketing. Congrats to Rain!


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