Rain check.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Rain at his CCTV “The BEST Rain 2011” interview in Beijing last week, as snapped by… Shin DongJun (June) of J.Tune Camp. (images: myjanggun @Mobypic)


JiHoon waiting patiently for his cue… at his The BEST Rain 2011 press conference in Beijing. (images credit: 이정민 @Cyworld)


~ by Cloud USA on March 8, 2011.

9 Responses to “Rain check.”

  1. Rain was looking so cool very passionate person & he waiting patiently & so calm.He is relly gorgeous the way he dressed up.


  2. OMGGGG!!!!! I thought the front was sexy but now Holey molley that bootay is AWESOME!!!!! JESUS!!!!! Those chinese fans are sooo lucky!!!! Fanning, sweating, fanning, sweating more, Swoon O.o heeelpppp!!!!!


  3. ME TO! ME TO! The last picture for the SAME REASONS….(you could bounce a quarter off that baby) ^_~


  4. I also love the last picutre, such a nice round booty.


  5. Annnd of course I’ll agree with everyone and say my fave pic is the last pic. He sure does have a nice donk!


  6. last pict too @_@ eye candy I SAY CANDY here booty delcious akakakkakkakakak my i wanted to squeeze it !! :P)
    oh baby they got a GUT righ their *a swoon*


  7. Yes I love the last picture, it is bootylicious!!! He has such a sexy booty!!!


  8. i love that last picture. you can appreciate really well Rain’s bootylicious 😉 jejejejejeje


  9. It’s going to be prety cool to get Jihoon’s new ablum when it comes out in stores.


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