Rain Double-Check.

Cloud cover by: Terri, Managing Editor :-}

Hello again, Lovely Clouds.

Wow.  I’m on a roll.  Two posts in one night.  What gives?

Below you’ll find some terrific footage of Rain at his Beijing press conference from QIYI.com, whose motto is apparently “Always Fun.  Always Fine.”  I think that’s rather appropriate, since the subject of this report is Rain himself, who I happen to think is also always fun and always fine, myself.  Don’t you?

That cute little reporter wasn’t so bad himself, was he? Didn’t you just love that snippet of his Rainism cover?  “I’m gonna be a bad boy…I gotta be a bad boy.”  Ha ha.  He was so enthusiastic about the whole experience that I couldn’t help but smile.

This is just a preview of the full interview, but I think you’ll like it anyway, because it includes some footage you might not have seen yet.

Please enjoy!

Terri :-}

[Vid Credit: on YouTube]

~ by Cloud USA on March 6, 2011.

7 Responses to “Rain Double-Check.”

  1. My God! He’s glowing, ain’t he????


  2. And I’d like to apologise for our dorky korean TC member Kim Eunsung.. His first time hosting alone lolz.. He was very nervous to interview his idol ^^

    Well.. I think everyone will just act silly when we meet RAIN, rite ?? 😀


    • 😀

      I think Eunsung was wonderful. The camera loves him, and the way his personality came through it made me smile the whole time. He was terrific! ^^

      Oh yes, meeting Rain HAS to be like an out of body experience. O___O

      Stephe ^@@^


  3. tana is so cute but just like fesshi
    say i hope rain a final concert in U.S. before he ship of to his MS Duty give all his Stateside fans a good memories of rain that so manys of us here are very crossing our finger that rain is have his hit tour in USA.
    well rain have his tour in china in march and that was not his last stop either so i just hope he have this aseet scheduel that he thiking how much their fan wanted to meet and have a blash night out before everything if rain are coming to USA iwill goes to his concert no matter where he is please rain me and fesshi
    miss u from Ninja Assassin together’
    @ RIGHT??
    we miss our LOVE TRANGLE here !!


  4. Hopefully the best ever… Any plans yet to having a final concert for 2011 in the US prior to his entrance to the military? I wish he would make a last minute decision to do it here in the US…to give joy to his stateside fans.


    • I know that would be awesome.


    • Ladies,

      Yes, that would be totally awesome, wouldn’t it?

      But I’m not sure he is going to have time to do that. He’s got a lot to do before he leaves for his military service, and honestly concert tours are SO expensive. Sigh.

      But maybe he’ll figure out something.

      Terri :-}


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